Ena Seishuuin
Ena Seishuuin Wallpaper
Kana 青洲院 恵那
Romaji Seishūin Ena
Age 19
Gender Female
Ethnicity Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Other Names Hime-Miko of the Sword
Top/Number One Hime-Miko
Equipment Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi
Nanatsusaya no Tachi
Personal Status
Relatives Ran Seishuuin (Grandmother, Current Head)
Sita (Princess with the Crystal Eyes) (Distant Ancestor)
Godou Kusanagi (Boyfriend)
Affiliations History Compilation Committee (Associate)
Seishuuin Clan (Heiress)
Round Table Alliance (In Training Member)
Rank Hime-Miko
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Yuka Saitō
English Voice Carli Mosier

Ena Seishuuin is one of the main female characters of Campione. She is a "premier Hime-Miko."


Ena is a beautiful young woman with long black hair and red eyes, whom Godou has described as having the body of a 'goddess'. She is stated to have a large bosom, and possibly the only one in Godou's group to surpass Erica in cup size.


Ena has a very strange personality in that she seems relaxed about things of the modern world, but still has a slight naivete about her. She is the type of person who acts on impulse and instinct, rather than her brains. Ena, like Erica, can be very forward in her love towards Godou, as she doesn't mind if he saw her naked and even afford her body in her service. However, unlike Erica, Ena is rather shy in certain subject of love. Ena mention she does not mind kissing, but other things that couple do tends to make her blush heavily and have trouble with. Ena got very embarrassed when she revealed that she striped Godou so he could heal at the Hot Spring, but also stated how attractive he was. Ena can also be very compassionate and open towards Yuri, her childhood friend, as she feels most comfortable doing things with Godou if she is there to experience it with her. Out of all the girls, Ena is most likely willingly to hurt and or kill someone, as she was, at first, was gonna kill Erica to be the only choice Godou would pick as a "foreign wife." However, Ena is not heartless as she felt sorry after Volume 5 and tried to make it up to Godou and the rest.


Little is known about Ena's past, just that she was a childhood friend of Yuri's, and the two were close enough that Ena could come and go through their house as if she lived there. Also, that she is the Hime-Miko who serves the god Susanoo, whom she communicates with through magic, usually by way of an uncharged cell phone, while he is within the Netherworld. The relationship is close enough that she calls him "Grampsy" and gets away with it, even though he finds it a bit irritating.

She was sent to Godou as either an alternate or backup to Yuri in her relationship to Godou by the History Compilation Committee.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 5:Edit

Ena Seishuuin first appeared in Volume 5, under the orders of the Elders, former Heretic Gods and other supernatural beings.  Ena was supposed to form a relationship with Godou. However, she took it upon herself to get rid of the “foreign women” around Godou by force, even against the protests of the History Compilation Committee. Due to interference by Erica and others, Ena was forced to lure Godou into the Netherworld to meet the Elders. Ena was then attacked by Erica who was overwhelmed by Ena once she starts wielding the power of Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. The battle was put on hold by the intervention of Godou, and Ena escaped back to the living world.
After the three returned to the living world, it was revealed Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi (also known as Grasscutter) had taken possession of Ena. Once separated, Grasscutter transformed into a giant warrior and Godou attacked it with the power of his Authority of the Boar. At the end of the Volume, it was decided that with its defeat, Godou was now the master of Grasscutter, though he put it to the side to supposedly avoid legal problems with ownership of a sword. Also, due to the incident with Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, Ena was forced to temporarily return home to be re-educated, of course not without stating she wanted to be one of Godou’s women; shocking and causing displeasure to the other girls when they heard that.

Volume 6:Edit

Ena Seishuuin made a short appearance in Volume 6 after escaping her house arrest to meet Sayanomiya Kaoru near where Godou and his companions are, to negotiate her release. Of course, Kaoru did not agree to it, however, while they were talking the area where Godou and his companions went to just exploded and they became alerted when they sensed a strong magical force coming from there. Kaoru phoned Amakasu and ordered him to investigate what was going on, while he was doing that Kaoru orders Ena to be on standby until they know whats going on.

Volume 7:Edit

Ena was ordered by Kaoru to aide Godou in the situation they found themselves in. Ena comments that, if it's a matter of power, she cannot lose against normal mortals.
Ena showed up in the nick of time to help the escaping Godou, Anne Charlton, Yuri, Erica, and Liliana, using her ability to channel Susanoo's Authority over wind and weather. She informed Anne that she is romantically interested in Godou, and that Erica and the others are his lovers. After Godou collapsed, they moved him into an open air hot spring to recover, where the four young ladies ended up striping for Godou, much to his embarrassment he ran away facing such scene.
Later on in Volume 7, Ena who was injured by the Monkey King's attack was being kissed by Godou because he was using the Youth to give her divine protection making her to want to be with him even craving to kiss him more he was kissing the other girls.
While under the protection of the Youth Authority, Ena cast a spell to fully harness the divine power used to protect her, causing her clothing to become a traditional Hime-Miko uniform. Seeing Ena was still having difficulties, Godou loaned Ena Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, which combined with the Youth's protection, allowed Ena to wield double the power she normally could harness from Susanoo. Even so, she was eventually overwhelmed. However, the recently freed Hikari was able to heal her enough to be able to escape while all attention was on the battle between the Campione and the Heretic Gods.
When the battles with the Heretic Gods were over and the girls regrouped with Godou, they were surprised to found out that Godou somehow ended up being a sworn brother to Luo Hao. Being as Ena as Ena, she was more in awe then shock and calling Godou cool and amazing being able to do that, however when Hikari showed a romantic interest to the unbeknown Godou, Ena was actually shocked knowing that information in that situation. When Erica went over and pinches Godou and stated that he at least deserve to be punish, the others girls plus Amakasu with the exemption of Hikari nodded in agreement.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 5 - Omake: (Present day, current timeline of Campione!) In this Volume 8 Chapters, Ena and Erica rescued Godou from another frantic assault from the school's "three idiots" mainly Nanami, Sorimachi and Takagi. After successfully knocking them out, it turns out that Ena and Erica were competing who was the better and stronger lover. This was the result of Erica discovering that Ena returned to Tokyo by "someone" under the circumstances of "by chance" in which Godou suspects that was not all to it but refused to delve into it. Ena then stated she was visiting the Asakusa district of Tokyo in a dojo owned by Green Dragon-sensei, who was one of the four assistant instructors who had instructed Ena and the other miko in various ways of martial arts. It appears that Green Dragon-sensei and the other disciples heard about Ena's situation with Godou and were asking curious questions like if she is "finally going to be a wife" or "Have you had a baby already" and "Is your bridal training going well?". Erica discovered what was going on around Ena "by chance" again, then "dropped by the dojo" obviously out of anger and 'showily defeating the entire dojo' gaining the admiration of Ena. Then Ena and Erica started an argument about which between the two of them is the better wife, resulting in a competition between combat and cooking, which eventually had no result. This only creates another dispute where they decide to settle the matter by trying to convince Godou to spend his winter vacation with either one of them, or the place that they recommend. For Ena, she wanted to persuade Godou to spend some time with her at the hot springs in the mountains that the Seishuuin main house in Chichibu owns. For Erica, it is skiing in Switzerland with her family at the Blandelli family's mountain villa. Then they decided to find Godou to ask his opinion regarding their argument and managed to rescue him in time from the three idiots. After reporting their story without hearing Godou's answer, they soon moved into asking Godou's permission to interrogate the three idiots whom they all initially believed to be from some magic organization. After some discussion about torture methods, they eventually decided to dump the three idiots into a nearby pond only to discover their true identities and to find out that they assaulted Godou due to his lack of response to their request for Godou to ask his harem and Shizuka to take part in the school swimsuit + nekomimi maid cafe for the school festival. Godou obviously refused the three on the spot under the notion that the girls won't help, only to hear from Ena that she is fine if Godou persuaded her in contrast to Erica who agreed with Godou that such proposal is out of the question.
While Godou patiently dealt with the three idiot's complaints, both Ena and Erica suggested giving them to give appropriate punishments as they both felt that even if the three idiots did it as a joke without much ill intent, abduction of their [King] is still out of the question. Obviously Godou rejected their proposal only to suggest an alternative to the three idiots only to go to Akihabara to seek help from Lu Yinghua.
(Some times past as Godou agree to help the “three idiot” out with school festival preparation) While waking up during the night in his classroom, tire out from preparing for the school festival and thirsty. Godou found some liquid in the dark classroom and drank it, not knowing it will force him back to sleep and have weird dream.
(During the Dream) Ena came uninvited in the morning to wake Godou up while wearing a maid uniform (in an unknown Japanese-style room). Ena explain that she want show off this maid uniform because she heard that Godou recently have a taste for them. That when Yuri came in and was surprise that Ena was there, Yuri then question Godou if he have anything to do with Ena being here. Godou explain that Ena come on her own accord and Ena respond by confirming it. Ena then explain about Godou new hobby to Yuri and why she dress like a maid; which lead Yuri to lecture Godou about this new taste of his. The lecture somehow ended up in reverse in which Yuri shyly states she wouldn’t mind wearing a maid uniform if she known. When Yuri said that; Ena states that she have some spare at hand and started taking Yuri clothe off and forcing Godou to cover his face with a futon out of embarrassment. (Dream End).

Volume 9:Edit

The volume started off as Guinevere and Lancelot clash with Athena somewhere in the Southern East Europe Area before Guinevere uses an underhand trick in using the Holy Grail on Athena body where it slowly sucking her power that will eventually kill her (Athena). Athena retreated from the battlefield immediately because she feels the Holy Grail was eating her power away; after Athena retreated Guinevere decided to head to Japan where she believe her [King] of the strongest steel sleep unbeknown to her that Athena is also heading that way.
Back in Japan, while all the students from Jounan Academy were having a school festival, Ena and Amakasu were on guard duty somewhere near the coast of Kisarazu City in the Chiba Prefecture watching over a grimoire due to a foreboding premonition from Sayanomiya Kaoru.
Few days later after Godou’s school finish its school festival; Ena calls him up to request his help. Godou reluctantly agree to help and the next day he along with Liliana and Yuri was picks up by Sayanomiya Kaoru and was drove to where Ena and Amakasu was guarding the grimoire was. When they arrive at the scene, Yuri and Liliana went to help Amakasu to investigate what kind of grimoire it was while Godou and Ena have some lone time together. However they were interrupt by the appearance of Athena in front of them (Godou and Ena), declaring that she here to dual Godou and she will not take “no” for an answer and left after stating her declaration. After Athena left, Godou and Ena told the rest of the group about Athena appearances. As they were getting down with their discussions, Guinevere suddenly appear before their group and announce to Godou that she know that he is going fight Athena soon and she (Guinevere) is here to help with a plan but with a price that she get the grimoire that they just dug up. Going red alert as everyone prepare a fighting stance, Guinevere simply bypass them and assault (kiss) Godou with magic that contain the information about the Holy Grail. Guinevere left after that leaving Godou to be harassed by Yuri and Liliana for having too many opening against enemy (female). The harassment ended when Amakasu told the group that Athena finally reappears.
As Athena was altering the landscape and it residents into stone, Godou was preparing to engage her in combat with Liliana, Yuri, and Ena help. As soon as Godou engage in combat with Athena, she unleashed her power to turn things into stone in the surrounding area which include the area where Liliana, Yuri, and Ena standing nearby. With the exception of Godou and Ena, Liliana, Yuri, and any person or things nearby were turn into stone. Godou and Ena then engage Athena into combat, where Godou uses [Sword] with the knowledge of Holy Grail to pierces Athena. When Godou finally uses [Sword] and stab Athena, he realizes that he been used by Guinevere. Godou being a good nature person plan to help Athena get rid of the effect of the Holy Grail while at the same time returning a favor to the goddess. Whether Athena fully agree with Godou for trying to save her or not is not stated in the novel but she did turn herself into stone to prolong her life and cancel the effect of the Holy Grail temporary.
(Same day, that night) As Godou ponder on how to save everyone, he was joined later by Ena as company. That night, Ena through magic give Godou information about Athena and later together they forge a new sword from the combine [Sword] and Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi to disable the Holy Grail.
(Next day) While Godou was dealing with Athena, Ena was dealing with Guinevere. Later Lancelot went to where Godou and Athena was, while Erica join the scene where Ena was fighting Guinevere’s divine beasts was. Soon not long afterward Liliana and Yuri (turning back to normal) arrive to where Ena and Erica was and support them in their fight against Guinevere’s divine beasts.
(Godou scene of the battlefield) When Godou and Lancelot was about to do a last go, Erica told Lancelot that Guinevere already fled the scene. Upon hearing this Lancelot also retreated leaving Godou and Athena on their own. When Lancelot left, Godou told his female companion that he want do this alone (as in fight with Athena alone) which they agree. When they return, the battle was over with Athena gone; they then give comfort word to Godou to make him feel better. However, they were suddenly interrupted by Amakasu where he told them that the grimoire he was holding on to was stolen.

Volume 10:Edit

Ena made a brief appearance in the Volume while recovering in the hospital for overusing her magic from fighting Guinevere’s divine beasts.

Short Story 3:Edit

Ena, who finally recovered enough to come back down to the city was chatting and complaining toward her friends, Yuri and Liliana. As they were chatting they somehow led to the discussion of Godou. The more Ena talk about him, the more Yuri and Liliana feel like they need to punish him because he was getting along with another female so they plan to invite him over for dinner along with their chosen chef, aka Arianna, Erica’s maid.

Volume 12:Edit

Ena called Godou up to ask about the Christmas party, but hearing Godou sound strange, she received a transmission from "Ama no Murakumo" which explains to her the situation and then she told Godou that he should be able to break the curse he is under and that she will be coming back to Tokyo earlier from her training.
Not long afterward, when Godou was pondering how to attack and defeat the divine tree that is causing and will cause more problems in the future if left alone, Ena arrives. Godou handed over her sword, not long afterwards, while Ena was engaged in combat; Erica, Hikari, Liliana, and Yuri show up as well to help. They explain to Godou that they already removed the curse thanks to Hikari. While Erica and Ena are dealing with the divine tree, Godou along with Liliana went and took care of its sources of power. They came back after they destroy the sources however Erica noted that they probably used [Sword] to do it so Erica and Ena secretly decided to tease Godou and Liliana about it. After the battle, most of Godou’s acquaintances went over to Godou's house for the Christmas Eve Party.

Short Story 5:Edit

The day after the Christmas Eve party, Godou got into a discussion with his female companions about his family New Year gathering and party and how he wanted to avoid it because he is often dragged into gambling with his relatives and winning. Not believe his word for winning all the time, he prove to them by play a simple game with his female acquaintances. After several round of losing for Godou’s companion and winning it all for Godou, they wonder if this is related to being a Campione. Godou denied all this, stating there's no such thing and that he does occasionally lose; that when Erica came back in from her phone where he plays with her to prove he's normal and indeed he lost and happily did the winners biding by going out to buy stuff for her. After he left to buy the stuff, Erica told the rest of the girls that she uses magic to winning and she occasionally loses to make Godou happy.

Volume 13:Edit

Volume 14:Edit

Volume 15:Edit

Ena was given the task to watch Madame Aisha by Godou, but she somehow lost sight of Aisha, and when she tried to follow Aisha, she was then met with an unfortunate incident, causing her to lose track of Aisha.

Ena then met up with Godou and Erica, Erica then used a search magic to find Aisha's location.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Ena using Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi
  • Ena using Divine Possession
  • Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi absorbing Ena
  • Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi possesses Ena
Ena is a Hime-Miko with the special ability Divine Possession which allows her to channel divine power through her body. While not on the same order as a Heretic God, or a Campione, it allows Ena to overwhelm even expert mages and Great Knights such as Erica when so empowered, allowing her to fight on par with a Divine Beast or Demigod. However, this requires either an object filled with divine power, or the aide of a Campione or a god. Ena can also communicate with gods and spirits in the Netherworld, usually through the medium of a powered down cellphone. This makes her among the most powerful Hime-Miko in terms of raw power.

However, because of the stress usage of divine power and Authorities puts on the body of a normal human, Ena may only use it for a short time, and must have a minimum of three days of rest (a full week would be better) between uses. Using it longer or more often will put her health and life at risk.

While under the influence of Godou's Youth Authority, Ena's ability to wield divine power is doubled, and may allow her to wield it longer or more often.  

Incantations for Divine possession are:

  •  "Ame no murakumo tsurugi, I pray that you take my body as a sacrifice, for even a fierce god may not cross your borders. i will not regret this moment.
  •  " And now a thousand leaves breaking, the Iwaki of God, surpassing possible, I know name it, unfortunate nothingness."


Ena unsheathing Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi

Ena unsheathing Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi

Ena is the former wielder of the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, the sword commonly called Kusanagi no Tsurugi or Grasscutter. A divine sword of the highest order, and infused with the power of the former Heretic God Susanoo. It is infused with so much power it has evolved into a Heretic God itself.

After Volume 5, Ame no Murakumo becomes one of Godou Kusanagi's Authorities.

In Volume 9, after a ritual performed with Godou, Ena gained the ability to draw on Ame no Murakumo's divinity without it being in her hand, allowing her to summon a doppelganger of the sword.


  • Ena is the first woman to strip for Godou in the hot spring, but only the second woman he has seen in the nude during the series.
    • She is also the second one Godou has seen nude multiple times.
  • Ena is a master of several different martial arts weapons, including but not limited to the sword, shuriken, naginata, jutte, anki, and is trained in jujutsu. She is also trained in archery, though it's not up to the highest levels.
  • Ena is one of the premier Hime-Miko together with Yuri.
  • Among all the girls Ena is the one with several similarities with Godou.
  • According to the dream potion Godou took, Yuri and Ena might live together with Godou in a near future. However, it was not clear whether or not that Ena was just visiting.

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