Authorities are the divine powers, attributes, qualities, and weapons, of gods, heroes, demons, and monsters, which make them invincible to normal humans. If a Heretic God is slain, their Authorities will be stolen by the human, transforming them into a Campione.


Little is truly known about Authorities, beyond that they are the Magic of the gods, far surpassing mortal magics, and are what gave them their right to rule. What is known is that the particular Authorities of a god are shaped by the myths and legends that give birth to them, and reflect that god's history.

When a Campione slays a Heretic God, they will generally inherit one of that god's Authorities, though some (may have) have gained multiple Authorities from a single god, which may be due to the Campione's personality and compatibility. This is because a Campione is still somewhat mortal, hence they cannot absorb the full power of the Heretic God they slay. This Authority may then reshape itself to reflect the nature of the Campione, partially explaining why the Campione's Authority might have limitations that were not applied to the god it was stolen from.

All Authorities appear to have incantations that can be used to call upon part of or their full power. This incantation does not appear to always need to be said, as in the case of the Ram which is triggered while Godou is near death and often nearly unconscious, but reciting it will seemingly aide in the power's use. When a Campione steals an Authority, the words of the incantation seem to come with it. These incantations, or [Spell Words of Authority] seem to be prayers or invocations offered to the god whom the Authority was stolen from, possibly from the specific god's worship or the myths and legends they came from.

Some Authorities, for various reasons, allow the user to do something called Manifesting an Avatar.  This appears to cause the Campione's body to transform in some way, in order to better use the Authority.  An example of this is Black Prince Alec's Authority Black Lightning.  When used in excess, it has a side effect of disrupting Alec's perception of time.  By Manifesting an Avatar, Alec is able to prevent the side effects.

Known AuthoritiesEdit

  • Verethragna Authorities
  • Godou using the 1st incarnation, The Gale
  • Godou using the 2nd incarnation, The Bull
  • Godou using the 3th incarnation, The White Stallion
  • Godou using the 4th Incarnation, The Camel
  • Godou using the 5th incarnation, The Boar
  • Godou using the 7th incarnation, The Raptor
  • Godou using the 9th incarnation, The Goat
  • Godou using the 10th Incarnation, The Warrior

Verethragna Authorities/Incarnations:Edit

  • Gale (Instant relocation to the person summoning him) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Bull (Immense Strength) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • White Stallion (Summon a flaming horse bearing the power of the Sun) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Camel (Increases combat ability, leg strength, and grants extraordinary defense) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Boar (Summons a giant Boar Divine Beast) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Youth (Divine Protection)adolescent [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Raptor (LN) or Pheonix (anime) (God Speed) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Ram (Self Resurrection. It should be noted that if the user dies before activating the Ram he/she will die regardless.) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Goat (Control over Lightning, Priestly authority) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Warrior (Golden God Slaying Sword) [Godou Kusanagi]

Tyr Authorities:Edit

  • Sword of Tyr (Resurrects divine beasts under your control) [Uldin]

Behemoth Authorities:Edit

  • Wandering Avarice (creates a twenty to thirty meter black sphere that attracts opponents, much like a black hole.)  one of [Black Prince Alex] authorities

Melusine Authorities:Edit

  • Faceless Queen (Summons a winged giant woman with a mermaid's tail, and a covered face. Will be recalled if the face is seen.) [Black Prince Alex]

Phoebus/Apollo Authorities:Edit

  • Apollo
  • Duke Voban using the Phoebus Authorities: Wolf
  • Duke Voban using the Phoebus Authorities: Wolf
  • Legion of Hungry Wolves (Summon/Control wolf Divine Beasts) [Sasha Dejanstahl Voban]
    • Transform into a wolf warrior (possibly manifesting an Avatar)
      • Counter Solar Authorities

Osiris Authorities:Edit

  • Osiris
  • Dead Servant
  • Dead Servants
  • Cage of Dead Servants (traps the soul of one you have killed) [Sasha Dejanstahl Voban]
    • Dead Servant (Allows you to summon/control the soul of one trapped by Cage of Dead Servants)

Feng Bo, Yu Shi, and Lei Gong (Raikou) Authorities:Edit

  • Rain, Wind, Lightning Authorities of Voban
  • Duke Voban using the Law Gong Authorities The Thunder
  • Sturm und Drang (control over Rain, Wind, and Thunder) [Sasha Dejanstahl Voban]

Nuadha Authorities:Edit

  • Salvatori Doni Sword

    Ripping Silver Arm

    Ripping Arm of Silver:

 [Salvator Doni] Gives the user a silver right arm that imbues magical power into any blade making it a ridiculously sharp sword capable of cutting through most things. Upon encountering a substance that cannot be cut by the authority, the magical power in the blade increases sharply to meet the challenge. Hence, while it can cut through most things, any challenge to its domain will only serve to make it even more deadly.

Siegfried's Authorities:Edit

  • Man of Steel:

[Salvatore Doni] Changes the user's body to one reminiscent of [True Steel], thus greatly increasing the body's toughness and stamina while granting near invincibility to physical forces. Salvatore Doni has shown that he can also freely change his mass (and by proxy, weight) while using this authority, letting him stand against almost any force. He has also demonstrated that this Authority can let the user turn their body into steel, enabling them to go into a temporary hibernation to let a Campione's natural recovery abilities work while his body remains invincible, as seen when Doni used it to escape the damage from Godou's [White Stallion]. However, its weakness lies in its ability to increase the user's mass, which pins the user in one place and allows for more effective attacks, as seen when Godou used the [White Stallion] to force Doni to increase his mass to stay in place while Erica's spell destroyed the ship they were on, sinking Doni to the bottom of the sea. Erica remarked that Doni had once had the same thing happen to him before, but he showed up a week after the incident in LA, having walked across the seabed.

Vulcan's Authorities:Edit

  • [Return to Medieval Style]:

[Salvatore Doni] It appears that this authority restricts technology to the medieval age, thus rendering recent inventions like cell phones useless. It is represented by a board of wood while active; breaking the board is equivalent to deactivating the authority. It was hinted that this authority might also separate the effective area (area that the authority covers) from the rest of the world, thus trapping those within in a separate dimension of sorts when Doni used it to keep Erica and co. on Sardinia while Godou and Athena were witnessing the (re)birth of a dragon, and by extension, Perseus.

Athena / Medusa / Metis Authorities:Edit

  • Athena casting a spell
  • Athena and her owls
  • Athena's Scythe
  • Athena's Arrow
  • Athena Aegis Shield
  • The Athena (Metis) of The Prophecy of the Sky Without Stars,.
  • Spell Cast by Metis.
  • The Other Athena, Metis.
  • Control over owls
  • Summoning darkness
  • Death aura and spell words
  • Clairvoyance
  • Aegis Shield
  • Jet black scythe & bow, arrow
  • Serpent's Evil Eyes - Petrification
  • Control over snakes
  • Control over Earth

Perseus / Mithras Authorities:Edit

  • Perseus and his bow on his way to sealing
  • Perseus and Pegasus
  • Perseus and Pegasus on his way to sealing
  • Perseus using a spell to fly
  • Perseus with your sword
  • Serpent Killing Words of Power
  • Sealing Authorities of anyone who was subservient to him in his aspect as Mithras
  • Summoning and controlling Pegasus
  • Transforming into light and moving quickly. Actual speed unknown.
  • Golden bow and arrows of light

Susanoo Authorities:Edit

  • Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi (Control Wind, also adsorb, convert, and redirect divine power) [Godou Kusanagi]
  • Blocks the Sun
  • Summons a Storm

Melqart Authorities:Edit

  • Twin Clubs
    • Yagarish the Chaser
    • Ayamari the Driver
  • Insects
  • Herculean Strength
  • Summon army of dead from the underworld
  • Lighting
  • Control over sea

Ramiel Authorities:Edit

  • Black Lightning (godspeed. Avatar allows transformation into lightning) [Black Prince]

Tezcatlipoca Authorities:Edit

  • Metamorphosis [John Pluto Smith]
    • Archmage
    • Flames of Annihilation
    • Black Demonic Bird
    • Jaguar
    • John Pluto Smith (male form)

Artemis Authorities:Edit

  • Artemis' Arrows (Magic bolts of white light with immense force. If six are used at the same time, stated to be able to destroy California.) [John Pluto Smith]

Furies/Erinyes Authorities:Edit

  • Judging Furies (summons the Furies. Any damage, destruction, curses, or injuries witnessed by them will reflect on the person who caused it.) [Black Prince]

Minos Authorities:Edit

  • The Labyrinth (sink self and enemy in underground maze, with complete awareness of interior, and ability to instantly travel anywhere within it) [Black Prince]

Vaisravana Authorities:Edit

  • Water Dragon (Summons and Controls Water Dragons)
  • Ice Dragon (Summons and Controls Ice Dragons)

Prometheus Authorities:Edit

  • Theft (Steal Divine Power and Authority from a Heretic God.)

Circe Authorities:Edit

  • Hero Confinement (Steal the Authorities of heroes, and heroic gods.)

Vajrapani Authorities:Edit

  • Divine Might of Vajrapani (Super Strength, summon giant avatars to aide, or defend) [Luo Hao]

Gayatri Authorities:Edit

  • Dragon's Roar and Tiger's Howl (Wind Control) [Luo Hao]

Other Authorities (from unidentified Gods):Edit

  • Fairy's Corridor (Interdimensional/time travel portals) [Madame Aisha] Thought to be obtained from the faeries of Tir-na-nOg (Land of the Young)
  • Charm or Curse. It is a charisma authority,  Able to coerce anyone  besides other godslayers.  Has the potential to create a cult   Was once used on Erica and Ena, and they didn't realise it was being used until they were far away from her..  It is known that [Madame Aisha] stole this authority from a catholic saint but the specific name of the saint is not known.
  • Eyes of Sodom (transform a person into a salt statue) [Sasha Dejanstahl Voban] Once thought to be an Authority of Balor of the Evil Eye but that may not be the case, as it is hinted that it is the authority of the one-eyed war god Odin.