Genaro Gantz
Age 23
Gender Male
Ethnicity Italian
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Wife
Angela Gantz (Daughter)
Affiliations Copper-Black Cross (Member)
Rank Great Knight
Voice Actor


Genaro is stated as not being very tall, but with a strong build. He also has a beard on his face and a sharp look in his eyes which gave him a serious expression.  If he wore a bandana, he'd look like a pirate.


Despite his appearance, Genaro is a very good-natured person. His is known for being hot-blooded and is one of the few people associated with Magic that doesn't treat Godou with a lot of respect (much to Godou's joy). He is also one of the few people who dislikes Erica and is constantly at odds with her.  He is a very devoted father to his daughter, Angela.


Not much is known about Genaro besides the fact that he was a contender for the title of Diavolo Rosso, and is a married man with one child.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 4, 8, 11

Mention: Volume 3


  • Genaro is a doting father to his little girl Angela, to the point he's always pulling out pictures of her and talking about her to anyone who will listen.
  • Genaro is a major fan of anime.
    • Particularly "Magical Sorami" a magical girl anime marketed to 10 year old (or younger) girls.

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