Cuore di Leone
Erica holding Cuore di Leone
Erica Blandelli holding Cuore di Leone
Other Names Heart of the Lion
Type Magic Sword
Forms Rapier

Burst of Light
Holy Lance of Longinus
Broadsword (True Form)

Abilities Self-Repairing

Counter Enemy Magics

Wielder(s) Saint Raffaello (Former Wielder)
Erica Brandelli (Current Wielder)

Cuore di Leone is a sword used by Erica Blandelli.


The magic sword used by Erica Blandelli. Forged with Wootz steel from Damascus, and sister sword of Liliana Kranjcar's Il Maestro, it appears in the first episode of the anime, being used to confront the incarnation of Verethragna. The second episode, she used it to demonstrate Godou Kusanagi's ability's. In the third episode, Erica combined it with the Golgatha spell and used it to attack Athena.

Cuore di Leone is usually in the form of a rapier, but it's true form is that of a two-handed longsword.

Cuore di Leone was originally the property of a knight known as Saint Raffaello, a title equivalent to Erica's Diavolo Rosso.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Cuore di Leone is one of the twin swords wielded by the legendary St. Raffaello; it has the [indestructibility] trait. In other words, Cuore di Leone will repair itself from any damage, and can be reconstructed limitlessly, allowing Erica to change its shape and function as she pleases. It has been shown that it is possible to change the sword into other forms and use it in conjunction with other spells to use magic that is currently beyond the ability of the user. Examples include Erica turning it into a chain and casting [Last Decree of the Senate] on it in vol.11 to create an almost invincible shield, and using the [Golgotha Spell Words] to emulate the [Holy Lance of Longinus] that was said to have wounded Jesus. Hence, by association, the Golgatha Spell Words enable Erica to hurt a God. The sword also have the power to amplify the wielders magic and power.

Cuore di Leone appears to have no other abilities (for now), but it is notable that in contrast to Ill Maestro, which has the added confusion effect when in its true form, Cuore di Leone appears to have no such abilities.

Cuore di Leone IncantationEdit

Cuore di Leone

Erica summoning "Cuore di Leone"

  • "Come, lion of steel. The one carrying the spirit of the lion, the steel that carries the essence of battle! Respond to my hand and voice! Your name is Cuore di Leone... The warrioir inheriting the name of the lion-hearted king! The knight Erica Blandelli swears thus, I will return your loyalty with valour and chivalry!"
  • "Cuore di Leone, I entrust the battlefield to you! Lion Steel, rip him part. Bore through him. Crush him in your jaws!"
  • "Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani! Lord, for it is afternoon, and I call out to you, yet you do not answer. For at night, There is also only Silence!"
  • "That which becomes my strength, save me. Save my soul from the sword!"
  • "Lion Steel, to you, I entrust the words of power of lamentation and anger! Bathe in the holy blood of his last moments, and manifest yourself as the Holy Lance of Longinus!"
  • "Red bonds of the cross, pierce the Dragon's scales to gouge out its guts!"
  • "Holy, Holy, Lord of hosts. We praise and reverence!"
  • "Arges, Steropes, Brontes! Lend my sword the blessing of Thunder!"
  • "Lion of Steel... and he who begets you, the Lionheart. Heed the oath made by knight Erica Blandelli! That which is the essence of the battle, reveal yourself in my hands! Cuore di Leone!"