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Kana エリカ・ブランデッリ
Romaji Erika Buranderi
Age 15 (Before Main Story)
16 (Series Start)
19 (Series End)
Gender Female
Ethnicity Italian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Other Names Diavolo Rosso (Red Devil)
Equipment Cuore di Leone (The Heart of the Lion)
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Campione Ancestor

Paolo Blandelli (Uncle)
Godou Kusanagi (Husband)

Leonardo Blandelli (Son)

Monica Blandelli (Daughter)

Julio Caesar Blandelli (Descendant)

Affiliations Jounan Academy (Former High-School Division Student)

Copper-Black Cross (Former Member)
Round Table Alliance (Member)

Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Yōko Hikasa
English Voice Monica Rial

Erica Blandelli (エリカ・ブランデッリ, Erika Buranderri) is one of the main female characters in Campione!.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Erica is a beautiful young woman with straight lower-back length blond hair that has a hint of red, blue eyes and an unparalleled figure having trained, slender yet very voluptuous build with large breasts.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Erica is a courageous, passionate, and strong-willed woman, being a "Great Knight" and showing no fear while fighting. Erica also demonstrates great fealty to Godou Kusanagi, who she declared her love to by saying "she belongs to him" and that she is his "sword and shield", even calling Godou her master and thus declaring herself his while fighting Athena for his sake. She has sworn to fight by Godou's side no matter the circumstances and believes in him with all her heart. Erica is very determined, refusing to let anything stand in her way of what she wants. However, she has remarked that she is willing to share Godou (and even encouraged Yuri Mariya to kiss him with a sly and amicable wink) as long as she is in his heart. However, she does have a limit on how many girls Godou can have and was furious when he got another without asking her. However, after some passionate talk from Godou, Erica became more willing.

Despite having a noble appearance, Erica possesses a notable manipulative streak and is notorious for pushing people's buttons. Erica is additionally known for being a devilish girl who likes to tease people shamelessly, which she only shows to her close associates, who call her a fox. Due to her tricker nature, Godou and nearly everyone else, find it harder to tell if she is acting or is actually true to her feelings. She is also highly intelligent, very athletic, and a skilled strategist/tactician, and takes her duties as Great Knight very seriously in order to properly represent the Copper Black Cross (赤銅黒十字, Shakudō Kuro Jūji). However, very few people know that she is actually very lazy when not working, with a habit of oversleeping and outright petulantly refusing to get up for school in the morning, sulking and mumbling in protest when she is woken up. She is also a complete glutton, capable of eating virtually anything, and large quantities if she actually likes it.

Although, Erica can become friendly or sociable with other people she meets, it is mentioned that she mostly doesn't have a good attitude when receiving others, this is shown because when she met Godou she was mocking and arrogant with him, furthermore, also when she saw Yuri with Godou, Erica possessive of Godou, told Yuri that she is the only one who can love him.

Her demeanor is often very proper and cultured, and that her pride and confidence sometimes stretch to the point of arrogance, and she can be very straightforward and blunt in acquiring what she wants. She has also been seen to be vengeful and borderline sadistic to those who have wronged her in even the most minor of ways and shows no mercy or remorse when dealing with enemies on the battlefield. Due to her immense pride, she rarely if never admits that she is at fault, but instead ignores the situations that she had caused like they never happened or deflect them on another. While perfectly willing to 'cheat' in battle, Erica will always limit herself to the same resources as her opponents in sports. If the opposing team does not use any magic, neither will she. It is believed that the only person who can get her to listen is her uncle Paolo Blandelli, who raised her and is the head of the knight's order of the Copper-Black Cross of which she is a high ranking member. But it has also been seen that Erica also obeys Godou, given that she is his knight, and since Godou is a Campione, an order cannot be disobeyed, besides Erica reveals that it is difficult to resist giving in to Godou's orders.

While seemingly very bold and a seductive towards Godou, Erica, however, was actually very modest about her appearance when they first met. When she found out he saw her in her underwear, she threatens to kill him. When she offered her lips for the information, she was very embarrassed and did not like the idea. And when they pretend to be lovers and end up bathing with each other, Erica was brought to tears because she lost bits of her virgin purity to a man she didn't love or knew very well. However, after Godou kept risking his life and even flew all the way from Japan to Italy to face Doni for her self-worth despite how she treated him before, Erica found herself falling in love with Godou, something she never experiences before. Afterward, Erica became very straightforward and honest about her feeling, even end up believing they are lovers. Apart Erica later when she began to open up more in her feelings towards Godou she stopped having problems in looking at her naked or even in her underwear, even she excuses herself saying that Godou took her virgin purity and that is why she does it.

While Erica was against the other girls, Liliana Kranjcar and Ena Seishuuin to be apart of Godou 'companions' she does, however, over time grew to respect them and see them as great friends she can depend on. While she is jealous of most of the attention Godou shown towards them, Erica, however, at times show to support them and guide them whenever they are performing a ritual with Godou. Even showing a maternity nature when Liliana was too shy or unsure about herself when pleasing Godou.

Erica was born in Milan to unnamed parents and she was a direct descendant of an unknown Campione whose illegitimate son was a Commander-in-Chief of the magic society "Copper-Black Cross", which is an organization descended from the Knights Templar. Her parents died or were separated from her through unknown circumstances and she was raised by her only known living relative, Paolo Blandelli, who held the title of Crimson Devil, the title was given to the Great Knight and field leader of that society. She is stated to have been a long time friend/rival of Liliana Kranjcar, who she met at the age of two and grew up alongside.

Erica trained as a knight of Copper-Black Cross and eventually gained her knighthood at the age of twelve.  It was shortly after that when she first met the Campione Salvatore Doni, and later gained her magic sword, Cuore di Leone.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Light Novel (Spoiler)[edit | edit source]

Volume 1:[edit | edit source]

Erica was introduced into the Novel as she and other knights discussed who to hand the Grimoire known as the Gorgoneion to. Erica made the suggestion to hand it to Godou the rumored new Campione and to prove his worth, she volunteered herself to fight him. Of course, Godou knew none of this as he arrived in Rome, forced by Erica's phone call the day before. (at this point in time of the Novel, there seems to be a backstory that gets told in Volume 3)
That night, Godou finally met Erica and started complaining to her about many things but she just ignored him and stated that he must fight her to prove his worth as a Campione. One way or another Godou followed Erica to their battleground. Once there, their observers and arbitrators of their battle, three Great Knights of other knightly orders, signal them to fight. The battle started with Godou “retreating” and then later cornered, and then finally Godou retaliated and won the battle. Of course, during the battle, a large portion of the Roman Colosseum was destroyed by Godou summoning the Boar. Before Godou went back to Japan, Erica forced the Grimoire onto Godou to take back with him which he unwillingly did.

Erica arguing with Yuri

(A few days pass) Erica suddenly appears in Japan to tease and warn Godou that a Heretic God has just arrived in Japan because of the Grimoire; with Erica's suggestion to the Japanese miko, Yuri Mariya, they discovered that this Heretic God was Athena. Godou and Erica then confront Athena only to be setback by Godou naivete in believing there might be a peaceful outcome. The result was Athena giving Godou a literal kiss of death; fortunately his Campione magical resistance allowed him to survive long enough for his Authority, the Ram, to restore his health. Once recovered, Godou and Erica are off to confront Athena again. With a little help from Yuri to summon them using one of Godou’s Authorities, Godou and Erica just arrived when Athena had powered up using the Grimoire. Godou then engaged Athena in combat with Erica’s support and in the end won the battle; though not without a considerable amount of collateral damage to their surroundings. Godou then let the weakened Athena go, despite the objections of Erica and Yuri. (Two days later, Monday) Erica greeted Godou in front of the school and told him that she just transferred in and then Yuri arrives at the scene and they started having an argument with Godou in-between them praying to God.

Volume 2:[edit | edit source]

In Volume 2, it's basically the calm before the storm as Godou, Erica, and Yuri go about with their daily school life and routines.
(Sometime past on a rainy day) While Godou and Erica were going home, they were interrupted by a member of the History Compilation Committee, Amakasu Touma, and told that that Yuri was kidnapped by Voban, another Campione. Godou and Erica immediately headed towards where Yuri and Voban were. Once they got there, they were greeted by undead servants and Liliana, an old acquaintance of Erica's. Liliana escorted them to Voban where they first have a peaceful chat with each other which was going nowhere. Erica then stepped into the conversation and she soon provoked the old Campione into doing something. The provoked Voban stated that he would play a little game in which he was the hunter and they the prey and he let them have a 30 minute head start.

Erica kissed Godou after the fight with Marquis Voban

While using this opportunity, Godou and the rest retreated; while Godou was taking Yuri to a safer place, Erica fought off the many undead servants created by Voban, as well as Liliana. Fortunately, Erica recruited Liliana to their side by using Liliana’s personality against her and blackmail. Godou finally returned to the scene and confronted Voban and they battled it out. The battle ended with Voban having the advantage if the battle continued. However Voban claimed the loss because of not being able to capture Yuri safely. Before he left he stated that he is now Godou’s enemy.
Summer is approaching as Erica plans to spent time with Godou, while Godou plans to avoid her.

Short Story 1:[edit | edit source]

While Godou was being interrogated by the Three Idiots of his class, they threw statement of evidences that they saw Godou’s wrong doing (hogging all the beautiful girls) by him French kissing Erica and another time they saw him spending time having lunch with Erica and Yuri on the rooftop.

Volume 3:[edit | edit source]

Recounting from the previous volume, Godou planned to avoid Erica during the entire summer vacation by asking a friend in Italy to hide him; Yuri forcefully tagged along on the trip. While on the plane ride to Italy, Godou was forced by Yuri to explain who this friend is which, as Godou explains, he has to start from the beginning to explain and the events which led him to become a Campione.
During the flashback, Erica finds out that events in Sardinia suggest the presence of a Heretic God, and petitions her uncle Paolo, who was recently been promoted from the title of Diavolo Rosso, Great Knight of Copper-Black Cross to the title of Commander-in-Chief of the organization, to be allowed to go and find out what's going on, and take care of the problem. Erica is hoping that by doing this, she will earn the title of Diavolo Rosso, because she did not want the title to go to another member of Copper-Black Cross whom she dislikes.

Erica meets Godou for the first time

During her investigation, she encounters both Godou and a Youth, who lost his memory. She believed the Youth is responsible for all the unusual events happening all over Italy and as such she wished to interrogate the Youth and Godou, whom she believed was a mage at the time. Before she even began, she was forcefully interrupted by one of Verethragna’s incarnations [Boar], and was forced to retreat as well as Godou and the Youth. Erica met Godou again, by coincidence, the next morning after the [Boar] incident. Their first meeting yesterday was not so great, so their attitude toward each other was hostile if not rude. Godou somehow got yesterday's misunderstanding solved as she had mistaken him for a mage who summoned a Heretic God.
As Godou was explaining everything, Erica tagged along to meet Lucretia Zola. Their attitude towards each other did not improve during the trip. Once they got to Lucretia Zola’s place, both Godou and Erica chatted with Lucretia Zola with Erica asking about god and magic related things while Godou who just wanted to hand over the item he was sent to deliver. The talk ended with Godou holding on to the item, Secret Tome of Prometheus. Godou one way or another tagged along with Erica as she investigates a place where strange magic is happening, when they got there one of Verethragna’s other power [Goat] was rampaging. Erica engage it in combat but with no luck of defeating it, while retreating the Youth subdues the [Goat] with the Tome of Prometheus. As the [Goat] lay injured, another of Verethragna’s powers showed up, [Raptor]. The youth taking the last “foolish” request from Godou, transformed into a golden sword, defeated the [Raptor], eliminated the injured [Goat], and then disappeared.
After the event with the youth again, Erica and Godou investigated another place where they stumbled upon (another) Heretic God. Lucky this Heretic God was in a “don’t care” mode while he was healing his wound from Verethragna. Both Erica and Godou were still trembling with fear just by being near him so they just got out there, but not before they heard Verethragna’s voice declaring he would be strong enough to break through the barrier set up by Melqart, the other Heretic God, by dawn. When Verethragna, formally known as the Youth, came back by dawn; Erica engaged Verethragna in combat only to be defeated and injured. By the time she has healed her wound with magic, she found Godou unconscious but as a newly born Campione. Erica then asks the other Heretic God, Melqart, if he wants to fight Godou. Melqart simply dismisses the idea by stating he has no interest in fighting a new born baby. By this time, Erica's attitude towards Godou changed a little.
By the end of the flashback, Erica along with her maid, Arianna and Lucretia Zola greeted both Godou and Yuri when they arrived at the other airport. Godou by this time knew this was all planned by Erica.

Volume 4:[edit | edit source]

Continuing from the last Volume, Godou, Yuri, Erica, and the two other girls went about with their summer vacation in Italy in their own unique fashion.
On the fourth day of their vacation, Godou disappeared into the night and the next morning Erica believed Godou was just blowing off some steam and dismiss any notion of worry until she received a call from a fellow “Great Knight” telling her that a Heretic God appeared in Naples and that Godou engage it combat but was defeated. The call ended prematurely when the “Great Knight” got attacked by someone. Soon afterwards all electronic items

Erica and Yuri were both worried and angry of Godou while Liliana protects Godou from Erica

and modern hardware on the island where Godou’s companion were staying at stop functioning. To found out what going on before they can help Godou, Erica and Yuri went into town to investigate and they happen to bump into Salvatore. They follow him and found a tied up “great knight” that Erica was talking to not long ago on the phone. Erica and Yuri then confront Salvatore, where he just irresponsibly stated that everything that happens is his doing with a carefree smile. Since he wanted Godou to get stronger by fighting a Heretic God, his purpose on this island was to stop anyone that gets in his way (Salvatore’s plan to make Godou stronger). Erica and Salvatore then engage in combat which lasted for only a few second with Erica being knocked out. By the time Erica could move again, Salvatore already left the scene leaving Erica to release the tie up great knight and Yuri and afterward they can finally headed toward Naples.
By the time they arrive to Naples, the battle with the Heretic God was over and Godou was in the hospital. Erica and Yuri were both worries and pissed and they believe Godou need to be punish for making them worry.

Volume 5:[edit | edit source]

Erica swearing her loyalty to Godou

In Volume 5, with Liliana entering on to the scene of their school life and normal routine, Erica did not faze as she don’t see Liliana as a threat to her (taking her spot as number one to Godou). However a true threat did show up and that person was Ena Seishuuin. A hime-miko and an old friend of Yuri, while secretly showing hostility toward Erica and Liliana and at the same time openly state she want be one of Godou’s women to Godou. With a few encounter and interference between the girls, Ena was force (without thinking) send Godou to the Netherworld; Erica jump in after him follow by Ena. Erica and Ena then engage in combat; however Ena gain the upper hand when she starts using her sword, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. Luckly, Godou suddenly appear and stop them before it got dangerous. Ena then retreat back to the living world, after Ena retreated, Erica after using almost all her power fighting Ena, suffered from the effect of the netherworld in order to help her Godou then used his [Youth] authority to grant her the divine protection of the god of Victory, giving her the vitality of a Campione, and magical protection. While Erica and Godou later (hour later) got rescued by Liliana and Yuri. By the time they return to the living world, Ena’s sword, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, has taking over Ena’s body and going on a rampage. Erica was the first one to engage it in combat but later let Godou handle the rest. By the time everything was over, Godou saved Ena and his [Boar] was happily destroying Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi and the surrounding area.
(Unknown time past after the incident with Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi). While Erica was having lunch with Godou and the others girls on the school’s rooftop; Ena suddenly appeared and told them that she is being forced to temporarily return home to be re-educated, but before she left, she states that she wants to be one of Godou’s women; shocking and causing displeasure to the other girls when they heard that.

Volume 6:[edit | edit source]

Godou receives a message from Yuri on his cell phone, asking him to meet her. When Godou and Erica get there, they find that

Erica using her alchemy to turn Coure di Leone into a pilum

the one to send the message was in fact Yuri's little sister, Hikari, who wishes help from the Campione Godou to deal with an overly persistent member of one of the Four Families. Erica decides that they should help, and makes a plan to deal with the problem.
After the group spoke with the young man, they agreed to at least see the shrine Hikari is being offered. Godou and Hikari are given the treasure sword Zanryuuto, and enter the shrine, while Liliana and Erica visit another nearby shrine, where they encounter Lu Yinghua, and the Heretic God Leviathan. With a great deal of work the two are able to defeat Leviathan, forcing it back into the form of the Divine Ancestor Asheran. While Liliana distracted Lu Yinghua, Erica escapes to where Luo Hao was and summons Godou there. Once arrives using [Wind], Godou request Erica to stay back and Princess Alice to take care of the Mariya sisters as he face off with Luo Hao. When the fighting ended, Hikari's body somehow got taken over by the Monkey King.

Volume 7:[edit | edit source]

After being chased by Sun Wukong's divine beast monkey servants, Godou, Erica, Liliana, and Yuri, are joined by Anne Charlton, who claims to be an associate of John Pluto Smith, and aides them in driving off the beasts. When they were cornered, Ena show up in a nick of time and got rid of the last of the divine beasts. After that, Godou falls unconscious from his injuries. After Godou collapsed, they moved him into an open air hot spring to recover, where the four young ladies ended up striping for Godou, much to his embarrassment he ran away facing such a scene.
The next morning, Godou set out to find Sun Wukong and distract him long enough so Yuri can get close enough to obtain the information on what kind of Heretic God he is. When Yuri finishes her task, Godou went to full on retreat while Erica and Liliana obstruct Sun Wukong's path. However, due to Godou using [Raptor] to retreat and Yuri overusing her power to obtain the information, both were temporary unable to move for themselves. While they were in this states the other girls defended them with their lives while giant monkey came crashing down to attack. While Ena handled one of the monkey Divine Beasts, Erica and Liliana handle the other one and diverge it away from Godou. While they, Erica and Liliana, did injure the Divine Beasts, they were overwhelmed by its power and were saves by John Pluto Smith and soon afterward were teleported to where Godou and companies were. Being injured and weakened, Godou used [Youth]

Godou uses the Youth incarnation on Erica, Yuri, Liliana, and Ena

on all four of the girls to help them recover and at the same time obtain the information from Yuri to use [Sword].
(Few Hours Past) Godou and his companions went to where Sun Wukong was and re-engaged him in combat. With the support and help of the girls, Godou was finally able to cut open Sun Wukong’s stomach and rescues Hikari. Once rescued, Godou ordered Hikari to help the other girls leave the area because they used up all their strength to protect Godou while he was rescuing Hikari, which she comply. When the battle was over, the girls return just as Luo Hao says her good-bye to her sworn brother known as Godou. This surprise and shock them as they heard this, however they were a little bit more shock when Hikari openly showed that she had a crush on Godou, unbeknownst to him. When Erica went over and pinches Godou and stated that he at least deserve to be punish, the others girls plus Amakasu, with the exemption of Hikari, nodded in agreement.

Volume 8:[edit | edit source]

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 2: (This chapter takes place a week after Volume 7; present day, current timeline of Campione!) The story picked up as Godou along with Liliana went to Erica’s place to wake her up. Once they got there, Erica was awoken by Liliana as Godou waited outside her bedroom, soon afterwards they were having a one sided argument inside the bedroom before they headed out to school. Along the way, Erica gave a suggestion that Godou should create his own association so other associations wouldn’t try to uses his Campione’s power for their own purposes. Once school was over, Erica left the campus with a seemly busy schedule ahead of her.
Later that day, Erica encountered Godou along with some female associates in a magic shop, where one of them rudely demanded Erica tell her where the Campione of Japan lived. Erica, not amused, asked why they asked such a question when they are standing next to one. Moment later, Godou’s female associates fell asleep by magic which was performed by Liliana as she and Sayanomiya Kaoru stepped into the shop. Everyone in the shop except the shop keeper and the sleeping associate stepped outside to sort out the situation and at the same time explain it to Erica. Once Erica got the jist of it, she waited until Kaoru and Godou finished dealing with the situation before she spoke up thanking Kaoru with such and such.
Chapter 3: (This chapter is a short story that takes place 4 years before the main story of Campione!) The story kicked off as Erica was being driven to a monastery to receive her blessing and a sword for gaining the title “Knight”. Once she arrived there she met up with her childhood friend, Liliana, who had also just gained the title “Knight”. There they gave each other simple greeting in their own way before a monk from the monastery greeted them. Erica then gracefully stated to the monk that she wanted to receive the swords used by Saint Raffaello as Liliana frowned upon Erica when she heard she said that, stating Erica was being shameless in her words. After a few discussion between the two knights, Liliana also agree she want to receive a sword used by Saint Raffaello. The monk then told them that in order to receive the swords used by Saint Raffaello, they first must find and ask her. He then stated that almost all the people that try to find her just give up because they couldn’t find her to receive her swords, except one “idiot” who just wanted meet her and not her swords. As they were talking about that idiot, that idiot, as the monk pointed out, just happened to stumble upon them in the monastery, starving. After he has been fed he left the monastery, Erica and Liliana followed him and introduced themselves to him in order to find out where Saint Raffaello was located. The unrefined young man that the monk called “idiot” reply to them in an idiotic or foolish style that made Erica and Liliana think that he is an idiot, but at the same time believe he was playing the fool. After they treated the young man with a meal at a restaurant after they left the monastery, they tried to trail him using magic however they lost track of him right away.
Believing he knew some type of counter magic, Erica and Liliana went after him where they last saw him through magic. When they found him, they confronted him but only to find out that he is indeed an idiot but also he lost his memory; though they let him led the way as he try to remember why he here and places he sort of remember been. He led them to a medieval castles and forts outside the city, as Erica and Liliana trying to think what to do next. The young man start destroying part of the medieval castles and forts, claiming that it might act as a signal fire for people who might be related to the medieval castles and forts they standing in to come out. Moment later, a young lady riding a horse came in to check who causing the racket noise, only to find her so called unworthy disciple, Salvatore Doni as she claim him to be was doing something stupid. Believing this young lady is Saint Raffaello, Erica and Liliana immediately introduce themselves to her as Erica Blandelli and Liliana Kranjcar. Afterward they try to asset the situation by asking Saint Raffaello a question but they got interrupted by the young man who wanted to fight Saint Raffaello. Moment later, Saint Raffaello and the young man known as Salvatore Doni were fighting. Unknown time during the fight, Erica and Liliana were blasted into an underground cavern. In the cavern temple, they found the grimoire “The Book in Praise of David's Great Works” that they believe Saint Raffaello was guarding. During the time when Saint Raffaello and Salvatore Doni were fighting above-ground, Erica and Liliana used magic to memorized part of the book and later use magic to watch them finish the fight. Two hours later, they came back to the surface to greet Saint Raffaello and the newly born Campione, Salvatore Doni. With one glance, Saint Raffaello knew the two young lady uses magic to try to memorize the book. Liliana then try explain and apology for their behavior but Saint Raffaello simply sighted and handed them some key. Erica figured out that, that the key to Saint Raffaello’s sword and she was right when Saint Raffaello explain it to them. Later Saint Raffaello told Salvatore Doni to safeguard the grimoire for her.
(Some time past, minutes or hours after they left Saint Raffaello). Erica and Liliana were back outside the city of Florence and were taking a break and planning the next moves on getting to Saint Raffaello’s swords. They were interrupted by Liliana’s cellphone call by her grandpa. After the very quick chat on the phone, Liliana told Erica that her grandpa is being asked to help the Campione Marquis Voban to gather mikos and witches and she is to assistance them. They then have a very deep discussion on which mode of transportation system they should take to get back in the city.
Chapter 5 - Omake: (Present day, current timeline of Campione!) In this Volume 8 Chapters, Erica and Ena rescued Godou from another frantic assault from the school's "three idiots" mainly Nanami, Sorimachi and Takagi. After successfully knocking them out, it turns out that Ena and Erica were competing who was the better and stronger lover. This was the result of Erica discovering that Ena returned to Tokyo by "someone" under the circumstances of "by chance" in which Godou suspects that was not all to it but refused to delve into it. Ena then stated she was visiting the Asakusa district of Tokyo in a dojo owned by Green Dragon-sensei, who was one of the four assistant instructors who have instructed Ena and the other miko in various ways of martial arts. It appears that Green Dragon-sensei and the other disciples heard about Ena's situation with Godou and were asking curious questions like if she is "finally going to be a wife" or "Have you had a baby already" and "Is your bridal training going well?". Erica discovered what was going on around Ena "by chance" again, then "dropped by the dojo" obviously out of anger and 'showily defeating the entire dojo' gaining the admiration of Ena. Then Ena and Erica started an argument about which of them is the better wife, resulting in a competition between combat and cooking, which eventually had no result. This only creates another dispute where they decide to settle the matter by trying to convince Godou to spend his winter vacation with one of them, or the place that they recommend. For Ena, she wanted to persuade Godou to spend some time with her at the hot springs in the mountains that the Seishuuin main house in Chichibu owns. For Erica it is skiing in Switzerland with her family at the Blandelli family's mountain villa. Then they decided to find Godou to ask his opinion regarding their argument and managed to rescue him in time from the three idiots. After reporting their story without hearing Godou's answer, they soon moved into asking Godou's permission to interrogate the three idiots whom they all initially believed to be from some magic organization. After some discussion about torture methods, they eventually decided to dump the three idiots into a nearby pond only to discover their true identities and to find out that they assaulted Godou due to his lack of response to their request for Godou to ask his harem and Shizuka to take part in the school swimsuit + nekomimi maid cafe for the school festival. Godou obviously refused the three on the spot under the notion that the girls won't help, only to hear from Ena that she is fine if Godou persuaded her, in contrast to Erica who agreed with Godou that such proposal is out of the question.

While Godou patiently dealt with the three idiot's complains, both Ena and Erica suggested giving them to give appropriate punishments as they both felt that even if the three idiots did it as a joke without much ill intent, abduction of their [King] is still out of the question. Obviously Godou rejected their proposal only to suggest an alternative to the three idiots only to go to Akihabara to seek help from Lu Yinghua.
(Some times past as Godou agree to help the “three idiot” out with school festival preparation) While waking up during the night in his classroom, tire out from preparing for the school festival and thirsty. Godou found some liquid in the dark classroom and drank it, not knowing it will force him back to sleep and have weird dream.
(During the Dream) Godou woke up in an unknown room and bed as Arianna, Erica’s maid, push a trolley of food by his bedside and greeted him before leaving the room. Afterward, he found Erica sleeping next to him under a futon who was apparently was at least wearing something while sleeping. She woke up soon afterward when Godou remove the futon and woke her up with a question. She greet him in her not usually self (as in vixen style) but a girly style, which cause Godou to be very confuse in the situation he was in and was unwary as Erica slowly crawl toward Godou. Using sweet words and showing off the maid uniform she was wearing, Godou was very confused until Erica got close enough to him and starts kissing him. From a simple kiss to a deep kiss, Godou with all the strength he have left in his mentality ran out of the room. (Dream End).

Volume 9:[edit | edit source]

The volume started off as Guinevere and Lancelot clash with Athena somewhere in the Southern East Europe Area before Guinevere uses an underhand trick in using the Holy Grail on Athena body where it slowly sucking her power that will eventually kill her (Athena). Athena retreated from the battlefield immediately because she feels the Holy Grail was eating her power away; after Athena retreated Guinevere decided to head to Japan where she believe her [King] of the strongest steel sleep unbeknown to her that Athena is also heading that way.

Erica using the Sacred Exterminator's form while fighting the white dragon

Back in Japan, Godou, Yuri, and Liliana as well as the rest of Jounan Academy students kick start its school festival. During the school festival, Erica was back in Italy due to some business she need take care of.
In Italy while the school festival is happen back in Japan, Erica track down and met up with Salvatore Doni. When she found him along with his assistant, Andrea Rivera, she asks Doni if she can look at the grimoire he is holding on to that he safeguarding. She is then was formally rejected by Andrea Rivera by him stating that she not highest enough rank to read it including himself. Not deter by that statement, she uses her persuasion power on Doni himself, stating that she can improve and become part of Godou’s battle potential by reading the grimoire. After hearing this, Doni readily agree while Rivera can only frowned at this decision.
(Few day past since the school festival) Erica arrives just in time to save Ena as she was struggling on her battle against Guinevere’s divine beasts. Having received a call a days before from Godou, Erica already know what was going on as she arrive back from Italy from her training. Erica and Ena then engage Guinevere’s divine beasts in combat while Lancelot was sent to where Athena and Godou were. Sometime later during the fight Liliana and Yuri arrive on to the scene to support Erica and Ena.
(Godou scene of the battlefield) When Godou and Lancelot was about to do a last go, Erica told Lancelot that Guinevere already fled the scene. Upon hearing this Lancelot also retreated leaving Godou and Athena on their own. When Lancelot left, Godou told his female companion that he want do this alone (as in fight with Athena alone) which they agree. When they return, the battle was over with Athena gone; they then give comfort word to Godou to make him feel better. However, they were suddenly interrupted by Amakasu where he told them that the grimoire he was holding on to was stolen.

Volume 10:[edit | edit source]

A week has pasts since the battle with Athena, Godou and company finally was notified by a magic note stating that the Campione Alec has “borrow” the grimoire, Heavenly Reverse Halberd, from them. Godou decided that since Guinevere wanted that grimoire, she might go after him (Alec), leaving Godou with the Lancelot issue to resolve. Erica then suggest that they ask Princess Alice more about Lancelot, which Godou agreed to it and they start planning to head toward England. Godou along with Erica, Yuri, and Liliana went and arrive in England during the weekend. They spend the night at a nearby hotel that Liliana booked. Due to Princess Alice being restricted by her assistant, Erica form a plan and they enact the plan the next day after they rest up at the hotel. The plan was to meet Princess Alice’s assistant, Miss Ericson, and trick her into releasing her magic barrier which was restricting Princess Alice from coming out using her magic. The plan sort of work as Miss Ericson reluctantly releases the barrier after their meeting. Moments later after Miss Ericson left Alice arrives magically and greets everyone, not long afterward Godou and Alice get down to business about the origin of Lancelot. Alice explains to everyone that even she doesn’t know the origin of Lancelot due to the change in its myths over the centuries making those sources unreliable. During the discussion, Alice suggests that they visit places where it might be related to the myth of Lancelot and uses Yuri’s power along the way to gain some clue about him (Lancelot). With vehicle provided by Alice, the groups headed toward their first location suggested by Alice. Once they got there and Yuri starting to get the feel of the place with her power picking up clues about the origin of Lancelot, they got an unexpected visit by Sir Iceman. Sir Iceman bearing a message from his commander, Black Prince Alec, to Godou telling him to take a vocation and not interfere with his plan; after Godou read the letter he received a call from Amakasu back home telling him that there a strange structure suddenly appear in the Tokyo Bay. Sir Iceman then gives his honest opinion after Godou receive his report, stating that it probably his commander doing suggest to Godou’s group that they either stay and doing nothing or go back home.
Godou, Erica, and Liliana headed back to Japan while Yuri stay back in England a little longer in order to solve the mystery of Lancelot. Once Godou’s group arrives back to Japan, they were then transported along with Amakasu visa air to show them the strange structure over Tokyo Bay. Once they done checking out the structure Godou headed back home follow by Erica and Liliana. Along the way home, Godou bumps into his childhood friend, Asuka, who explains to Godou that there someone at her family own restaurant expecting him; that person turn out to be Black Prince Alec. After Godou ran to the restaurant and made contact with Alec, both of them left the restaurant silently only then afterward while walking along side each other did they start verbally attacking each other while Erica and Liliana who can only watch the scene of the two [Kings]. Before Alec left, both of them warn each with a threat telling the other to back off.
The day Yuri came back from Europe, Erica and Liliana interrupt Godou and Yuri private moment at very last moment. Afterward, Godou received a lecture from Liliana that somehow lead them to an off topic subject discussion with all three of the girls. Luckily, Godou was save by the phone where Liliana, Erica, and Yuri ended their discussion soon afterward and Godou headed out to meet his childhood friend to buy something for his sister's birthday. That night the girls receive a report from Amakasu that Godou is missing after meeting a mysterious woman. He also reported that that woman uses some sort of hypnosis on a Godou and all the member from the History Compilation Committee that usually keep track on Godou have be found knock out. Feeling and knowing that this maybe related with Guinevere and Lancelot, the girls and the History Compilation Committee member who are present started planning out how to lift Godou’s curse.
(Next Night) Knowing where Godou is heading to and where he is at, the girls arrive just as Godou about to go to round two with Alec. Seeing Godou acting and speaking strangely when they arrive, they told Campione Alec that they will deal with their master and he can leave. Not completely upset by their action in interfering with his fight, Godou under the curse of Lancelot however still give off statement such as like him wanting to fight Lancelot very badly or he want do whatever he feel like. However Erica reminded him that he still needed information for his [Sword]; with that being say Godou being curse was very forceful with all the girls for next few minutes or moments while he gain the knowledge for his [Sword]. After Godou obtain the information for the [Sword], Erica tricked Godou into one last kiss which she made him swallow an enchanted stone that will eliminate the curse. After he came back to normal, he apologized to the girls and as well as to Princess Alice who was hiding but show up when he mention her name. After he's done apologizing, he decides to head where Lancelot was since he was reported by Alice that they were separated maybe due to Alec’s master plan. Once they got to where Lancelot was, Godou and Lancelot engaged in combat while Erica, Yuri, and Liliana supported him. Campione Alec arrives on to the scene just around the time when Godou was finishing up with Lancelot; once he (Godou) was done they started having their verbal attack after Godou apologize to him. Alice reported to both of them that Guinevere uses a revival spell on herself and she is at the floating rock that Alec created; both Campione and Alice immediately headed there. Erica, Yuri, and Liliana came later to meet up with Godou with everything over, there they assess their damage which was Godou forgot he uses [Boar] in destroying part of Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Short Story 3:[edit | edit source]

Erica was mentioned in this Short Story.

Volume 11:[edit | edit source]

The whole Volume 11 is a flashback story, continuing off right after when Godou just defeated Verethragna and became a Campione.

After having fought with Verethragna in a life and death match and coming out victorious, Godou woke up mysterious fully healed and really hungry. There Godou and Erica went to a restaurant to eat, while Erica was away for few moments Godou got kidnapped. The kidnaper then interrogate Godou about what happen to Verethragna but since they can’t get the answer from him, they try to kill him with curse and magic which didn’t work. Erica then busts in on the kidnaper and knocks them out in one hit after she saw enough. Erica then explains to Godou that Godou was going be fine even if she didn’t do anything because he became a Campione and no longer a have normal human body like everyone else. Having remember that there still a [Heretic God] Melqart still around, Godou decides to deal with it before he headed home. Soon, Godou and Erica headed toward a local mage in their area that was recommended by Lucretia Zola that might help them find Melqart. That local mage, David Bianchi, indeed help them find Melqart but at the same time maybe because he found out that Godou was the newly born Campione or the fact that Godou don’t know any martial art or have knowledge in the art of magic, he challenge Godou to duel so he can prove to the world that they the [King] is not all that. Well, the duel ended with David running for his life as Godou summoned [Boar] destroys the local area. Erica then summons the local mage association for a meeting to take care of the aftermath of that mess. As they, Godou and Erica, were headed toward the island of Sicily, they have slight problem which was a little greeting from Melqart. Once on the island for the duration of not going back home yet, Erica lied to the local mage association, telling them that she's Godou’s lover. Having to play as fake lover with Erica, both spend an embarrassing night together. The next day, Godou challenge Melqart but fail and almost die but uses [Ram] at the last second to save himself which Erica later found out after he woke up. After Godou woke up and fully recover, Godou prepare for round 2 with Melqart, as he senses he need to uses [Sword] he asks Erica for help on this. After pondering around for while, Erica uses [Instruction] magic on Godou. Once prepare, Godou went to Melqart for round 2. The battle ended with Godou knocks out while Melqart was still alive but weaken to the point of only barely able to uses flying magic. Before Godou headed back to Japan, Godou encounter Salvatore Doni for the 1st time at the airport and his not so funny remark about wanting to duel.
Two week or so has passed since the battle in Italy, Erica receives a call from Godou asking about her circumstances and if he can help seeing that he being attack because of Doni’s order. Erica simply replies to Godou that he should ignore her problem and stay in Japan. Unbeknown to Erica, Godou came to Italy anyway as Erica later found out and watch from a TV screen as he fought with Salvatore Doni and then fled the scene after being wounded. Doni then order [Copper-Black Cross] to found him. Erica couldn’t stand to watch any more so she left the room. Erica at the moment was dealing with an emotion she never felt before; after pondering by herself she act upon it by deciding go help Godou. Erica found Godou, through magic, as he was trying to recover his wound just as Erica arrives and him losing consciousness. With Erica help, Erica calls up an acquaintance to borrow a place to spend the night. next day they headed toward Erica’s villa and started planning how to fight Salvatore Doni while at the same time they sent a challenge letter to him with the date and place. With all preparation ready as they can be the next day after letter was sent, Godou and Doni face each other off at Erica’s villa for round two. The battle ended with Godou sending Doni to the bottom of the lake while being burnt. After the battle Godou was force unconsciousness to recover, and the next day he met Doni at the restaurant at the bottom of the villa because they were hungry. Doni happy greeted them and told them telling them that he almost die and he all tan up from being burnt. He then told Godou that yesterday duel he (Doni) considers it as a draw. Well, Godou and Doni have their petty duel call “eating challenge” before Doni left. Once Godou and Erica done eating, they head back to the villa and Erica report to Godou that, thank to him she is back into her mage association as well as being promoted.

Short Story 4:[edit | edit source]

Exam is coming up and due to supernatural interference with Godou’s life; he didn’t have time to study. So in order to prevent from getting a bad grade, Godou decided to do a last minute study. Upon hearing Godou’s plan Erica, Yuri, and Liliana decided to join in as well to study together. The study session ended peacefully.

Volume 12:[edit | edit source]

Being cursed (unknown to her or to us reader until told by the novel much later that she was), Erica believed that was she sent to Japan by her magic association to monitor the Japanese Campione. Unlike her childhood friend/rival, Liliana; Erica is less proactive in monitoring Godou and will do so when she feels like it. During the course of Erica’s way of doing her monitoring which is not much, she was also informed about the mysterious being that is causing abnormality to all the Santa Claus within certain area of Tokyo such as changing them to all grey color and such, and if discover, it kill itself. Several days has pass with reports of the mysterious being showing up and killing itself, Godou arrive near the bay with his own finally curse-free mind ready to engage the mysterious being that cause the curse in the first places. Believing the other are still cursed he went in alone but he was soon join in by Ena and moment later so did the rest of the girls along with Hikari. It was thank to Hikari and Erica that the girls curse is gone. While the gang is catch up, the mysterious being is changing for the worse so Godou decide to take out its power source along with Liliana while the rest deal with the mysterious being’s tree. When Godou and Liliana return after they destroy the mysterious being source of power, Erica and Ena decided to tease them knowing full well about that they uses the [Sword]. Later on Christmas Eve, most of Godou’s acquaintances arrive at his house for the Christmas party.

Short Story 5:[edit | edit source]

The day after the Christmas Eve party, Godou got into a discussion with his female companions about his family New Year gathering and party and how he wanted to avoid it because he was often dragged into gambling with his relatives, which he always won. Not believing his claim of winning all the time, he proves to them by play a simple game with his female acquaintances. After several round of losing for Godou’s companion and winning it all for Godou, they wonder if this is related to being a Campione. Godou denied all this and stating there no such thing and that he do occasionally lose; that when Erica came back in from her phone where he play with her to prove he normal and indeed he loss and happily did the winner biding by going out to buy stuff for her. After he left to buy the stuff, Erica told the rest of the girls that she uses magic to winning and she occasionally lose to make Godou happy.

Volume 13:[edit | edit source]

Volume 14:[edit | edit source]

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Volume 16:[edit | edit source]

Anime[edit | edit source]

In Episode 1 of the anime she meets a very lost Godou Kusanagi and threatens to kill him due to him holding a Grimoire, mistaking him for a mage from another organization. She then later arrives at Lucretia Zola's house, and soon after that, Melqart ravages Sardinia with his power to flood. Erica subdues Melqart, but then Verethragna came in and subdued her before Godou defeats Verethragna. Since then, Erica has fallen in love with Godou, although he thought that she was using him at first until she confessed her true love.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Erica is a "Great Knight" who is both a warrior and "disciple of Hermes" meaning she is a mage of the Hermetic school of magic. She is considered the foremost prodigy of the Copper-Black Cross, and is notably one of the only humans who can battle a Heretic God and even win. As such, her magical and phisical abilities are almost unmatched among humans. Her specialty is the manipulation of Iron, which allows her to bend metal to a degree, twisting and warping it to her liking in a variety of ways, as shown during her battle with Athena, when she used the shattered remains of the Holy Lance of Longinus to trap the goddess in a prison so she and Godou could make their escape. However, she also has some skill at fire magic. She also seems to be able to hypnotize through eye contact, as shown when she commanded a student to move out of a seat so she could sit next to Godou, and can transmute matter to a small degree, which she uses to transform from her dress into more combat-appropriate clothing and to store and conjure small objects such as the Gorgoneion. As a practiced mage, she is additionally capable of numerous minor spells beyond her more powerful incantations, such as healing, creating mirages of herself to misdirect foes and bestowing her knowledge upon others; however, like all human magic, the majority of her spells do not affect Campione such as Godou, rendering it necessary to "inject" the magic directly into him (via a kiss). Despite her vast power, and her almost unheard of ability in a human to match Rogue Gods, Erica is no match for a Campione, as Salvatore proved when he quickly incapacitated, bound and gagged Erica, Arianna and Lucretia Zola at the same time, preventing them from using magic.

She has a magical sword, Cuore di Leone, which she can conjure up and use as a melee weapon, transform into a giant metal lion, or combined with the Golgatha spell to transform it into a spear which she calls the Holy Lance of Longinus which can pierce even a Heretic God. Cuore di Leone can also fire large blasts of red magical energy, powerful enough to slow the charge of Heretic Gods as powerful as the Boar. She, like many other characters in the series, can conjure and summon magical barriers to shield her from attacks and entrap others. For Erica, these manifest in the form of intricate red glyphs with rose symbols in the center and scripture rotating around the outer edges, which befits her moniker, the Diavolo Rosso (Red Devil). She also makes frequent use of a spell she calls the Boots of Hermes, which conjures a glyph underneath her feet to either propel her into the air or horizontally across flat surfaces at great speed.

Golgotha[edit | edit source]

When cast by Erica, the spell transforms her sword Cuore di Leone into a copy of the Lance of Longinus which pierced the side of Christ after his death, granting it the power to pierce even gods.

Golgotha Spell Words:

  • "Eli Eli lama sabachthani? Oh Lord, why hast thou forsaken me? O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent. But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint: my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels. My strength is dried up like a potsherd; and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws; and thou hast brought me into the dust of death. For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet. But be not thou far from me, O Lord: O my strength, haste thee to help me. Deliver my soul from the sword; Save me from the lion's mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of wild oxen! I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee."

Sacred Privilege of Extermination[edit | edit source]

The ultimate secret rite of European magic, and a power that rivals Seishuuin Ena's divine possession. This power offers the user a power boost, increasing the strength of their magic and physical ability by magnitudes, and allows it to fly like a witch enabling it to compete with a divine beast.

Spell Words of Smiting:

  • "And seven priests bearing seven trumpets of rams' horns before the ark of the Lord went on continually, and blew with the trumpets: and the armed men went before them! They compassed the city seven times. And it came to pass at the seventh time, when the priests blew with the trumpets, Joshua said unto the people, Shout; for the Lord hath given you the city. And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword. Cursed before the Lord is the one who undertakes to rebuild this city, Jericho: At the cost of his firstborn son he will lay its foundations; at the cost of his youngest he will set up its gates."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Erica found her magic sword at the same time and the same place that Liliana Kranjcar found hers. [Novel: Volume 3]
  • Erica wishes she could magically give herself the power of flight with a spell, like a Witch.
  • Erica's favorite spell appears to be her version of Leap, called Sandles of Hermes.
  • During the series, Erica is the first woman to let Godou Kusanagi see her in the nude.
    • She is the first one that Godou had seen nude multiple times.
    • Although she was only the second woman to take off her towel in the hot spring.
    • She also appears to sleep in the nude.
  • Ten-odd generations ago, the commander-in-chief of Copper Black Cross was a Campione's illegitimate child. Thus members of the Blandelli family, like Erica, are his descendants.
  • When Erica and Godou first met, Erica was very concerned about sexual propriety, and demure, but has since become much more aggressive in her actions.
  • Along with her friend Liliana, Erica is one of the few user of the Word of Smiting, a spell known only by Paladino/Paladin-ranked knights, such as Sir Iceman from Royal Arsenal, her uncle Paolo Blandelli and Saint Raffaello.
  • Erica looks similar like Christiane Friedrich from Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinsai! (Majikoi). Even the weapons that they use almost similar.                  
  • Erica's body measurements are B87-W58-H88 cm (B34-W23-H34 in), and her height is 165 cm (5'5") in light novel.
  • According to what Amakasu said, Erica has come to seduce some men to achieve goals of her association or of herself, this leads Godou to doubt whether Erica was really in love with him. It is unknown how many men she did that to, since Erica didn't give too many details about it, but she did say what Godou was trying to reach. But given the details Amakasu said, it was likely a very small number. However, listening well to what Akamasu said, it is likely that he was speaking in metaphor, and Erica along with her association said those things to give men warning of what she may be capable of.
  • Erica's spells are derived from the KJV Bible. The Golgatha Spell Words beginning is an Aramaic Phrase mentioned in Matthew 27:46 and the rest of the spell is derived from most of Psalm 22.The Word of Smiting Spell Words is derived mostly from Joshua 6:13-26.
  • According to the dream potion Godou took, Erica personality had changed the most out of all the girls in the near future. Becoming more feminine, nicer, and more approachable. Something that greatly shock Godou.
  • In Volume 21, Erica said that if she has a son with Godou, his name would be Caesar since it is a "villainy" name and no one in her family has it.
  • Erica's Japanese and English voice actors both play Houki Shinonono from Infinite Stratos.

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