Divine Beasts are a type of being in the world of Campione!


Many gods and goddesses have spirits who serve them in the form of animals, known as Divine Beasts. They often act as messengers of the god, carrying their will, and act as symbols of the god's power. It is said that when a Divine Beast appears, a battle is going to start nearby.

Divine Beasts vary in power a great deal.  While all of them are powerful, some few can be handled by Great Knights, though these are the weakest of their kind.  Most of them, especially the larger ones, would require entire squads of Great Knights, and the entire squad is risking death to do so.  Some Divine Beasts, primarily those who are manifestations of the god or Heretic God whom they serve, such as the various Incarnations of Verethragna, wield sufficient power to rival a god, and possibly injure or slay them. Some of these Divine Beasts even command an Authority of their own.

Some Divine Beasts actually take the forms of plants, and so might more accurately be called Divine Plants.  However, these are much rarer than the animal based ones.

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