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Campione are those humans who have slain a Heretic God and stolen their divine Authorities.


When a mortal slays a Heretic God, they take upon themselves the Authorities of that Heretic God, and they become Campione.

Generally, a Campione will only acquire one Authority from the god they slay, which is influenced by the personality, compatibility, and skill of the Campione. Though there are rare exceptions such as the seventh Campione, Godou Kusanagi, in that case, the Authority adjusted to fit his own nature. Often losing elements or gaining limitations or requirements for use that the god didn't have.

Because of their divine Authorities, Campione are automatically designated the rulers of whatever territory they call home. In that area, among the supernatural, their very word is law itself. Only another Campione dares contradict them.

Campione are called the "Bastard/Illegitimate Children of Epimetheus", Titan of hindsight, because only someone who, like Epimetheus, acts without thinking of the consequences, would face a Heretic God rather than run away.

In Volume 4 it is revealed that Pandora controls the distribution of Authorities in some method, and that if a Campione slays a Heretic God who has been weakened in some fashion by another, or in some other fashion that she does not approve of, such as a Campione in perfect health coming across an injured Heretic God and slaying them, then she will not allow the Campione to gain a new Authority from it.


Campione, due to the method of obtaining their rank, are depicted as evil tyrannical monsters from everyone in the magic world. It is also assumed that every magician fears their wrath and serve out of fear of the frequent evil they pursue. However, this judgement is technically false. 

Campione's are indeed dangerous and destructive, but that is only due to them fighting, or abusing their power. Some are indifferent of others' concern at their goals but most of the magic world forget that Campione are human in nature. This disregard puts a lot of sophistry and bias in view that all Campione as the same. Each of the 7 are different in their traits, but, because of persecution and fear, individuality on them is ignored until it is too late.

These human attributes are basically the key to defining what authorities they have or will have. Also, it doesn't matter if they have any magic or martial arts skills, a Campione is terrible not only for god slaying, but because their traits allowed for their success, such as Voban, Godou, Aisha, as well as Smith proved through hunger, friendship, kindness, and repression, to achieve kingship.

Campione in all have displayed signs of arrogance, bloodlust when attacked, cunningness, ambition, leadership, idiocy and a tendency to find amusement at pathetic arrogant worms attempting on their life. In a spectrum of ruling, they either revel in their tyranny (Voban and Hao), attempt to become good rulers (Alec and Smith), or are indifferent about their positions (Aisha, Doni, and Godou). 

All Campione tend to have or develop some form of mania, something they become almost obsessive about. Voban's is fighting powerful foes, Luo Hao in mastery of her skills, Aisha's is traveling, Alec's is theft of object's for Holy Grail research, Godou's is being normal, and Doni's is having fun. Even John Pluto Smith's split persona act is considered an obsession. 

Since they posses great power, or because of it, Campione can be seen as clumsy, as their powers cause unintentional damage.

But regardless of their flaws Campione's are grand kings. Most of the magic world revere them for the achieving the impossible. So much so that all magic organizations have deemed attacking or threatening one of them to be courageously suicidal, or completely, downright stupid. Anyone who does such a thing gets admiration for bravery or being labeled an even bigger idiot than the kings they challenge. Their power serves as a necessary evil. Heretic Gods are disasters, Campione limit the disaster by about 67%, and the fact that their selfishness indicates the human will to live. Which is why they are either determined, reckless, intellectual, or charismatic, lucky fools.

That being said, it is something of an unspoken truth that Campione (or at least the vast majority of them) are knuckleheads at heart. For they are not only the only humans to have slain a Heretic God, they are also the only humans foolish enough to try in the first place.

Known CampioneEdit

  • Marquis VobanGo to Sasha Dejanstahl Voban
  • Luo HaoGo to Luo Hao
  • The Two Faces of John Pluto SmithGo to John Pluto Smith
  • Go to Black Prince
  • Lord Salvatore DoniGo to Lord Salvatore Doni
  • Godou KusanagiGo to Godou Kusanagi
  • Eternal Beauty, Madame Aisha
  • Uldin
  • Rokuhara Ren
At present there are seven living Campione:

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The specific abilities of each Campione are dependent upon the particular Authorities of the Heretic Gods that they have slain, adapted to fit the Campione's personal qualities. However, all Campione appear to have certain powers in common.

  • Enhanced Longevity (oldest Campione stated to be centuries old)
  • Enhanced Spiritual Senses
    • Can sense magic within objects
  • Magic Resistance (only vulnerable to magic the strength of Authorities or magic inserted into their bodies.)
  • Authorities power taken from a slayed god.
  • Superhuman stamina/durability
    • Nearly unbreakable bones
    • Healed to full health, and old injuries repaired during the transformation into a Campione.
    • Enhanced recovery speed.
  • Ability to learn all languages in a short period of time.
  • Reserves of Magic energy (aka ki/chi/qi) hundreds of times that of a trained mage.
  • Advanced night vision, comparable to a nocturnal predator.

There are also suggestions of minor increases to strength, though not to the superhuman levels granted by Authorities.

It is suggested that Campione, and even those who have the potential to become Campione, have the ability to create good luck, or command random chance, through force of will. In games of pure chance, it is almost impossible to beat them without cheating. This ability may even be what allows them to kill gods and become Campione.

Many experienced Campione develop a skill called Manifesting an Avatar. This allows the Campione to transform their body in some fashion so as to remove a flaw in or make better use of one of their Authorities.


  • "Keep this in mind, between [Kings] like us, there can only exist one of the following relationships -- ignoring each other, pacts of nonaggression, or eternal enemies dueling to the very end. And now, you will be my enemy!" - Quote: From Sasha Dejanstahl Voban toward Godou Kusanagi [Novel: Vol2, Ch7]
  • Campione's magic resistance is much weaker against internal magics, such as potions, spells delivered through kisses, or weapons coated in poison. Though they can still fight them off through use of an Authority, or through raw magical power.
    • Otherwise, it requires an Authority to break through their resistance. Even a normal spell backed by the magical power of a Campione will not do so.
    • Even an Authority's power and effectiveness will be reduced if used against a Campione.
  • If a Campione makes a pact with a god, the pact will force the Campione to follow through with their side of the bargain.
  • Regardless of gender, all Campione are called Kings.
    • Which should be noted as three of the seven Campione are women.
      • Though one of them is hiding their gender, and is commonly believed to be a man.
  • Campione's powers are not hereditary, but being a descendant offers substantial influence in the wizardry world. In fact, European magic associations were commonly led by, or even founded by those hailing from the lineage of kings.
    • Taking the Copper-Black Cross as an example, ten-odd generations ago, their commander-in-chief was a king's illegitimate child. He was treated like royalty and in fact, members of the Blandelli family, like Erica, are his descendants.
  • When one becomes a Campione, physical flaws (such as old injuries and possibly scars) are healed and they are restored to full health.