Alexander Gascoigne
Campione using wok v10
Kana アレクサンダー·ガスコイン
Romaji Arekusandā Gasukoin
Age 28
Gender Male
Ethnicity British
Hair Color Black
Other Names Black Prince Alec

Nobleman of God Speed
Prince of Black Lightning

Equipment Authorities:
  • Black Lightning
  • Faceless Queen
  • Judging Furies
  • The Labyrinth
  • Wandering Avarice
Personal Status
Relatives Pandora (Adoptive Mother)
Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother
Affiliations Royal Arsenal (Leader)
Rank Campione
Voice Actor

Black Prince Alec (Alexander Gascoigne) is a Campione.


Alex is a very intelligent individual, but has a rather stiff and grim personality; Alex is also a workaholic but does take a vacation once a year. Even then he still works as his organization competency level varies. 

Although he is an intelligent and sophisticated leader, he is still a rampaging savage, as he (just like Godou) quickly denies being like his other kin, however Godou states that Alec does rampage, but he only makes the condition work to his favor before going for the win.

One quality that Alec is noted for is that if he finds something interesting he'll simply take it, with no concern over what others think or desire. At most he might leave a note saying "This is interesting, I'm taking it." This puts him to have the characteristic of a thief, as he is willing to use force to further his research.

For comic effect, Alec is compared to as a distorted mirror to Godou. Both are intelligent, have organizations at their thumb, deny the tyranny, and are morons. But while Godou is tactics, Alec is strategy; Alec devotes himself to his company, whereas Godou just assists. And Godou holds back his desires, Alec always charges through for what he wants. 

Another gag would be their luck with women. Godou has good luck with a working Harem, but The Black Prince's is abysmal, as his doesn't interact well with White Princess Alice, starting childish quarrels with her whenever they meet or get in each others way.


Alex was taught about Magic at a very young age by his father. Due to his father's obsessive goal to find the Magic Holy Grail, his mother left them. Alex’s father is what people call an occultist and not a mage. When Alex was sixteen years old, his father died and Alex started his own journey to find the Holy Grail. Through good fortune and sharp instincts, he slew the Fallen Angel Ramiel and became a Campione at the age sixteen. He has also become a political opponent of the Witengamot and their leader Princess Alice, by becoming a member and leader of Royal Arsenal, though he's shown that he at least respects her.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 1:Edit

Black Prince was briefly mentioned in Volume 1, as a leader of his own organization and was called the wise king who controlled the British Empire.

Volume 2:Edit

Black Prince was very briefly mentioned in Volume 2, stating that he became Campione in the twentieth century or later.

Volume 3:Edit

Black Prince was only mention once in the flashback of Volume 3.

Volume 4:Edit

While Liliana was trying to stop Salvatore from cutting up a Grimoire, She internally gave her own opinion on each of the seven Campione and she described Black Prince Alec for being famous for having a terrible personality and being a ruffian.

Volume 6:Edit

Alec made a short 1st time appearance in Volume 6, while strolling uninvited into Princess Alice’s residence to inform her that an enemy of both of their organizations had left Britain and made contact with Luo Hao. After informing Princess Alice of this, Black Prince left her place using one of his authorities.

Volume 7:Edit

Black Prince Alec made a very short last minute appearance in the volume where he was just observing the situation and believed that everything was under control because there were already three Campione on the scene dealing with it.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 1: (This chapter is a short story that takes place sometimes before Chapter 4 of Volume 6 of Campione!) Black Prince Alec was mentioned in this chapter.
Chapter 4: (This chapter is a short story that took place 8 years before the main story of Campione!) The short story kicked off just as Alec killed his third Heretic God known as Minos/Minotaur in Crete (a Greek Island) and gained a new Authority. After the battle, he returned to his hotel room to recover his strength; after a couple of hours of rest, most of the external injuries were healed. Alex originally came to the island to investigate (most likely about the Holy Grail) partially due to his curiosity, but it ended up with him facing off with a [Heretic God]. As he was having a nice drink and meal at the hotel after he woke up from his battle, his subordinate, Sir Iceman, finally arrived on the island and they started having their own conversation until they were distracted by a young lady that was clearly no ordinary person because she was using magic to walk into the places. She greeted both the gentlemen, Alex and Sir Iceman, and went straight to the point of asking a question. Alex and the young lady, whom claimed to be Guinevere, exchange a small conversation before leaving in a magical way. After she left, Sir Iceman made a suggestion that he, Alex, should ask Princess Alice about Guinevere.
Clearly, Alex did not want to ask Princess Alice about anything unless he really needed to, so he is headed toward another famous Witch in the area to ask the question. As he was enjoying his train ride alone heading toward Lucretia Zola's home, Princess Alice magically appeared in front of Alec's seat. They greeted each other in their own ill-mannered way and soon they were having an intelligent discussion and debate about things that are related to the Holy Grail myth. Once they got to Lucretia Zola’s place, Princess Alice greeted her senior witch as Alex greeted her as well in his first meeting. Soon after they greeted each other, they started having a deep discussion more about things related with Holy Grail myth, but they were soon interrupted with Alex’s phone call from Sir Iceman telling him that a new [Heretic God] just appeared near his location.
Black Prince Alec soon set out and confronted this new [Heretic God] and soon found out it’s the same [Heretic God] he defeated a few days ago. Not overly shocked, he went about by testing out his new Authority called [The Labyrinth] (named by Princess Alice). He soon discovers this [Heretic God] was a fake but nevertheless he defeated it using a combination of wit and Authority. When Alex re-emerged from the hole where he defeated the fake [Heretic God], he and Princess Alice (who happened to be there) were greeted by Guinevere (for the first time for Alice). There Guinevere explained that she was the one who created the fake [Heretic God] using the Holy Grail, and that she once worked with Lucretia Zola in the past, but due to their disagreement with certain points of view they split; then she asked Alex to join her and she would give him the Holy Grail. Princess Alice knowing his personality, he responded by stating that he could just take the thing as long as he knows where it is. When he was about to attack, the [Heretic God] Lancelot came to defend Guinevere and they hastily retreated.
Once Lancelot and Guinevere were gone, Alice and Alex gathered back to Lucretia Zola’s place and ask her some questions about Guinevere. Lucretia explained that Guinevere wanted to awaken something called “King who manifests at the end of eras” and with something that sounded like the beginning of an apocalypse, she ended her (Lucretia Zola) own research about it. There they pondered about “King of the End’s identity” as they continue discussing about it.

Volume 9:Edit

Black Prince was mentioned as an enemy to Guinevere by Erica early in the Volume. Later, Black Prince Alec made a very short last minute appearance in the volume in which he was on vacation in Japan while supernatural battles were going on which he sensed and had known about it but left it to the Japanese Campione who was dealing with it already. Even though he was on vacation, his nature as a workaholic did not stop him from doing so per se. (On a side note, it was Alex who took the divine artifact known as “Heavenly Reverse Halberd” from Amakasu that everyone expected Alex to know about it).

Volume 10:Edit

Continuing from the previous volume, Alec had “borrowed” the “Heavenly Reverse Halberd” divine weapon from the Japanese Campione’s group and left a note indicating that he was the one who did. Alec during the time he “borrowed” it, left Japan and traveled a bit around the world testing and experimenting with it based on a theory he thought up, which turned out to be true. After finishing his experiments and tests, he returned to Japan to set his plan and trap in motion and sent a message to Japan’s Campione to take a vacation and not get in his way. Of course, the Japanese Campione didn’t listen and came right back from England as Alec was in Japan, continuing with his plan. When the Japanese Campione, Godou, came back from England, Alec was waiting for him at a restaurant. There they greeted each other before they left the restaurant. Once outside, Alec and Godou along with his companions walked a few moments silently before they verbally attacked each other. After they have their verbal attack on each other, they left each other after both gave each other warnings and threats.
Alec was residing in Chinatown until someone triggered his trap near his labyrinth, alerting him that something was getting close to it. When he arrived on the magic vessel that was heading toward his labyrinth, he met up with Guinevere and Lancelot onboard just as he expected; however the Japanese Campione, Godou, was also onboard. Speaking in different behavior than their previous encounter, Alec sensed something was wrong with Godou. Godou challenged Alec to a fight and even prevented Alec from escaping to go after Guinevere and Lancelot who flew toward his labyrinth. Given little choice, Alec fought with Godou with him holding the upper hand throughout the fight. When they were about to go for round two, Godou’s companions arrived and told Alec that they were there to deal with Godou and Alec could leave. Alec gladly left the scene and flew to another location awaiting his plan's unfolding. Not long after he waited, one of his powers captured Guinevere and was bringing her to him while another power was trapping Lancelot within his labyrinth at the moment. Being brought before Alec, Guinevere had little choice to chose from however due to the desperation of wanting to meet the “King of the End” again, she chose to fight by transforming into a dragon though by doing so forfeited her remaining life on earth. The battle ended with Alec being the victor just as Princess Alice appeared on the scene to greet the ungentlemanly Alec. Alec then flew to where Lancelot and Godou were just as he was finishing his battle. Once done, Godou apologized to Alec for acting strangely and attacking him, Alec accepted his apology in his smug way. After the apologizing was done, they both started attacking each other verbally once again. They were interrupted by Alice when she reported that uses a spell to restore herself again; upon this both Campiones and Alice flew where she was.
Once they got there, they saw the last moment of Guinevere on earth. Once everything was over and Godou’s companions finally regrouped with Godou again, they then assessed the damage which was Godou who forgot he used the [Boar] in destroying part of Yokohama Bay Bridge as Alec’s subordinate reported.

Short Story 3:Edit

Black Prince was mentioned in this Short Story.

Volume 11:Edit

Black Prince was mentioned during the flashback story of Volume 11.

Short Story 4:Edit

Black Prince was mentioned in this Short Story.

Short Story 5:Edit

During the “Short Story 5,” Alex was mentioned briefly, being stated as a person who is good at gambling.

Volume 13:Edit

Alex was briefly mentioned as having had a previous liaison with Circe and having badly injured her at the end of it.

Volume 15:Edit

Alex was briefly mentioned in Volume 15.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Black Prince has all the powers common to a Campione, as well as an array of divine Authorities. Like all Campiones, Alec's power are based on a theme of their personality. In his case the theme is thief, as his first authority is god-speed lightning, enabled for quick escapes and robberies. He also is a thief in that his second, third and fifth authorities are booby-traps for his quarry and for those pursuing him. the fourth would possibly be either a pet for diversion and raw muscle, or lack of compensation for his inability to work with women like other thieves.

Black Lightning - His first and most used Authority is that of godspeed, usurped from the fallen angel Ramiel. This Authority allows him to move at speeds well in excess of 500kmph, even allowing him to create afterimages that can act as momentary decoys. However like Godou this places a great deal of stress on his body the longer he uses it and like other divine speed users it is extremely difficult to make precise attacks. By Manifesting an Avatar, he can transform into lightning, which removes the stress on his body and allows him to fly at literal lightning speeds, as well as injure opponents by striking them with his lightning body. However, the lightning released from his body is only as powerful as that of ordinary mages, making it useless against Heretic Gods or other Campione, and can be easily dispelled by accomplished magicians, including Heretic Gods and Campione. The Authority even has an attack mode called Black Thunder, which can incinerate everything on the ground within the area, but using it will make him unable to use the Authority for half a day.  The author has stated this move is as powerful as Godou's White Stallion.


  • "Thunder, descend!"
  • "Thunder of the blue sky!"
  • "Be thou faithful unto death! And I will give thee a crown of life!"

Judging Furies - The second of Alec's Authorities. This summons the three Erinyes or Furies, sometimes known as the Kindly Ones, who were the Greek goddesses of vengeance. They protect Alec and any destruction, curses, or harm caused in their sight is manifested on the doer. The drawback is that using them requires Alec to perform a lengthy ritual several to dozens of minutes long beforehand in the area he intends to battle in, making it rather impractical for most fights unless he lures the enemy to that location. However the more magical power expended during the ritual, the shorter the time required, and multiple territories of vengeance can be established.


  • "Hear me, daughters of the endless night, daughters of the earth and shadow. Fighting evil with evil, repaying crime with crime, shedding blood for blood, knocking out a tooth for a tooth, thus vengeance begins. By the blood of the slain mother, tragic death denies all future attempts at filial piety! Megaera the demon, Tisiphone the avenger, Alecto the relentless, retrieve the curse and execute vengeance!"

The Labyrinth - The third authority he obtained from the god Minos/Minotaur. It creates a maze of tunnels underneath the earth, on the surface, or even in the sky, and traps Alec and his victims within it. Alec possesses complete knowledge of the shape of the maze, and the positions of all within it at all times. He can also instantly move within the maze created by this Authority. It can turn existing material above ground into a labyrinth, completely altering the terrain in the area to the point even Gods and Campione can find themselves easily lost and trapped, only able to enter or leave the maze with a sufficiently strong enough attack as to completely destroy it. Alec can also manifest a familiar in the form of a palm-sized black calf to keep an eye on things if he desires to leave the Labyrinth. However, the labyrinth will begin to weaken over a period of several months, and once the maze is dismissed he must wait an entire month before he can use it again.


  • "Wind that sings of fascination, night which devours the light, all travelers, helpless in the perilous journey, accompanied by heavy sorrow, abandon all hope!"
  • "Those who walk past my gravestone, whoever steps upon my shadow, I know each and every one of you!"

Faceless Queen - Another Authority of his is which he obtained from the Goddess Melusine, a feminine spirit of fresh waters in sacred springs and rivers from European folklore. With it, Alec can summon a female giant with white wings and a mermaid's tail that can change its size with ease, allowing her to swim in the sea and fly in sky, it is said to possess enough destructive power to shatter a tower of steel, and can conjure spears to use as weapons. She is intelligent and will obey his orders, but it's limitation is that if her face is seen, then the giant will be unsummoned.

Weird Greed or Wandering Avarice - Another Authority that has been noted as being in the Black Prince's arsenal that he obtained from the Christian beast Behemoth. It allows him to create a localized black hole with a radius of roughly 20 to 30 meters that attracts and compresses anything in the area it was summoned in, but it is very slow and can be escaped by using godspeed. He can have the sphere set in the form of a trap that he can use to guard his Labyrinth. Its size can be altered by reducing the spheres force of gravity.

Ability to cross parallel dimension - It is unknown if this power is an authority or not, but at the end of the series, Alec has gained an ability to travel across dimension by his own strength. Unlike Godou, this ability doesn't require a call before hand to cross the dimension.


  • Alec is one of the three Campione that could actually soil Luo Hao’s clothing with dust. [Novel: Volume 6]
  • Alec the only Campione have Goddess as his Subordinate/Assistant that will do anything he command

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