Copper-Black Cross
The Copper-Black Cross is a Mage Association in Campione and the rival of the Bronze-Black Cross.


The Copper-Black Cross is one of numerous magical societies that are descended from the legendary Knights Templar that covered much of Europe in the Medieval times.  Like their ancestors, they also act as a financial institution, managing several businesses as a corporation, and use that as their cover in the non-magical world. The Copper-Black Cross is stated to be one of the strongest descendents of the Knights Templar. It's founder was the illegitimate son of a Campione, and an ancestor of the Blandelli family.

As with all known descendents, the Copper-Black Cross is ruled over by two figures; the Commander-in-Chief who is the supreme head, and the Great Knight, who is the public face of the order, and leader in the field. Each order gives its Great Knight a different title, but all are acknowledged Great Knights. The title of the Great Knight of Copper-Black Cross is Diavolo Rosso, or Red/Crimson Devil.


  • Erica Blandelli
  • Lord Salvatori Done
  • Arianna