From Afar, An Enemy Comes
3 - From Afar, An Enemy Comes
Kana 遠方より敵来たる
Romaji Enpō Yori Teki Kitaru
English Title From Afar, An Enemy Comes
Air Date July 20, 2012
A Day in the Life of a Lord Rogue Athena

From Afar, An Enemy Comes (遠方より敵来たる, Enpō Yori Teki Kitaru) is the third episode of the Campione! anime series, released on July 20, 2012.


As Yuri combs her hair, she breaks her comb. Exiting her home, Amakasu tells Yuri about the pending disaster that involves Godou. Out in the city, Athena calls forth the Gorgoneion. In school, Godou remarks how Erica is very popular as he tries to clear misunderstandings with girls who don't approve of Godou being Erica's boyfriend. Out in the hallway, Yuri asks Godou to speak with her in private. Yuri explains to Godou about the Gorgoneion which Godou gave to Yuri. Yuri yells at Godou to be more considerate of his actions that could lead to the end of the world. Their conversations continue at the shrine. Erica shows up and states that Godou can defeat the Gorgoneion as the Campione. She then asks Yuri to track down the summoner. She spots Athena on top of the bridge.

Erica and Godou hurry to track down Athena who confronted them on the top of a building. As Athena introduces herself, she states Godou as his enemy for stealing the Gorgoneion. Erica blocks Athena's attack with Cuore di Leone. After Athena traps Erica in a magical barrier, she grabs Godou by the shoulder and kisses him. Godou struggles to stand up but collapses. Erica breaks free and summons her Holy Lance of Longinus. Elsewhere, Liliana senses Athena is in combat with Godou's group. While the battle rages between Athena and Erica, Liliana confronts Yuri to stop her. Amakasu drives into the scene to save Yuri from Liliana.

In the middle of the park, Godou wakes up to see Erica holding his head on her lap. Erica presents Godou 2 options. Godou asks Erica to give him the knowledge to defeat Athena, and the two kiss each other. During the kissing and transferring of knowledge, Godou asks Erica to refrain from using her tongue.

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