A Day in the Life of a Lord
2 - A Day in the Life of a Lord
Season 1 Episode 2
Kana 王様のいる風景
Romaji Ōsama no iru Fūkei
English Title A Day in the Life of a Lord
Air Date July 13, 2012
Chapter(s) 2
The Saga Begins From Afar, An Enemy Comes

A Day in the Life of a Lord (王様のいる風景, Ōsama no iru Fūkei) is the second episode of the Campione! anime series, released on July 13, 2012.


In Godou's dream, Pandora mentions about the black art that she and Epimethius had left behind and a birth between a fool and a Witch. She tells Godou that he will be reborn as a the god slayer, Campione. Godou wakes up to see Erica stark naked on his bed. When Erica asks him to get her a cappuccino, Godou yells at her to put some clothes on. In the living room, Shizuka puts together the story that Godou had explained. While Arianna tends to the food, Erica shares her "hot" experiences with Godou causing Shizuka to get suspicious. Arianna translates "Bacio" for Shizuka, a kiss. As Godou gazes upon Erica's exposed cleavage, he looks away. Shizuka demands Godou to chat with her privately. In school, Godou's friend informs Godou about a transfer student from Italy. Godou closes his eyes and recalls the moment he killed Verethragna. Verethragna praises Godou and tells him to stay alive until they meet again.

As he wonders about why Erica has come to Japan, Erica enters the room and introduces herself. She declares that she has promised her future to Godou and takes the seat of a girl nearby to sit next to Godou by using her Magic to hypnotize her. Godou's male classmates attack Godou out of jealously. Then, Erica adds on how he and Erica share a bed at night together. To prevent the situation from getting worse, Godou grabs Erica and rushes out of the classroom. Though, he has grab Yuri's hands by accident. Elsewhere, Liliana reports to Sasha about the new Campione. While a dead servant grabs Liliana's face, Sasha tells Liliana not to fail him. Meanwhile, Godou explains to Yuri that what Erica had said is not true. Yuri bows down and begs him to punish her. Then, Amakasu arrives to introduce himself and his organization in Japan. Over at the shrine, Amakasu states that he wants to make a connection with Godou. Godou requests Yuri to address him by his name instead of king. Then, Amakasu prepares to talk to him about Erica. Arriving home, Shizuka scolds Godou for attacking Yuri due to some rumors about how Godou and Erica are close. As he rests, he recalls Amakasu's warnings about how Erica seduces men to achieve her objectives. Amakasu states that the Copper Black Cross is attempting to add Godou into their organization. Godou finds Erica lying beside him and tells her to go away. When Godou tells Erica to be honest with her feelings with him, Erica has Godou come back to Italy.

In Italy, Arianna leaves Godou for an errand. Suddenly, Athena reappears behind Godou and states that she is after the snake. When Godou did not want to fight, Athena leaves after having her owls attack him. Then, Erica arrives with people from the Magician Society of Italy. Erica prepares herself for a duel after pulling out her Cuore di Leone. She attacks Godou and explains that she is testing Godou's strength. She summons her lion of steel to attack Godou. Godou uses his the Bull's strength to throw the lion. To dodge the attack from the lion, Godou taps in his Bird of Prey's abilities. When Erica uses Golgotha Words of Power, Godou hurls the Boar at Erica. The boar runs through the coliseum. Godou tackles and pins Erica down. Erica confirms that Godou has passed the test. The magicians applaud Godou on his victory and accepts Godou. When Godou asks Erica about her true feelings, Erica explains that she is in truly in love with him by her own will. She materializes the Gorgoneion medal in her hand before Godou. Meanwhile, an owl spies on Godou and Erica while Liliana observes the scene.

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  • In the Anime when they assessing Godou's fight against Erica and they list the Campiones they mention a Campione named the Holy Ragou who is never listed anywhere in the light novels so the anime adaptation made him up