Arianna Hayama Arialdi
Arianna Hayama Arialdi
Kana アリアンナ・ハヤマ・アリアルディ
Romaji Arianna Hayama Arialdi
Age 17-18
Gender Female
Ethnicity 3/4 Italian/ 1/4 Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Other Names Anna
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandfather (Japanese)
Unnamed Parents (Japanese)
Erica Blandelli (Master)
Affiliations Copper-Black Cross (Apprentice)
Voice Actor

Arianna Hayama Arialdi is the maid of Erica Blandelli and a character in Campione!


Arianna has a carefree personality, as seen when she laughed when Godou called her "Ms. Arianna", and also when she left Godou at the colosseum.

Plot Edit

Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 1-4, 8, 12

Mention: Volume 5-6, Short Story 3

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being Erica's maid, Arianna is very skilled in just about all forms of house-keeping and serving, though she is horrible at making soups or stews. She has also shown herself to be a terrible or reckless driver, though she has miraculously has not had an accident.


  • Arianna is an apprentice member of Copper-Black Cross.
    • She was almost expelled because she has little or no talent for Magic.

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