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Kana 草薙 護堂
Romaji Kusanagi Godō
Age 17 (Final Battle)
19 (timeskip)
25 (EX)
30+ (Shiniki no Campioness)
Gender Male
Ethnicity Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Other Names Kusanagi Brat (Sun Wukong)
Your Majesty (Ena Seishuuin)
Onii-sama (Hikari Mariya)
King Kusanagi (Luo Hao)
Wakoku King (Luo Hao)
King Of Chaos (the keeper of the Akashic records)
Caesar Blandelli (Shiniki no Campioness)
Equipment Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi

Divine Sword of Salvation

Personal Status
Relatives by BLOOD
Ichirou Kusanagi (Grandfather)
Shizuka Kusanagi (Younger Sister)
Chiyo Kusanagi (Grandmother) (Deceased)
Mayo Kusanagi (Mother)
Genzou Nanzenji (Father)
Sakura Kouzuki (Cousin)
Leonardo Blandelli (Son)
Monica Blandelli (Daughter)
Julio Caesar Blandelli (Descendant)

Pandora (Adoptive Mother)
Uldin (Adoptive Eldest Brother) (Deceased)
Sasha Dejanstahl Voban (Adoptive Second Eldest Brother)
Luo Hao (Adoptive Eldest Sister, Sworn Older Sister)
Madame Aisha (Adoptive Second Eldest Sister)
Alexander Gascoigne (Black Prince Alec) (Adoptive Third Eldest Brother)
Annie Charlton (John Pluto Smith ) (Adoptive Third Eldest Sister)
Lord Salvatore Doni (Adoptive Fourth Eldest Brother)
Lancelot du Lac (Servant)

Erica Blandelli (First Woman and Wife)
Yuri Mariya (Second Woman)
Liliana Kranjcar (Third Woman)
Ena Seishuuin (Fourth Woman)
Hikari Mariya (Fifth Woman)
Lucretia Zola (Self-proclaimed local wife)
Affiliations Jounan Academy (High-School Division Student) (Former)
Round Table Alliance (Leader)
History Compilation Committee (Former Associate)
Campiones (Founder)
Rank Campione

Devil King Exterminator (Former)

Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Voice Blake Shepard

Godou Kusanagi is the male protagonist of Campione! Upon his defeat of the Persian Heretic God Verethragna, he became the 7th Campione, or godslayer. Despite being youngest he soon becomes one of the most powerful and feared among them since he slays god of fate and becomes peculiar even among his kin.


Appearance[edit | edit source]

Godou is a handsome high school student with black hair and eyes. His height is 179 centimeters and weight 64 kilograms. He is mostly dressed in his school uniform. Godou is also noted to be rather athletic and muscular without any unnecessary fat on him. His appearance hasn't changed since he reached mid-twenties. This is due to the fact that godslayers ages extremely slowly when they reach maturity.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite his status as a Campione, Godou simply wants to live a normal life. He hates dealing with magic and the supernatural, especially gods and other Campione. This is an attitude that occasionally backfires on him.

Godou has often shown very oxymoronic, and self-contradictory behavior. For example he is a very shy young man, but is also a natural born lady-killer, having learned the skills during his childhood from his grandfather. However, he is unaware of this talent, which explains him never realizing that so many girls have fallen for him. Godou is also a self-proclaimed pacifist, but will fight against the various Heretic Gods and Campione when needed.

Despite being a brilliant tactician, he is still a Campione, meaning a king, savage, leader, cunning, and above all a moron, or that is the stereotype he has to fill and that is the impression he gives off; an example being when he targets the Colosseum during his duel with Erica. The various mages that stood watching assumed that he did so in order to display his prowess and ruthlessness, but in reality it was simply the only way to get Erica to stop fighting him.

When under Lancelot du Lac's curse Godou abandoned both common sense and preconception as he acted in accordance with his heart's desire which made him act no different from Gods and other Devil Kings. Due to this he also discovers that he has a contrarian fetish. Meaning he gets turned on by arrogant, strong, tsun-tsun, foolish women i.e. He loves his women to be difficult and fight back before subjugating them to his desires. He also loves battle and fighting against worthy opponents. This is stated by Liliana Kranjcar to be his true nature that is normally repressed by reason and common sense.

It might be possible that Goduo is a bit of a sadist. This is because of all the times he shows a sadistic grin in battle and using brutal, painful method against his foes as well as toying with the females around him while under Lancelot's Curse. When Godou is using the Youth Authority, his personality changes as well, becoming more confident and decisive. He is willing to admit his feelings for the girls, and is less inclined to hold himself back. So much so that he can easily shrug off Erica's teasing. This can occur even when not under a spell. Whenever the girls tease him too much during the ritual or started to kiss him, Godou lose all control and start kissing back, even showing to be in complete control over the situation and even more confidence despite not being under any spell.

He cares deeply for the girls as any time one of them is in trouble he will dive in head first to rescue them no matter the consequences. Not only that but it can be noted that (After much time!) even when he's in his right mind he refers to them as "his women", not allowing anyone to so much as think about taking them away from him. His relationship with all of them has developed to the point that even though he still finds it embarrassing at times he will not hesitate to display affection to them even in public, going so far as having a passionate kiss each of them one after the other when sending them back to earth from the land of the fairies to protect them.

Though he still denies it publicly it is clear that he has finally realized and accepted the feelings of all the girls viewing them not only as friends but as trusted partners and lovers. Telling them in no unclear terms that he would do anything even fight a god to keep them safe.

In Shiniki no Campioness, Godou display much more cold and somehow ruthless behavior as he attacks Ren almost immediately after he rejected his warning a step aside but later starting act more like his casual self. He also grows more knowledgeable and intelligent as he´s now older and mature. After the end of their meeting, Godou said that he believes that they meet again while wishing Ren and his compilation luck and leave without turning back. He´s also seems to be a lot more acknowledged and no longer needs anyone to help with gods origin as he knows most of them from his study.

History[edit | edit source]

Godou, and his sister Shizuka were born to Mayo and Genzou Kusanagi. The children's parents were very busy with their careers and seemingly had little time for their children. Because of this, they were raised mainly by their grandparents, Ichirou and Chiyo Kusanagi, though Chiyo passed away sometime shortly before Godou's early teens. Eventually the two's parents divorced, though when and for what specific reasons has yet to be stated. Whatever it was, however, seems to have left Godou with a dim view of his father, and possibly his mother as well. Mayo appeared to retain custody of the children, though was often away for various reasons, leaving them in Ichirou and Chiyo's care, making it a moot point.

His current house is located in the shopping street of the third district of Nezu, in Bunkyo borough.

Starting around six years old, Godou joined in the gambling that took place during the Kusanagi New Years family reunion. He quickly became the most talented, developing a skill which allowed him to 'will' himself to be lucky, never losing a pure game of chance. However, he had more difficulty with card games, due to the element of skill involved.

Godou was a regular baseball player when he was in middle school. He even played as a Japanese representative in the World Series, but due to an injury in his shoulder that he received during training, he quit baseball. Godou never considered himself extremely talented as a player, especially after seeing some of the more gifted players he competed against, he merely claimed to be able to read them, and develop tactics to win against them. A skill which apparently carried over to his abilities as a Campione. After he became a Campione, his old sports injury completely healed, but due to the capabilities he gained after he became a Campione he still did not return to playing baseball, feeling it would be almost cheating.

In a short story it was revealed by Asuka Tokunaga, his childhood friend, that Godou was very popular with girls as he had 14 or more girls fall in love with him during middle school, though he was completely clueless to all of them.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Light Novel (Spoilers)[edit | edit source]

Volume 1:[edit | edit source]

Heretic God

At the start of Volume 1, Godou was just introduced as he landed in one of Italy’s international airports. The day before he was called by a friend, named Erica Blandelli, to come to Rome, with no reason explaining why; one way or another Godou involuntary ended up going. (At this point in time no background stories were given, assuming this is a time skip and there would be a flashback story later on). He was greeted at the airport by Arianna, who introduced herself as Erica’s Maid. Arianna was supposed to show Godou around Rome before meeting Erica, but he experienced the life-and-death situation of Arianna’s driving skills. While resting at a nearby stop while Arianna was trying to find a parking spot, Godou unknowingly came across a Heretic God, whose name was yet to be revealed. Luckily this Heretic God was just taking a walk and searching for something, so she ignored Godou, after chatting with him.

Later that night, Godou finally met up with Erica and started complaining to her. She ignored everything he said and stated that he must fight her to prove his worth. She then told him that some of the old knights who were watching the fight wanted to know his strength and see for themselves the rumored new Campione. Godou unwillingly followed Erica to the Roman Colosseum and was introduced to the three Great Knights that would be watching the fight. The battle started with Godou “retreating” from Erica's attack. When Godou was finally cornered, he retaliated and used his Authorities. The battle ended with Godou being the victor but not before one of his powers [Boar] destroyed a large portion of the Roman Colosseum. Before he headed back home, he was tricked into bringing a dangerous magical item with him.

A few days after coming back from Rome, he received a phone call from Yuri Mariya, who his sister, having intercepted the message, told him was one of her senpai from the tea ceremony club. His sister, Shizuka Kusanagi, then told him that Yuri wanted to meet with Godou and that he should bring the item he brought back from Rome. Hearing this he realized that this person, Yuri Mariya, was associated with magic. The next day after the phone call Godou went to the meeting place to meet Yuri Mariya. When they finally meet, Yuri who at the time believed all Campione were tyrants; begged Godou not to destroy the people of Japan by having her as the only sacrifice. Godou was forced to explain to Yuri Mariya the misunderstanding about Campione and himself. Yuri Mariya's attitude toward Godou changed a little, transforming from an idea of a feared tyrant to a young man who was just irresponsible with his power; this change in attitude and point of view caused Yuri to start lecturing Godou for being an irresponsible young man. They were interrupted by the sudden appearance of Erica Blandelli who came to tease and warn Godou that a Heretic God had just arrived in Japan to retrieve the magical item that came from Rome. With Yuri's help they discovered this Heretic God was Athena.

Godou fighting Athena

Godou and Erica confronted Athena, Godou then tried to talk Athena into leaving peacefully. Unfortunately, Athena took advantage of the Godou's naivete and gave him a kiss of Death. Luckily, he did not fully die so he was able to use one of his Authorities to recover; by the time he had awoken and recovered Athena was already gone. As he and Erica headed toward Athena again; Godou asked Yuri to help summon him when Athena got close, Which she did. After getting summoned, Godou confronted Athena (who had already powered up through use of the item from Rome) the second time along with Erica. With Erica's help and support, Godou fought and defeated Athena.(during their battle many things and places were destroyed) Being the victor, Godou requested of the weakened Athena, whom he did not wish to kill, to leave peacefully despite the objections of both Erica and Yuri. Athena formally agreed and left, but not before stating that she would remember his name. The next day Godou was scolded by Yuri for several hours before he could head home. Finally, Monday arrived and the weekend was over, Godou was surprised to meet Erica at his school gate until he heard that she had just transferred to his school. Yuri then showed up (because she went to the same school as Godou) and they started having an argument with Godou stuck in-between them, and all he wanted was a peaceful life.

Volume 2:[edit | edit source]

Arrival of a Devil King

Volume2 Cover.jpg

In Volume 2, it was basically the calm before the storm as Godou, Erica, and Yuri went about with their daily school life and routines. On one of these occasions, Godou received a phone call from Salvatore telling him that the Campione Voban was in Japan.

(Sometime past on a raining day) While Godou and Erica were headed home, they were interrupted by a member of History Compilation Committee, Amakasu Touma, and told them that Yuri was kidnapped by Voban. Godou and Erica immediately headed toward where Yuri and Voban were. Once they got there, they got greeted by undead servants and Liliana, an old acquaintance of Erica's. Liliana escorted them to Voban where they first had a peaceful chat with each other which was going nowhere. Erica then stepped into the conversation and she soon provoked the old Campione into doing something. The provoked Voban then stated that he Would play a little game in which he would be the hunter and they the prey and he let them have a head started. While using this opportunity Godou and the rest retreated; while during this time, Erica recruited Liliana to their side. Finally with a little help from Yuri and Erica, Godou confronted Voban and they battled it out. The battle ended with Voban having the advantage if the battle continued, however Voban claimed it’s his loss because he didn’t want to break his own rule for the game. Before he left he stated that he was now Godou’s enemy.

(Summer is approaching) Godou was in panic mode as he planned how to avoid Erica during summer vacation.

Short Story 1:[edit | edit source]

The Imprisoned Campione

One peaceful day while Godou was about to leave the school grounds, he was captured by the Three Idiots and interrogated by them. They threw statements that they saw Godou’s wrong doing (Hogging all the Beautiful Girls) by giving pieces of evidence such as him kissing Erica and him having lunch with Erica and Yuri. When they finished giving their evidence and were about to punish Godou, Yuri came to his rescue and started saying things that made the Three Idiots cry.

Volume 3:[edit | edit source]

The Tale of the Beginning

This story flashback was told by Godou as to how he became a Campione while on the way to Italy with Mariya Yuri in hopes of trying to escape from Erica in the summer. However, it turns out Erica conspired with Lucretia Zola to get him to spend some time together with them.

During the flashback, Godou Kusanagi was entrusted by his grandfather to return the Prometheus' Grimoire to Lucretia Zola. During his visit to Sardinia, he first met the Youth, who sought to defeat Melqart, in Cagliari. The Youth did not have a majority of his incarnations and thus lacked most of his Authorities, and did not even know his own name. While in Cagliari, the Youth and Godou played baseball and football with the locals but were interrupted by Erica Blandelli who came looking for the Youth who had been seen at the recent appearances of divine beasts (Verethragna's various incarnations). This meeting was cut short by the appearance of the Boar which wrecked the bay. The Youth then hears people crying for help while Godou, who was next to him at the time, did not hear anything. It turns out it was the people whom they played with earlier. The Youth, using his powers, forces Godou to flee to safety. After which, Godou witnessed the Tornado defeat the Boar by cutting it up into pieces and carrying its remains away.

On the next day he met Erica and she decided to go along with him to return the Grimoire to the Witch of Sardinia. Accompanied by Erica, he made his way to the town where Lucretia Zola lives via bus. There Erica and Godou ate at a fancy restaurant at the expense of Erica, and Erica bought a large amount of wine for them to determine who holds alcohol the best. The next morning, Godou awoke in an room next to Erica, who was wearing nothing but underwear. After a small argument, they headed to Lucretia Zola's home where they learned of the name of the Grimoire and of the duel between Verethragna and Melqart. Lucretia Zola then entrusted the Grimoire to Godou because she thought it would be interesting.

Shortly after they departed from the house, Godou turned back and requested to know the true reason for giving him the Grimoire, since giving the Grimoire to Erica would seem more wise if they hoped to stop the confrontation of the two gods. Lucretia told Godou that she wisheed for him to hinder Erica so she would not recklessly engage in a confrontation of the gods and it was the more interesting choice. After that, they went to the location where the Goat appeared. There they again met the Youth. The Youth then used the Grimoire for a short period and subdued the Goat. However, soon after the Raptor appeared at the same location. The Youth then used the Warrior incarnation to defeat the Raptor. After this event, the pair headed to Oristano where they met Melqart in a underground cave. After a short confrontation, Melqart chased them out of the cave with locusts that were used as a barrier/protector of the cave as he recovered from the wound that he obtained in the fight against Verethragna.

Erica kissing Godou on the cheek

They then met the Youth once more after the appearance of the White Stallion, which was taken by Godou using the Grimoire before the Youth had the chance. The Youth then left for the day and vow to return at dawn to break the barrier of Melqart and fight him once more. At dawn, he returned to break the barrier but was challenged by Erica to a duel which turns out to be a distraction while Godou waited for the time to use the Grimiore to try to weaken the Heretic God, Verethragna. The plan seemed to have succeed, but Verethragna summoned the sword against Prometheus and stops the power of the Grimoire. Verethragna then attempts to use the Youth's power over human to enslave Godou but he refuses to take the vow and is able to resist the power by the technicality of not seeing the God as a hero. Erica was wounded by Verethragna and was healing while Godou convinced Melqart to fight with him against Verethragna. Verethragna was then forced to dual wield the golden sword, one for Melqart and one for the Grimiore. After being exhausted, Verethragna and Godou take aim at each other. Godou had decided to ignore the warning from Lucretia and uses the power of the White Stallion on the God which severely injures Godou as well since he was a human. The result was mutual defeat. At the same time, the seventh Campione was born. Godou Kusanagi had defeated the God of Victory and became the seventh Campione. Erica asked Melqart if he would fight Godou now. Melqart replied that he is not a coward that attacks a newborn. However, he shall fight with Godou once Melqart recovers his full strength. Melqart then leaves the scene.

Volume 4:[edit | edit source]

Hero and the King

Continuing from the last Volume, Godou, Yuri, Erica, and two other girls go about with their summer vacation in Italy in their own unique fashion.

Volume 4.jpg

On the fourth day of their vacation, Godou planned to escape from the girls that night, however he ran into Athena. While not releasing any hostile intention toward Godou, Athena one way or another forced Godou along with her on her journey toward some unknown confrontation. When they got to their destination, they met another Heretic God and Liliana, whom Godou remembered was a friend of Erica's. They quickly exchanged information and discovered that this Heretic God was Perseus. They first chatted with Perseus but before long Godou was forced to fight him. Due to his lack of information on Perseus and Perseus's weird ability to negate his power; Godou was struck down. Perseus, believing he won and has killed a god slayer, left the area to tour the modern world. Fortunately, Godou did not die and when he woke up he was at the house of Liliana’s associates. With a bit of complication and exchange of information, Godou and Liliana confronted Perseus again, where Godou fought him with Liliana's support. With the last of his (Godou's) strength he sent Perseus flying.

When Godou woke up, he was in the hospital; sensing he didn’t gain a new Authority, he believed Perseus was still out there weakened and gone into hiding to heal. (Unknown to him, Perseus was killed by Salvatore when he fainted). At this time Erica and Yuri showed up at the hospital with hostile intent toward Godou because they believed Godou should be punished for worrying them so much, while at the same time Liliana who recently swore allegiance as Godou’s knight tried to defend her new master.

Volume 5:[edit | edit source]

Miko of the Sword

Yuri and Ena healing Godou through kissing

In Volume 5, Godou troublesome life had just gotten more troublesome as two new women entered it. One of them was Liliana, a knight and an old friend of Erica's, who had just transferred to his school and (recalling from the last volume) proclaimed herself as Godou’s knight and bodyguard. The other was a completely new face; Ena Seishuuin who claimed to be a hime-miko and an old friend of Yuri's. Putting Liliana aside, Ena was the main focus point and troublemaker of this volume.

Godou tried to go about with his daily school life even with the addition of Liliana, however with the sudden appearance of Ena and her forceful personality that was similar to Erica with the only differences in that Ena “acts before she thinks” while Erica was more like a “chess player.” When Ena openly declared she wanted to be one of Godou's women, Erica and the others girls interfered (more like denied her because she was secretly being hostile toward Erica and Liliana) and opposed her; one way or another this forced Ena to send Godou to the Netherworld. While there, he met Susanoo and two other supernatural beings. They claimed it was they who had sent Ena to Godou’s side and while having their small conversation they told Godou that his women and Ena were also in the Netherworld. Worrying about his companions, Godou asked how to get to where they (his companion and Ena) were. With only the Princess's (as Godou would call her) help (no thanks to Susanoo or the Monk), Godou interfered and stopped the fight between Erica and Ena. Ena then escaped back to the living world, while Godou and Erica later (few hour past) got rescued by Yuri and Liliana. By the time they got back to the living world, Ena’s weapon, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, had taken possession of Ena's body and is on a rampage. Godou was forced to save Ena and then destroy Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi by using [Boar].

Short Story 2[edit | edit source]

Unknown time after the incident with Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. While Godou was having lunch with the others girls on the school’s rooftop; Ena suddenly appeared and told them that she was being forced to temporarily return home to be re-educated, but before she left she stated that she wanted to be one of Godou’s women; shocking and causing displeasure to the other girls when they heard that.

Volume 6:[edit | edit source]

Flying Phoenix of Divine Mountain[edit | edit source]

In Volume 6, Godou received a text message from Yuri on his cell phone, asking him to meet her. (Next day) Coincidentally, he met up with Erica and Liliana along the way to meet up with Yuri but discovered it was her little sister, Hikari, who had sent the message. Hikari's reason for sending the message was because she wished to request help from the Campione Godou to deal with an overly persistent member of one of the Four Families. Erica decided that they should help, and made a plan to deal with the problem. After the group spoke with the young man, he agreed to stop pressuring Hikari into working at his shrine.

Since Godou still had some question about what a Hime-Miko does, he went to Yuri’s shrine to ask, only to discover that he was followed by Liliana. After being exposed and discovered by the Mariya sisters, Liliana claimed she was only doing her duty as his bodyguard and that there was nothing wrong with that. Somehow the conversation led to two things: First Liliana and Godou making a bet whether or not Hikari would fall in love with him.  Second was to see if it was possibly for Hikari to check out the shrine that the young man from the one of the Four Families was offering.

Godou fighting Luo Hao

With a bit of help from the History Compilation Committee and the usage of  Godou's rank as a Campione, the young man agreed. Once they got to the shrine, Godou and the Mariya sisters went into the inner shrine while Liliana and Erica visited another nearby shrine. Once they got to the inner shrine, they met the Monkey King whom Hikari was supposed to watch over/play with if she agreed to serve in this shrine in the future. Luo Hao then suddenly appeared before them and stated her purpose was to free this god and fight him. Due to Godou and Luo Hao's disagreement right from the start, they engaged each other in combat where Luo Hao clearly had the advantage. When Godou was finally cornered he somehow, along with the Mariya sisters, escaped to the Netherworld. They later escaped from there with a little help from Princess Alice and the summoning from Erica. When they returned to the living world again, Godou requested Erica to stand back and Princess Alice to take care of the Mariya sisters while he engaged with Luo Hao in combat again. The battle ended officially as a draw; however Luo Hao claimed it was her loss. Shortly after the battle ended, the Monkey King was able to escape his seal by taking over Hikari’s body.

Volume 7:[edit | edit source]

Great Sage Equaling Heaven

After being chased by Sun Wukong's divine beast monkey servants, Godou, Erica, Liliana, and Yuri, were joined by Anne Charlton, who claimed to be an associate of John Pluto Smith, and aided them in driving off the beasts. When they were cornered, Ena showed up in the nick of time and got rid of the last of the divine beasts. After that, Godou fell unconscious from his injuries.

Godou awoke to find himself in a hot spring, surrounded by Erica, Yuri, Liliana, and Ena, all of whom were wearing nothing more than towels. Ena apologized for her previous actions, and pledged herself to Godou's service, taking off her towel. Erica quickly followed suit, and Yuri and Liliana also lost their towels.  Facing such a predicament, Godou ran away in embarrassment. He encountered Anne and some of the people who had been turned into monkeys. Anne revealed Smith went through a similar adventure when he fought the Heretic God Artemis, who turned hundreds of people into various animals, but they became permanently trapped in beast form. Godou was dismayed when he heard that the people may not be able to return to their original forms.

Godou went to relax in a hot spring by himself, where he encountered Lou Hao, who had temporarily been able to escape the prison Sun Wukong attempted to trap her in. After deciding that it would be improper for her to be clothed while Godou was naked (being in the bath) she undressed and joined him in the hot spring. She then pledged to train Godou as if he was a little brother, and told him to call her big sister. Afterwards she was forced to return to the prison in the Netherworld, but stating that she would soon escape, destroying it in the process as was her practice with places where she'd been imprisoned.

The next morning, Godou set out to find Sun Wukong and distract him long enough so Yuri could get close enough to obtain the information on what kind of Heretic God he was. When Yuri finishes her task, Godou went to full on retreat while Erica and Liliana obstructed Sun Wukong's path which they succeed. However, due to Godou using [Raptor] to retreat and Yuri overusing her power to obtain the information, both were temporary unable to move by themselves. While they were in this state the other girls defended them with their lives while a giant monkey came crashing down to attack. Godou recovered quite quickly and rescued Ena from the giant monkey while the other girls were saved by John Pluto Smith.  With the appearances of another Campione, Godou suggested they team-up to beat up the Heretic Gods together after he save Hikari, which John Pluto Smith ready agree and left the scene. After he (J.P.S) left the scene, Godou used [Youth] on all four of the girls to help them recover and at the same time obtain the information from Yuri to use [Sword].

Godou after rescuing Hikari from Sun Wukong

(Few Hours Pass) Godou and his companions went to where Sun Wukong was and re-engaged him in combat. With the support and help of the girls, Godou was finally able to cut open Sun Wukong’s stomach and rescue Hikari. Once rescued, Godou ordered Hikari to help the other girls leave the area because they used up all their strength to protect Godou while he was rescuing Hikari, which she comply. Once again Godou faced off with Sun Wukong, however John Pluto Smith joined the scene and soon afterward so did Luo Hao. Thanks to Godou's persuasion, Lou Hao agreed to work together with John Pluto Smith. With their teamwork and a little help from their junior Campione’s (Godou) idea they were able to finish off the Heretic Gods but they apparently did not gain any new Authorities. John Pluto Smith left the scene after saying his good-bye while Lou Hao stay behind just a bit to say her good-byes just as Godou’s companion and company coming back on the scene. They (the girls) were surprised and shocked to find out that Godou somehow became Luo Hao's sworn brother. They (the girls) were a bit more shocked when Hikari openly showed that she had a crush on Godou, unbeknownst to him.

Volume 8:[edit | edit source]

Trials of the Devil Kings

Volume 8 is a compilation of short stories.

Chapter 1: (This chapter is a short story that takes place sometimes before Chapter 4 of Volume 6 of Campione!) On one of those normal days while Godou, his sister, and grandpa were having dinner, they had an unexpected visit from Godou and Shizuka's cousin, Sakura. Sakura wanted to request Godou's help with something, so they went to Godou’s room to discuss things further. During their discussion, Sakura stated that she learned magic from a friend she recently met in college, Godou upon hearing this pretended that he didn't know anything, and denied there was such a thing as magic. Sakura then stated after hearing that Godou didn’t believe her by saying she can prove it if he come to her place tomorrow.

The next day after school, Godou headed towards Sakura’s place, but before he got there he received a call from Liliana asking him questions which he hastily answered before ending the call. Upon entering Sakura’s apartment he sensed a small amount of magic in the room. Sakura then performed a minor bit of magic, breaking matchsticks using a Grimoire she got from her friend, to prove she could do magic. Godou played coy as Sakura got to the main topic of why she needed Godou's help, she explained to him that she wanted him to help her find the devil king and confront him into stopping his wrongdoing.

(Same day, several hours later) Sakura led Godou to a magic shop where she asked the shop keeper about the Japanese devil king. Fortunately, without Sakura knowing, Godou prevented the shop keeper from telling her (Sakura) by showing his Student ID behind Sakura's back and putting an index finger to his lip in “shh” mode. This caused the shop keeper to be unnerved as she (shop keeper) try not to tell Sakura about the devil king identity which was standing behind her. Luckily by coincident, Amakasu arrives at the shop and was pointed out as a person who can answer Sakura question by the shop keeper.

(Few minutes later as they relocate to a coffee shop) As Sakura explained to Amakasu on why she wanted to meet the devil king. Amakasu and Godou then had a mild discussion about the devil king of Japan that Godou was supposed to not know about. Sometime during their discussion, Amakasu pointed out a sliver haired lady sitting nearby which turned out to be Liliana. Godou then invited her to join them, which she happily did. The discussion ended somehow with Amakasu pointing out that Sakura should increase her magic power by learning from Liliana so she can have chance to meet the devil king of Japan.

Later that night, Godou received a call from Amakasu to ask how the situation turned out. Godou told him that the problem was settled, but not resolved. Amakasu then told him that he instructed (used magic) on her friend to keep her from telling his (Godou) name to anyone; on further note he told Godou that if he needed more help, they got mikos with ability to alter people's memories. Upon hearing somewhat of a good news, Godou hung up and went to sleep.

Godou meets Renjo Fuyuhime

Chapter 2: (This chapter takes place a week after Volume 7; present day, current timeline of Campione!) The story picked up as Godou, along with Liliana, went to Erica's place to wake her up. Once they got there, Erica was woken up by Liliana as Godou waited outside her bedroom, soon afterward they were having a one-sided argument inside the bedroom before they headed out to school. Along the way, Erica gave a suggestion that Godou should create his own association so other associations wouldn’t try to use his Campione’s power for their own purposes. Once school was over, Erica left the campus with a seemingly busy schedule ahead of her, around at the same time Godou received a text message from his cousin, Sakura, asking him to help her at. Showing and explaining to Liliana who was nearby about the text message he just receive, they decided to use Liliana’s plan (which was not stated in Novel) and split up as Godou headed toward where his cousin was while Liliana went somewhere else.

An hour later, Godou arrived at a restaurant near where his cousin went to school at and was greeted by her inside. She then introduced her friend that she recently made, Renjou Fuyuhime, the person who taught her about magic. Sakura the cousin explain to her friend that Godou could be of assistance in their search for the devil king. Sakura’s friend, Fuyuhime, after fuming with her complex, she went straight to the point that they were hunting Campione of Japan name “Kusasagi Goroh”. Completely surprised by this misinformation as the two young ladies led him out of the restaurant to meet some of the people that Fuyuhime claimed to be close to the Campione of Japan.

Once outside, Liliana who was hiding herself with magic, heard everything that they were talking about in the restaurant asked Godou (through magic that only he can hear) that she wanted to investigate why a member of one of the Four Families got the Campione’s (Godou) name wrong. Godou readily approved while he try to deal with the two young ladies in front of him. Fuyuhime lead them to Akihabara where she claims that there is a young man here who is a disciple of the devil king (of Japan). While describing that young man, Godou can only think that person from Hong Kong with the event with the Monkey king. Just as he was thinking about him, he the young man known as Lu Yinghua spotted Godou with a bit of surprise but nevertheless went ahead and greeted his “Honored Uncle”.

Few moments later, they were inside Lu Yinghua’s Maid Cafe Restaurant as he (Lu Yinghua) explains to Godou that he trying expands his families’ clan business into this region (Japan). During this time, Sakura ask Godou if Lu Yinghua was part of their Kusanagi clan since he called Godou “Honored Uncle”. Godou simply say “it complicated so don’t ask further” and Sakura childishly believe him. Upon hearing the conversation between Godou and Sakura, Lu Yinghua discover that she was a relative to Godou's; he finally took notice of the two young ladies whom he ignored the whole time and not only that he became courteous to them and start serving them foods. While Sakura was happily accepting the services, however Fuyuhime ignoring the kind gesture, give out a rude statement or more like a demand about him (Lu Yinghua) and Campione of Japan with the wrong name. Upon hearing this rude and almost threaten statement, Lu Yinghua give back his own threat and warning stating that he is only going to let this slide once since they were in his “Honored Uncle” company but if it happen a second time it will not go unpunished”. This warning scared the high and mighty Fuyuhime as she heard this; brushing that aside Lu Yinghua then told Godou that he has others mundane business to attend to; give his courteous goodbye and left. Godou and Sakura waited until the shivering Fuyuhime recovered from her reaction before they left the restaurant. Claiming that he (Lu Yinghua) was a bit tough to deal with so they went off to their next destination.

They soon arrived at Nanao Shrine where the Mariya Sisters serve and were greeted by them. Sakura was surprised that Godou knows all sorts of people and Godou can only response with vague answers. Godou then told the Mariya sisters that his associates wanted to ask them about something, which at this time Fuyuhime announce herself to the sister and rudely demanded them to bring the devil king of Japan out so she can meet him. Being confuse as to why they should demand such thing when they are standing next to him, the Mariya sisters glance at the Campione in question whom was showing a trouble face while shaking his head. Hikari instantly reply with her quick wit stating that they are forbidden to tell them. Hikari then stated that the families where the young lady claims to be part of have not selected their heir yet. Upon hearing this, Fuyuhime started getting angry, but at the same time her confidence in her words and actions started to become a mess. Soon, however Yuri silenced everyone with just a look and started lecturing and scolding the young lady from one of the four families, claiming and stating that her manner and behavior is unbefitting to her families and that they should leave their shrine immediately. Unable to talk back, Godou used this opportunity to help his female acquaintance leave the shrine without much trouble while making a mental note to himself to remind himself to explains to the Mariya sisters later.

After leaving the shrine they arrived at Aoyama where Fuyuhime claim that one of the devil king's women is hanging around this area recently. Just as they arrive and enter a magic shop, they met Erica talking to the shop keeper. Immediately, Fuyuhime rudely demands Erica where the Campione of Japan lives. Erica, not amused, state why they asked such question when they are standing next to him. Erica unknowingly spilled the beans to Sakura about Godou; moment later Sakura was fell asleep by magic as Liliana and Sayanomiya Kaoru step into the shop. Soon everyone in the magic shop where the event happened were forced to step outside to sort out the situation except the shop keeper and the sleeping cousin. Once Kaoru and Godou finished dealing with the situation per se, Erica then spoke up thanking Kaoru with such and such even though she (Erica) didn’t do anything.

Few days later as Godou, Shizuka, and Sakura were having dinner, Sakura told Godou that her friend, Fuyuhime, talked things over with her childhood friend and that she didn’t need the help of Godou anymore. Sakura then told him that she had been in deep thought recently and she (Sakura) told Godou that Fuyuhime wanted be Godou's pen pal from now on and hoped that she (Fuyuhime) would be in a higher position in the future.

Chapter 5 - Omake: (Present day, current timeline of Campione!) The chapter’s stories kick off as Godou goes about his daily life such as visiting the Mariya Sister’s shrine, having friends and family members over for dinner and working at his part-time job. On one of these occasion while walking back from work, he got attacked by three mysterious people which turned out to be the three idiots from his class as he was rescued by Erica and Ena. They (Erica and Ena) were just looking for Godou to solve a disagreement they were having before they came to him and came upon him when he was attack so they saved him. While the three mysterious people were knock unconscious by the initial attack from the girls, the girls had some discussion about torture methods to be used but they eventually decided to dump the mysterious people into a nearby pond, only to discover their true identities and to find out that they assaulted Godou only due to his response to their request for him to ask his harem and Shizuka to take part in the school swimsuit and nekomimi maid cafe for the school festival. Godou obviously refused the three on the spot under the notion that the girls wouldn't help, only to hear from Ena that she is fine with it if Godou persuades her while in contrast to Erica agreed with Godou that such proposal is out of the question and refused.

While Godou patiently dealt with the three idiot's complains, both Ena and Erica suggested giving them appropriate punishments as they both felt that even though the three idiots did it as a part of a joke without much ill intent, abduction of their [King] is still unacceptable. Godou obviously rejected their proposal and suggest an alternative to the three idiots problem, for them to go to Akihabara to seek help from Lu Yinghua.

(Some time pasts as Godou agreed to help the “three idiots” out with school festival preparation) Waking up in the middle of the night in his classroom and tired from preparing for the school festival, Godou was thirsty. He found some liquid in the dark classroom and without much thought, drank it unknowing that it will force him to go back to sleep and have weird dreams.

(During the Dream, #1) Godou woke up in an unknown room in a bed when Arianna , Erica’s maid, pushed a trolley of food by his bedside and greeted him before leaving the room. Afterwards, he found Erica sleeping next to him under a futon and was apparently at least wearing something while sleeping (Surprisingly). She woke up soon afterwards when Godou removed the futon and woke her up with his questions. She greeted him in her not usually self (as in vixen style) but in a more girly style, which caused Godou to be confused about the situation he was in and was unwary about Erica as she slowly crawled towards him. Using sweet words and showing off the maid uniform she was wearing, Godou was confused and paralyzed until Erica managed to get close enough to him and started to kiss him, from a simple kiss to a deep kiss. Godou, with all the strength he had left to keep himself sane, ran out of the room and then the dream ended. (Dream1 End).

(Dream 2) Godou was awoken by Liliana in a western styled bed this time while she served him an American style breakfast. Godou then asked why Liliana was wearing a maid uniform and she simply replied that he (Godou) told her to and also that Erica did it as well just a few days ago. Pushing past that, Liliana went through a schedule was Godou suppose to follow for that day. Godou was confused and asked questions but Liliana just assumed Godou wasn’t paying attention when she explained it to him last night. Rather than being angry at Godou or trying to correct him, Liliana simply accepted that her [King] is just that way and as his knight and woman it should be that way. After Liliana finished talking to herself out loud, she then kiss Godou from a simple to deep kiss; which then force Godou to push her away as he ran out the door, panicking from the weird situation. (Dream 2 End).

(Dream 3) Ena came uninvited in the morning to wake Godou up (again) while wearing a maid uniform (in an unknown Japanese style room). Ena explain that she want show off this maid uniform because she heard that Godou recently have a taste for them. That when Yuri Mariya came in and was surprise that Ena was there, Yuri then question Godou if he have anything to do with Ena being here. Godou explain that Ena come on her own accord and Ena respond by confirming it. Ena then explain about Godou new hobby to Yuri and why she dress like a maid; which lead Yuri to lecture Godou about this new taste of his. The lecture somehow ended up in reverse in which Yuri shyly states she wouldn’t mind wearing a maid uniform if she known. When Yuri said that; Ena states that she have some spare at hand and started taking Yuri clothe off and forcing Godou to cover his face with a futon out of embarrassment. (Dreams End).

Godou finally woke up (for real) by Lu Yinghua and ask himself out loud why he had a weird dream. Lu Yinghua then explains to Godou that it might be the effect of the magic medicine that fell into the stuff for the festival by accident. However it is also revealed that the medicine had the affect of allowing the taker to see brief glimpses into the future. Godou responds to this information by thinking deeply about what the dreams meant while simultaneously trying to forget them.

Volume 9:[edit | edit source]

Return of the Goddess

The volume started off as Guinevere and Lancelot clashed with Athena somewhere in the Southern East Europe Area before Guinevere uses an underhand trick in using the Holy Grail on Athena body where it slowly sucking her power that will eventually kill her (Athena). Athena retreated from the battlefield immediately because she felt the Holy Grail was eating her power away; after Athena retreated Guinevere decided to head to Japan where she believe her [King] of the strongest Steel slept unbeknown to her that Athena is also heading that way.

Back in Japan, Godou, Yuri, and Liliana as well as the rest of Jounan Academy students kick started its school festival. During the school festival, Erica was back in Italy due to some business she needed to take care of.

Few days later after Godou’s school finish its school festival; Ena calls him up to request his help. Godou reluctantly agree to help and the next day he along with Liliana and Yuri was picks up by Sayanomiya Kaoru and was drove to where Ena and Amakasu was guarding the grimoire was. When they arrive at the scene, Yuri and Liliana went to help Amakasu to investigate what kind of grimoire it was while Godou and Ena have some lone time together. However they were interrupt by the appearance of Athena in front of them (Godou and Ena), declaring that she here to dual Godou and she will not take “no” for an answer and left after stating her declaration. After Athena left, Godou and Ena told the rest of the group about Athena appearances. As they were getting down with their discussions, Guinevere suddenly appear before their group and announce to Godou that she know that he is going fight Athena soon and she (Guinevere) is here to help with a plan but with a price that she get the grimoire that they just dug up. Going red alert as everyone prepare a fighting stance, Guinevere simply bypass them and assault (kiss) Godou with magic that contain the information about the Holy Grail. Guinevere left after that leaving Godou to be harassed by Yuri and Liliana for having too many opening against enemy (female). The harassment ended when Amakasu told the group that Athena finally reappears.

As Athena was altering the landscape and it residents into stone, Godou was preparing to engage her in combat with Liliana, Yuri, and Ena help. As soon as Godou engage in combat with Athena, she unleashed her power to turn things into stone in the surrounding area which include the area where Liliana, Yuri, and Ena standing nearby. With the exception of Godou and Ena, Liliana, Yuri, and any person or things nearby were turn into stone. Godou and Ena then engage Athena into combat, where Godou uses [Sword] with the knowledge of Holy Grail to pierces Athena. When Godou finally uses [Sword] and stab Athena, he realizes that he been used by Guinevere. Godou being a good nature person plan to help Athena get rid of the effect of the Holy Grail while at the same time returning a favor to the goddess. Whether Athena fully agree with Godou for trying to save her or not is not stated in the novel but she did turn herself into stone to prolong her life and cancel the effect of the Holy Grail temporary.

(Same day, that night) As Godou ponder on how to save everyone, he was joined later by Ena as company. That night, Ena through magic give Godou information about Athena and later together they forge a new sword from the combine [Sword] and Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi to disable the Holy Grail.

Athena on her deathbed

(Next day) While Godou was dealing with Athena, Ena was dealing with Guinevere. Using his newly forges [Sword] from last night, Godou stab Athena; sealing the Holy Grail power temporarily and awaken Athena from her stone slumber. Athena was surprise that Godou could do such thing so she praises him a little but when Godou complain to Athena, she was not pleased. All in all, Godou did succeed in persuading Athena in to releasing her stone power effect in the area in return for him to fight her. Before Godou and Athena even started fighting, Lancelot joins the scene. Both Athena and Godou decided to fight Lancelot first before they fight each other. They fought with Lancelot for a while until Erica came to their battlefield and told Lancelot that Guinevere already fled the scene. Upon hearing this Lancelot also retreated leaving Godou and Athena on their own. When Lancelot left, Godou told his female companion that he want do this alone (as in fight with Athena alone) which they agree. When they return, the battle was over with Athena gone; they then give comfort word to Godou to make him feel better. However, they were suddenly interrupted by Amakasu where he told them that the grimoire he was holding on to was stolen.

Volume 10:[edit | edit source]

War God of the Lance

A week has passed since the battle with Athena, Godou and company were finally notified by a magic note stating that the Campione Alec has “borrowed” the divine weapon, Heavenly Reverse Halberd, from them. Godou decided that since Guinevere wanted the item, she might go after him (Alec), leaving Godou with the Lancelot issue to resolve. Erica then suggested that they ask Princess Alice more about Lancelot, which Godou agreed to it and they start planning to head toward England. Godou along with Erica, Yuri, and Liliana went and arrived in England during the weekend. They spend the night at a nearby hotel that Liliana booked.

Due to Princess Alice being restricted by her assistant, Erica formed a plan which they enacted the next day after they rest up at the hotel. The plan was to meet Princess Alice’s assistant, Miss Ericson, and trick her into releasing her magic barrier which was restricting Princess Alice from coming out using her magic. The plan sort of works as Miss Ericson reluctantly releases the barrier after their meeting. Moments after Miss Ericson left, Alice arrived magically and greeted everyone. Not long afterward, Godou and Alice got down to business about the origin of Lancelot. Alice explained to everyone that even she didn’t know the origin of Lancelot due to the change in its myths over the centuries making those sources unreliable. During the discussion, Alice suggested that they visit places where it might be relate to the myth of Lancelot and used Yuri’s power along the way to gain some clue about him (Lancelot). With a vehicle provided by Alice, the groups headed toward their first location suggested by Alice. Once they got there and Yuri started to get the feel of the place with her power picking up clues about the origin of Lancelot, they got an unexpected visit by Sir Iceman who was bearing a message from his commander, Black Prince Alec, to Godou telling him to take a vacation and not interfere with his plan; after Godou read the letter he received a call from Amakasu back home telling him that there a strange structure suddenly appeared in the Tokyo Bay. Sir Iceman then gave his honest opinion after Godou receive his report, stating that it was probably his commander doing something and suggested to Godou’s group that they either stay and do nothing or go back home.

Godou, Erica, and Liliana headed back to Japan while Yuri stay back in England a little longer in order to solve the mystery of Lancelot. Once Godou’s group arrived back to Japan, they were then transported along with Amakasu visa air to show them the strange structure over Tokyo Bay. Once they done checking out the structure Godou headed back home follow by Erica and Liliana. Along the way home, Godou bumped into his childhood friend, Asuka, who explains to Godou that there someone at her family own restaurant expecting him; that person turn out to be Black Prince Alec. After Godou ran to the restaurant and made contact with Alec, both of them left the restaurant silently only then afterward while walking along side each other did they start verbally attacking each other while Erica and Liliana who can only watch the scene of the two [King]. Before Alec left, both of them warned each with a threat telling the other to back off.

Lancelot giving Godou a curse through kissing

The day Yuri came back from Europe, Erica and Liliana interrupted Godou and Yuri private moment at very last moment. Afterward, Godou receive a lecture from Liliana that somehow lead them to an off topic subject discussion with all three of the girls. Luckily, Godou was save by the phone where Liliana, Erica, and Yuri ended their discussion soon afterward and Godou headed out to meet his childhood friend to buy something for his sister birthday. Godou and Asuka finish their shopping and were about head home when they bump into a mysterious beauty on the street whom seems lost. When Godou talk to her, he found out that she was not a normal person so he sent Asuka home first so he can deal with her. Once Godou and the mysterious beauty, who turn out to be Lancelot, were alone, due to his unwariness and openness Lancelot attacked (kissed) and put a curse on Godou. That night under the curse, Godou had dinner with Guinevere and Lancelot and they started planning on how to attack and fight Alec.

(Next Night) As planned, Cursed Godou with Guinevere and Lancelot headed toward the structure created by Alec on a magical power water vessel. Not long before they even got near the structure, Alec appears. Just as they expected and planned, Cursed Godou engaged Alec into combat while Guinevere and Lancelot headed toward the structure. After some fighting with each other and Cursed Godou about to go to round two with Alec, they were interrupted by his companions. Knowing that Godou was cursed, his companions told Alec that they will deal with Godou and he (Alec) can leave. After Alec left, Cursed Godou was not completely upset by their action in interfering with his fight, he however did give a statement such as like him wanting to fight Lancelot very badly or he wanted do whatever he feel like. However Erica reminded him that he still needed information for his [Sword]; with that being say Godou being curse was very forceful with all the girls for the next few minutes or moments while he gain the knowledge for his [Sword]. After Godou obtained the information for the [Sword], Erica tricked Godou into one last kiss which she made him swallow an enchanted stone that will eliminate the curse. After he came back to normal, he apology to the girls and as well as to Princess Alice who was hiding but showed up when he mention her name. After he was done apologizing, he decide to head where Lancelot was since he was reported by Alice that they were separated maybe due to Alec’s master plan. Once they got to where Lancelot was, Godou and Lancelot engage in combat while Erica, Yuri, and Liliana supported him. Campione Alec arrives on to the scene just around the time when Godou was finishing up with Lancelot; once he (Godou) was done they started having their verbal attack after Godou apologized to him. Alice report to both of them that Guinevere used a revival spell on herself and she is at the floating rock that Alec created; both Campione and Alice immediately headed there. Once they got there, they watched the last of Guinevere final moments before she died. Once everything was over and Erica, Yuri, and Liliana finally with regroup up with Godou again, they then assessed their damage which was Godou who forgot he used [Boar] in destroying part of Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Short Story 3:[edit | edit source]

Godou was relaxing in Akihabara along with Amakasu and Yinghua when he gets a call from his female companion to be invited over for dinner. Godou also try to invite Amakasu and Yinghua to join but they humbly decline sensing danger oblivious to Godou as he headed over for what can be call a dangerous dinner.

Volume 11:[edit | edit source]

The Second Tale
The whole Volume 11 is a flashback story, continuing off right after when Godou just defeated Verethragna and became a Campione.

After having fought with Verethragna in a life and death match and coming out victorious, Godou woke up mysterious fully healed and extremely hungry. There Godou and Erica went to a restaurant to eat, while Erica was away for a few moment Godou got kidnapped. The kidnapers then interrogated Godou about what happened to Verethragna, but since they can’t get the answer from him, they try to kill him with a curse and magic which didn’t work. Erica then busted in on the kidnappers and knocked them out in one hit. Erica explained to Godou that Godou was going be fine even if she didn’t do anything because he became Campione and no longer had a normal human body like everyone else. Having remembered that there was still a [Heretic God] Melqart still around, Godou decided to deal with it before he headed home. Soon, Godou and Erica headed toward a local mage in their area that was recommended by Lucretia Zola that might help them find Melqart. That local mage, David Bianchi, indeed helped them find Melqart but at the same time maybe because he found out that Godou was the newly born Campione or the fact that Godou don’t know any martial art or have knowledge in the art of magic, he challenged Godou to a duel so he can prove to the world that they the [King]s are not completely invincible. Well, the duel ended with David running for his life as Godou summoned the [Boar] which destroyed the local area. Erica then summoned the local mage association for a meeting to take care of the aftermath of that mess.

Godou and Erica's first kiss

As they, Godou and Erica, were headed toward the island of Sicily, they had a slight problem which was a little greeting from Melqart. Once on the island for the duration of not going back home yet, Erica lied to the local mage association, telling them that she was Godou’s lover. Having to play as fake lover with Erica, both spent an embarrassing night together. The next day, Godou challenge Melqart but failed and almost died but used [Ram] at the last second to save himself. After waking up and fully recovered, Godou prepared for round 2 with Melqart, as he sensed he needed to use [Sword]. He asked Erica for help on this. After pondering for a while, Erica used [Instruction] magic on Godou. Once prepare, Godou went to Melqart for round 2. The battle ended with Godou knocked out while Melqart was still alive but weakened to the point of only barely able to use flying magic. Before he headed back to Japan, Godou encountered Salvatore Doni for the 1st time at the airport and his not so funny remark about wanting to duel.

Two weeks had passed since the battle in Italy and now Godou was starting school as a freshman in high school. Two more weeks had passed since the school year started, Godou got attacked one night by foreigners but beat them back using [Boar] to scare the crap out them because they were mages. After being scare out their wits, they told Godou they were ordered to bring Godou back to Italy by Salvatore Doni by any means necessary. Later Godou phone Erica to get some answer about the situation but was she told him he didn’t have do anything and stay in Japan. Ignoring what Erica said to him, Godou formed a plan to help Erica out because she was his friend. Godou set his plan in motion during Japan's Golden Week as he flew to Italy; using Lucretia Zola’s advice Godou made contact with one of the places owned by [Copper-Black Cross] to announce his arrive. After he left the place, he got attack by it members after few minute later. Godou fended off the attack as he headed toward an isolated place. When Godou got to the isolated place, Salvatore Doni arrives not long afterward. Then Salvatore Doni explains to Godou that he planned everything so he can fight Godou by pretending to be angry so he can scare the mage association to do his bidding. After the explanation, Godou was forced to fight with Salvatore Doni. Needless to say, Godou was forced into a tactical retreat while being wounded while Doni order [Copper-Black Cross] members to look for him. While hiding and recovering Erica show up and told him that she here to help him as he slip into slumber. The next day they headed toward Erica’s villa and started planning how to fight Salvatore Doni while at the same time they sent a challenge letter to him with the date and place. With all preparation ready as they can be the next day after letter was sent, Godou and Doni face each other off at Erica’s villa for round two. The battle ended with Godou sending Doni to the bottom of the lake while being burnt. After the battle Godou was force unconsciousness to recover, and the next day he met Doni at the restaurant at the bottom of the villa because they were hungry. Doni happy greeted them and told them telling them that he almost die and he all tan up from being burnt. He then told Godou that yesterday duel he (Doni) considers it as a draw. Well, Godou and Doni have their petty duel call “eating challenge” before Doni left. Once Godou and Erica are done eating, they head back to the villa and Erica report to Godou that, thank to him she is back into her mage association as well as being promoted.

Short Story 4:[edit | edit source]

Exams is coming up and due to supernatural interference with Godou’s life; he didn’t have time to study. So in order to prevent from getting bad grade, Godou decided to do a last minute study. Upon hearing Godou’s plan Erica, Yuri, and Liliana decided to join in as well to study together. The study session ended peacefully.

Volume 12:[edit | edit source]

Transient Holy Night

Godou spent several uneventful days in the early part of December, for example spending time with his sister on her birthday and such but he got sidetracked when a mysterious being is causing abnormality to all the Santa Claus within certain area of Tokyo such as changing them to all grey color. Godou was told by the History Compilation Committee that they will care of it and that he shouldn’t bother by it. Well, Godou due to his curiosity or simply the fact that he felt something from this so he got involve by secretly investigate it follow by Liliana towing along.

Godou going to buy drink but have been followed by Liliana, Erica, Yuri, Ena

Sometime later (after several days pass), after watching and hearing reports of the mysterious being killing itself, Godou receives a phone from Ena about the Christmas party which he don’t recall ever planned. Hearing Godou sound strange, Ena receives an update from her former sword within Godou hand and told her what going on and with this information Ena told Godou that he can easily break the curse he under. Having heard that, Godou ask "Ama no Murakumo" about it while headed toward Lu Yinghua’s places while finally recalling all the events that happen before he was cursed such as being warn about the mysterious being from his sworn older sister, Luo Hao, and later when he confront it with his companions. It was during that time that he and his companion got cursed, a curse that alters their memories. With the help from Lu Yinghua’s people, Godou arrive at a location where he going confront the mysterious being with no backup from his companion where he assume they’re still under the curse. Just before he decides what to do, Ena show up and not long afterward so did the rests of his companion along with Hikari. It appears that that Hikari help remove the curse as explain by Erica. Seeing that his gang is back together, he felt a little bit happy. While the gang is catching up, the mysterious being is changing for the worse so Godou decide to take out its power source along with Liliana while the rest deal with the mysterious being’s tree. With Liliana’s help, Godou was able to reach where the mysterious being power source was and uses [Sword] on it. With the battle over, when Godou and Liliana came back where the rest of girls was, they got tease somewhat by Erica and Ena. Later on Christmas Eve, most of Godou’s acquaintances arrive at his house for the Christmas party.

Short Story 5:[edit | edit source]

The day after the Christmas Eve party, Godou got into a discussion with his female friends about his family New Year gathering and party and how he wanted to avoid it because he is often drag into gambling with his relatives and winning. Not believe his word for winning all the time, he prove to them by play a simple game with his female acquaintances. After several rounds of losing for Godou’s companion and winning it all for Godou, they wonder if this is related to being a Campione. Godou denied all this and stating there no such thing and that he does occasionally lose; that when Erica came back in from her phone where he play with her to prove he normal and indeed he loss and happily did the winner biding by going out to buy stuff for her (unknown to him that he loss was due to Erica was force to uses magic to win).

Volume 13:[edit | edit source]

Princess Goddess of the South Seas

The next day after the party on Christmas Eve, In other words, on Christmas day, Kusanagi Godou's companions gathered once again in the Kusanagi residence. Their mission was to clean up the complete mess left behind by the party last night. Due to the party persisting until late into the night, they had decided to leave the cleaning up for the next day—now. Godou and the other started talking about where would they go for a vacation, Erica insisting they go to Switzerland while Ena suggesting they would go to a mountain that her family owns. But Godou rejected their proposal and Yuri added that Ena and all the other Hime-Miko have to attend the Great Purification Rite. Then Yuri received a call from Kaoru saying that whether they should invite Godou to come along or not. Godou then agree to participate in it.

Two days after the Christmas Day, Godou and the others departed, Their destination is a shrine being used for the ceremonial site was located within the ward of Midori-ku in Saitama city. After the Great Purification Rite ended they were going to meet Haya Susanoo no Mikoto, then they ask Susanoo about the "King of the End" and "Heavenly Reverse Halberd". However Susanoo said that it was prohibited to impart a knowledge from the Domain of Immortality. then Kaoru said that they have decided to look up to Kusanagi Godou as their leader and protector henceforth, allowing them to take action as subordinates under his banner. After finishing their conversation Susanoo then left.

Godou attending the garden party

After Susanoo left Yuri and Ena said that they won't attend the garden party, but Kaoru still insist that hey should attend. Then Erica gave a suggestion saying that all of them would participate in the garden party. after sometime Godou, Yuri, and Ena went to the third floor to take a break, after a while Amakasu Touma arrives and they then started a conversation, then Amakasu asked for the assistance of Yuri and that they should try Cape Inubou's New Year's Specialty. then Amakasu showed the tablet screen to them, a new program about the Tokyo Tower being shown in it.

The following morning they then departs to Cape Inubou, after arriving and meeting with the History Compilation Committee members they then got on the car to head towards their destination Kimigahama. In there they saw a five meter long steel crafted bow embedded in a corner of the beach. After a while they were taken in a nearby hotel by car, in there they encountered Amakasu Touma, Amakasu Touma then says that since it's New Year's, let's simply have a stay over. after eating their dinner and having a conversation, Yuri then sense something odd happening in the beach, because of that Godou and the rest went to where the bow is located, then a humanoid shadow appeared behind the bow. After defeating it they then received a news that a divine beast is heading in their way, then a giant silhouette of a woman appeared and speaks. Then after sometime a giant sea serpent and a giant eagle arrives in the beach. Godou then uses the [Boar] to fight the giant sea serpent while the girls fight the Giant Eagle when the giant animals started losing the goddess then used a spell to power up the beast after being overpowered, Godou then taunts the [Boar] in order for the [Boar] to get angry then the [Boar] gave off a powerful roar that defeats the giant beast and dispersing the dark cloud and continued to roar, eventually the roar reach the lighthouse thus destroying it. Godou and the other receive a news saying that the Giant Beast appeared in a region known as South Seas.

December 31, Godou and the rest went to Borneo's northern shore, a city called Kota Kinabalu located in Malaysian territory. their destination is to talk to a wizard who acted as the leader of pickpockets, thieves and pirates. after talking to her there next destination is the largest uninhabited island in the South Seas. Godou and company was getting near on their destination but suddenly the Divine Eagle attack the ship caught unprepared Erica and Liliana as well as the sailors were blown away by the wind. all of them fell into the water the only one that was unaffected was Godou then the divine eagle carried the ship and fly to the island sometime passes Yuri and Ena walk out on to the deck calling to Godou. Since Ena and Yuri was inside the cabin they were not thrown overboard.

Short Story 6:[edit | edit source]

Volume 14:[edit | edit source]

The Eighth Godslayer

At the beginning of the volume, we have a flashback to the time after duel with Doni (Volume 11). After unsuccessfully trying of running away from Erica to Zurich, Godou returns to Italy and defeats divine beast located in Tuscany.

Godou fighting against Uldin

Godou called Salvatore Doni asking about the "Hunt" that Salvatore Doni is conducting but he laugh it off and then he ask Godou if he wants to join him in his "Hunt" but Godou rejected his offer, after they finished talking Godou decided to pay him a visit in Tuscany.

Godou and the rest arrived in Florence then spend a night in a hotel. The next day, a black limousine came to pick them up.

Short Story 7:[edit | edit source]

Volume 15:[edit | edit source]

Son of the Goddess

At the start of Volume 15, Liliana, Yuri, and Saint Raffaello were discussing how to reopen Aisha's corridor when Princess Alice and Paolo Blandelli arrive at the garden where the three was talking.  After greeting each other, Yuri then asked Princess Alice on how to open Aisha's corridor then Princess Alice said that, even if they could reach the past in this manner, it was pointless unless they can travel to the desired point in time. and added that even if they arrive at the desired year, which month of that year they arrived would be completely dependent on luck..

Godou, Erica, and Ena were riding a horse and discussing what Aisha wanted to do.  They then decided to pay Aisha a visit on the church where she is currently staying. After speaking with Aisha, Godou and Erica then went to where Uldin was and have a truce with him.

After their negotiation with Uldin, Godou and Erica went to reunite with Ena and Aisha but Ena called Godou using Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi as a medium, telling him that Aisha had escape.

Volume 16[edit | edit source]

Volume 16 is a collection of mostly previously published short stories, and one new one.
Chapter 1 Appearance of Devil King and Knight[edit | edit source]
Chapter 2 Roman Holiday Late Night Edition[edit | edit source]
Chapter 3 A Set of Three... ?[edit | edit source]
Chapter 4 The Imprisoned Campione[edit | edit source]
Chapter 5 The Rumored Campione[edit | edit source]
Chapter 6 Extra Story - The Illustrious Sage True Lord Erlang[edit | edit source]
Chapter 7: The Stiring of Heroes[edit | edit source]

Hikaru invited Godou and the rest of his girls on a day out, which Erica noted was her attempting to make sure Godou saw her as a possible romantic interest for the future, while still being on good terms with the rest of the girls.  Unfortunately, before they could finish having their fun, they were called to Italy by Doni.  While there, Erica and Godou learned Doni was searching for information on the King of the End.  The two go with him to visit Lucretia, who gained a vision when Godou revealed the words of Circe about tracing the lineage of the Argos.  Afterwards, while discussing this, the three encounter a woman who looks like Athena, who reveals she is actually the Divine Ancestor reincarnation of the Heretic Goddess Athena, Pallas Athena.  She then introduces several Heretic Gods of Steel, most of whom Godou had previously defeated.  Pallas Athena reveals that one of the King of the End's powers allows him to capture the essence of Heretic Gods whom he has slain, and turn them into his weapons, and Guinevere had used this power on some of Godou's defeated enemies.  Pallas Athena then called them to withdraw, stating that they would face each other in the land where the King of the End now rested.

Volume 17[edit | edit source]

Godou prepared for battle against Pallas Athena, and the King of the End, realizing it is one month from the anniversary of his becoming a Campione. With the aide of his allies, he tracks down Pallas Athena, and confronted her. They battle, Athena releasing the seal on her divinity, and Godou summoning the Boar. After blows are traded, she reveals that, once the King of the End has been summoned, she plans on unsealing her divine abilities, and transforming into a serpent to fight him to the death, as she hates the idea of being forced to serve the man who stole her powers. Meanwhile, the Wind King, servant of the King of the End, finally tracks down his place of rest, and summons the three gods of Steel captured by the Arrowhead Discus, who together begin the ritual to awaken the King. The King of the End awakened, and Pallas Athena unsealed her power to try and defeat him, but is easily defeated. Godou was able to escape with the aide of Luo Han, who was weakened in the battle, bringing the dying Pallas Athena with them, sealed within Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. Once they had recovered, the group gathered with his allies to try and figure out how to face the King of the End, with the end result being they decided they must uncover the King's real name. While pondering the question of the King's identity, Godou was summoned to the Netherworld by the Princess with the Glass Eyes, who revealed herself to be a Divine Ancestor who was Ancestress to all Hime-Miko, and the King of the End's wife. She showed memories of the past, when the King of the End had been summoned to defeat an ancient Campione, and how she was then summoned as a sacrifice to empower him even more. She then revealed the true name of the King of the End. With this information, Godou began to make a plan to face the King of the End.

Godou prepared as many trump cards as he could think of to defeat the overwhelmingly powerful King of the End. Yuri told him she would be remaining in the Netherworld, as being a world of spirit, using her powers there wouldn't put a strain on her body, as they would on Earth. As Godou returned from his meeting in the Netherworld, he found his allies already battling the King of the End. Godou summoned the power of the Warrior Authority, crafting eight gold swords. The King of the End then offered to let them fight in a place without worry of collateral damage, summoning a flying city Pushpaka Vimana. Godou then used Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi's power to copy Authorities in order to summon a smaller Vimana in order to reach the city. They encountered Lancelot, Sun Wukong, and Perseus, and were able to drive off the Monkey King and Perseus, but Lancelot decided to talk with him instead, and said she thought it wrong that Godou didn't get an Authority from her, because of the King of the End capturing her power, so she offered to serve him instead. While fighting the other two gods of steel, Godou once again used Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi power to copy Rama's Authority over Vimana to temporarily take over Pushpaka Vimana's defenses and drive them away. However, the battles had been enough to use up most of the golden swords Godou had created with his knowledge of Rama's true identity.

Volume 18[edit | edit source]

Volume 19[edit | edit source]

Volume 20[edit | edit source]

Volume 21[edit | edit source]

Anime[edit | edit source]

Godou Kusanagi first appeared in the first episode. He sought to return the Prometheus' Grimoire to Lucretia, and while there, he meets Erica Blandelli, a beautiful blonde girl, who mistakes him for a mage because of his possession of the Grimoire. After their meeting, the pair encounter Verethragna, who (in order to make things interesting) gives them his White Stallion incarnation. The pair then encounter Lucretia, who is exhausted from an earlier battle. She returns the grimoire to Kusanagi, and said it would be much more profitable for it to stay with him. Afterwards, he battled Verethragna by using the grimoire which had Verethragna's "White Stallion" Authority sealed in it against Verethragna so he can then use the grimoire to steal Verethragna's golden sword from his "Warrior" Authority and use it to attack Verethragna with the "Warrior's" power to cut divinity.
In the episode two , Godou, after arriving from his trip, he discovers that Erica came to Japan to stay with him, saying she loves him. In this episode, he also knows Yuri Mariya, a girl from the Jounan College, which happens to be his friend. When they leave college, Mariya and Godou go home together, and this is where Mariya says she knows he is a Demon King (Campione), and asking that he not destroy Japan, but her own. At the same time, Amakasu Touma appears. He tells Godou that Yuri is a Shrine Maiden, and it was he himself who asked for her to approach him. At the same time, he tells Godou that Erica is called Diavola Rossa because dezzeseis with her, she enchants with its beauty any man, and that she is using to Godou for the organization Black-Copper Cross. Upon arriving home, he meets Erica, where for him to believe in their love, they travel to Italy, where there he has a training with Erica to show his strength to three wizards. He confronts the Cuore di Leone, and is the first time using Verethragna Authorities. By winning the fight, he receives the Gorgoneion, a medal he believed that Athena was with him.

Anime and Light Novel Differences[edit | edit source]

Light Novel:

  • Godou met Verethragna in Cagliari and befriended him.
  • Godou used Prometheus' Grimoire to steal the [White Stallion].
  • Godou defeated Verethragna using the power of the [White Stallion].
  • Godou Kusanagi Met Yuri Mariya in Nanao Shrine after he went to Rome and got the Gorgoneion.
  • Godou Kusanagi went to Rome because he got a call from Erica.
  • Godou used the [Wind] authority together with Yuri Mariya so that they could get to where Erica was.
  • Yuri Mariya was the one who kiss Godou to teach him about the two authority of Marquis Voban [Apollo/Phoebus] and [Osiris], so that Godou could use the [Warrior] authority.
  • Godou won his fight with Sasha Dejanstahl Voban, because Voban could no longer capture Yuri and guarantee her safety.
  • When Godou and Erica were on a date, he brought Erica first where he met his old friends before they took off and continued their date.
  • Godou and Erica visited their school after their date was almost over and then got attack by Seishuuin Ena


  • Godou accidentally met Verethragna when the [Boar] appeared.
  • Verethragna gave the [White Stallion] to Godou as a gift.
  • Verethragna was defeated by the [Sword] Godou stole from him using the Prometheus' Grimoire.
  • Godou Met Yuri Mariya in their school before he went to Rome and got the Gorgoneion.
  • Godou Kusanagi went to Rome together with Erica and Arianna, so that Godou will learn more about what Erica really feels about him.
  • Amakasu was the one who fetch Godou and Yuri so that they could help Erica.
  • Erica was the one who teach Godou about the [Apollo/Phoebus] authority of Duke Voban, while Yuri was the one who teach Godou about the [Osiris] authority of Duke Voban.
  • Godou won his fight with Sasha Dejanstahl Voban after the sun rises. (Due to the rules Voban sets)
  • The anime skips the part on were Godou brought Erica in the place where he is meeting his old friends.
  • Ena attack Godou and Erica on the place where he had first fought Athena

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Campione, Godou gained a number of superhuman attributes common among the godslayers.

Immense Magical Energy: In order to fuel an Authority, Godou has reserves of magic energy (aka ki/chi/qi) hundreds of times greater that of a trained mage. By the time of EX, His magical energy is immense enough to supply [Anti-Fated Warrior] with an energy to erase threads of fate on a multiversal scale then immediately use [Camel], [Bull], [White Stallion] and [Ram] consecutively without any breaks.

Immense Magic Resistance: As a Campione, Godou possess an extremely strong resistance to magic. Unless it's an Authority, nothing casted by mortal magic user can pierce through his defense. However, if the spell is injected through potions, gases or oral transmission then his resistance will be much lower. Fortunately, Godou can fend of this with his raw magical energy and authority,

Immense Vitality: Godou's immense lifeforce allows him to shrug off even the deadliest of wounds that would've permanently crippled or outright killed normal human. His body will always be at peak physical health and any wound will heal extremely fast. He can close a deep cut within a short period of time. It also grant him a longevity .

Immense pain tolerance: Godou's body release an adrenaline several hundred times more than normal human to suppress any pain during the fight.

Superhuman Stamina: Due his godslayer physiology and vitality, Godou can perform a fight a prolong battle or exert himself in an intense physical activity for a very long time without any problems. Even before becoming one he has above average stamina due to his baseball background.

Superhuman Durability: Godslayer's bones are harder than the hardest steel on earth. He can handle a fall from 10 meter height with minor discomfort. His skin and muscles are also tougher than a normal human's.

Night Vision: Godou's eyes can see in the dark better than any nocturnal animal.

Instinct: Godou possess extremely sharp instincts, with Doni remarking that his instincts are sharp even amongst godslayers. The only one who can match Godou in this field is Voban, the oldest godslayer.

Brilliant Tactician: Godou is talented in planning any sort of tactics during the fight, he won't averse to any kind of underhand or inelegant tactics. He's also a quick thinker capable of come up with any comebacks in any disadvantageous situation.

Talent in baseball: Godou was an extremely talented baseball player prior to his ascension as a godslayers. He often uses any baseball-related terms during the fight or uses some concept from this sport to shape his golden swords during the battle.

Creativity: Godou is extremely creative and flexible in battle. he can come up with many inventive ways to use his limited authority to its fullest potential. This mindset allows him to exploits [The Persian Warlord] in a way that even the original user like Verethragna can't copy.

As a normal human, he possess an immense amount of luck and extremely good at charming opposite sex.

The Persian Warlord (The Eastern God of War) (Ten Avatars)[edit | edit source]

Godou won all of Verethragna's "Ten Incarnations" after defeating him. However, some Incarnations work only under certain conditions, and all of them can only be used once a day. Currently the time has dropped to half a day. Originally, these Incarnations could not be activated and used at the same time, however, since the fight with the Monkey King, Godou has learned the trick of doing two Incarnations at once.  At first it was extremely painful and draining on Godou to do so, but each time Godou performs the trick, it becomes easier on him to do so. There is confusion as to whether or not the ten incarnations are one or ten Authorities, as it has been called both in the story. Logically if following the rule of one power per god, The Persian Warlord is just one authority that manifests into ten of its gods incarnations for extreme scenarios to win. This would explain why the power of each of the 10 is weaker than a single authority.

Tempest (Gale)[edit | edit source]

The Gale Incarnation gives Godou the power to go anywhere instantly, even traveling between the Netherworld and the world of the living. Even crossing between parallel world is possible with this incarnation. The wind itself have some minor exorcising effects, if the enemies surrounding the summoner is weak the Godou can destroy them with its power.

  • The condition for use is that someone there who knows him personally and is in danger must call out his name to summon him to that location.

Bull[edit | edit source]

From the Bull, Godou gains immense strength, rivalling that of Hercules.

  • Can only be used against something with inhuman strength, like a bear, or an object with a large mass coming at him, like a train or boulder.
  • If he uses on an enemy with superhuman strength, this incarnation will automatically raise his base strength to be the same as his enemy.
  • Bull will scale its power proportionately to the target's size and weight.
  • Godou can inject his magical energy to dramatically increase his already enhanced physical strength.
  • When facing someone with strength within human means, like a body builder, "Bull" won't activate.

Bull Incantations:

  • "For I am strongest amoungst the strong. Truly, I am one that holds each and every victory. I care not whom challenges me, whether man or devil; I may face all my foes and all my enemies. Regardless, I shall crush all those who wouldst stand in my way!"
  • "O' mighty bull that possesseth the horns of shining gold, grant me your aid!"
  • "As the one who holds all victory in my hands, I am the strongest. Man and devil—all enemies, all who harbor enmity will be vanquished. Hence I shall smash through all enemies in my way!"

White Stallion[edit | edit source]

By using the White Stallion, Godou is able to summon a pseudo sun to shoot a spear of light at his enemy. A flame from white stallion is equal in power to the solar flare.

  • It can only be used against those who have committed great sins against the people.
  • It is considered Godou's most potent attack.
  • Godou even once used himself as the target of the attack in order to defeat True Lord Erlang, as despite his kind personality he has destroyed a great deal of public property.
  • Godou can shape its flame into a burning horse running at its enemy.
  • A flame from this avatar is capable of burning a conceptual manifestation of fate.
  • This incarnation's upper limit is unknown, the strongest one is said to be an explosion on the scale of the universe, capable of incinerating the an endless territory of the goddess of destiny.
  • If used in conjunction with the Warrior Authority, it can allow the swords to merge with the Stallion to achieve the speed of light and become a wide area attack that can fire the blades miles away.

White Stallion Incantations:

  • "Come to me, for the victory! Immortal Sun, lend me a quick, shining steed. Fire of the Sun that dispels the dark, may it engulf you!" (Anime Only)
  • "Glorious lord of the sun, Mithra be praised! To conquer all enemies, pray bestow upon my strongest self thousands of light and thousands of swords!"
  • "For victory, hasten forth before me! O Immortal Sun, I beseech thee to grant radiance to the stallion. O Stallion that moveth godlike with wondrous grace, bringest forth the halo of thy master!" (Light Novel)

Camel[edit | edit source]

Camel gives Godou an increase in combat abilities, leg strength, defense, battle instincts, and self-recovery. Godou can send magical power to his foot as he kick causing an explosion.

  • Stated to be one of the Incarnations most associated with Earth, along with the Bull.
  • The condition to allow it to be used is that Godou must suffer a certain level of injury.

Camel Incantations:

  • "Every sinner shall tremble before my power. Now is the time, that I obtain the toughness of ten mountains, the strength of a hundred rivers, and the power of a thousand camels! Upon my mighty self, I shall bear the symbol of the raging camel!" (Light Novel)
  • "All evildoers, tremble before my strength... Upon my mighty self, I shall bear the symbol of the raging camel"(Light Novel)
  • "For I am gallant, and what I display is the sigil of the fierce Camel!" '(Anime Only)

Boar[edit | edit source]

Summons a giant boar Divine Beast, which is believed to embody Godou's destructive impulses, to trample everything in its path.  Its power seems to surpass that of normal Divine Beasts, being an Incarnation of a god rather than its servant, allowing it enough power to injure or possibly even slay Heretic Gods.

  • It must be targeted at a large structure or enemy for the Incarnation to be activated.
  • While in use, Godou gains increased speed, defense, and strength, but it can only be used in a direct charge.
  • Its roar is powerful enough to create shockwaves capable of shattering glass and damaging nearby buildings. At full power, these roars can even scatter the clouds in the sky.
  • The Boar can be used as an attack or as a steed.
  • The Boar can cover its body in intensely burning flames.
  • If Godou attempts to banish it before its purpose is fulfilled, it might fight against him. This indicates Godou has yet to fully master that Authority.
  • The boar can survive in space, since he's send into the moon along with Lancelot as a final attack against Hanuman.

Boar Incantations:

  • "May his spine be crushed; may his bones be broken, his tendons torn, his hair ripped from his skull; may his blood, spilled over the earth, be churned into a bloody froth. I shall become one who buries fangs into the sinner's flesh, that the will of the Lord be followed: Thou shalt be purged!"
  • "Thus speaketh Lord Mithra. The sinful shall be met with justice. May spines be crushed, may bones be broken, tendons torn; hair brains and blood mingled and trampled together with the earth! The one unblunted and unapproachable! Oath breaking sinners be purged by the iron hammer of justice!"
  • "The Boar shall ravage you! The Boar shall exterminate you!"
  • "This is my boast of victory over the gods, the paean of my strength!"
  • "This is my taunt at the gods, who are my foes!"
  • "This is my declaration of defiance, in order to grasp my godslaying strength!"
  • "I am the foe of all gods! I am the usurper of divine strength!"
  • "The bearer of sharp tusks! Killing with one stroke, trampling foes to dust!"
  • "As the king commanded, punish the sinners! Shatter his back, pull out his bones, his hair, his brains. Punish him for breaking the contract!" (Anime Only)
  • "For one cannot come near you with ease! Punish him for breaking the contract! Destroy Everything, including the stage!" (Anime Only)
  • "Shatter her back, pull out her bones, her hair, her brains. She must receive divine punishment, for breaking the contract!"

Adolescent (Youth)[edit | edit source]

Allows Godou to enter a calm state of mind and grant the divine protection of the god of Victory to others, giving them the vitality of a Campione, and magical protection.

  • The ritual requires Godou to breathe the protection into the target via kissing, this process causes intense pleasure which Godou has mistaken for pain.
  • People under the protection of the Youth can harness it to gain increased abilities.
  • The condition is that the kissing partner must let go of her worldly bonds and pledge her soul to follow Godou for all eternity or else the Youth will not be in effect.
  • It is unknown if it also grants the power to give them absolute orders, as Verethragna could.
  • The blessing of victory is powerful enough to even revive the girls when they seemed to be near death to a fully recovered state, five years later when Hikari received it she was able to destroy a god's protection, something she said she couldn't do normally.
  • This incarnation not only gives a blessing but also heals all wounds, condition problems such as poisoning or disease, it can even rescue someone from death if used on the corpse.
  • When using the [Young] the person obtains an ability to evolve by awakening their dormant potential or evolve their powers that they already have, Erica receiving it for the first time was able to obtain enhanced powers to compete with an Ena possessed by Ama no Murakumo, the The next time she used it, it not only improved her abilities but also awakened the sleeping ritual of annihilation in her, Yuri gained new spiritual powers that she did not know she had, Hikari upon receiving it was able to use Disaster Purification at such a level of that can erase the power of a god-class being. It seems that the powers obtained during a state are not lost after the effect passes and can be used only that having a lower magic power they cannot use it at the same level
  • In EX the Young Godou got older enough that he can deliver the blessing of victory through blood as well as kisses.
  • He is able to make an object blessed with his blood that can share his blessing with various people by creating an [Army of Victory]. This sale is powerful enough that he can even reverse the investment of the powerful god Zurvan's time.

Youth Incantation:

  • "Hurry up and swear! Stay by my side no matter what... Even if life is coming to an end, even if the world itself is coming to an end, even if it means battling all the gods, stay by my side forever!"
  • "I come for victory. I come for the sake of support, for the sake of healing, for the sake of justice, for the sake of good life. Welcome my coming with adoration! O my retainers, I disapprove of death without my approval. The divine protection of the sacred god of war won’t recognize even the tranquility of death. Savor the special privilege and suffering of the chosen, together with me……!"

Bird of Prey (Raptor)[edit | edit source]

The Raptor Form gives Godou godspeed, or god-like speed, as well as a body of extreme lightness. It can also slow him down just as much.

  • The condition in using this is that he must be attacked by a quick strike exceeding normal parameters or stating the chant. (Things like bullets, ambushed by crazed wild beasts, or an attack from an accomplished martial artist are sufficient to activate the Raptor.)
  • While using this Form, as long as he can carry it with his two hands, objects will become light as well.
  • If Godou over uses this ability, it will cause him extreme chest pain and paralysis.  A short use, however, doesn't cause this problem.
  • Normally moving at god-like speeds would cause complications such as air friction. However, regular speed is simply moving from point A to point B, whereas 'god-speed' is really the ability to move from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible, allowing users to defy the laws of physics, such as slowing their speed of descent.
  • In vol. 17 he learn to temporaly deactivate this authority. During this deactivation time he does not feel the aftereffects of the raptor, and he can istantly reactivate it to dodge or to escape.
  • He learn how to disable its speed, leaving only lightness and agility to avoid its backlash to his heart and body.

Raptor Incantations:

  • "Fear of the winged, both the evil and the powerful, all shall fear I who hold these feathered wings. My wings will bring you curse and just desserts!"
  • "Those that are evil, and those that are strong, fear me, for i have wings. For my wings will punish you for your curse. and those that are evil will not be able to touch me!" (Anime only)

Ram[edit | edit source]

The Ram offers miraculous powers of recovery that allows him to resurrect himself from the dead, and recover from his injuries in the process.

  • The effect is not instantaneous, and it will take some time before he awakens. Two and a half hours has been the fastest time.
  • If Godou's body has been completely destroyed. Ram will bypass its delayed time and instantly heal Godou's body back to its perfect state. However, he won't regain his consciousness for a while.
  • It must be activated before the moment he dies, or he will die permanently.

Goat[edit | edit source]

The Goat grants absolute control over Lightning, allows him to listen to the hearts of the people, and bestows to him priestly authority, great magical power and wisdom. While this form doesn't possess destructive capability on the same level as white stallion. Its lightning can penetrate through godslayer and gods magic resistance. This also grants him the ability of Psychic Sensing.

  • Godou may only use this power if there are people at the location who wish to stand with him and be his strength, only then will it activate.
  • This form is exclusively specialize in controlling lighting and magic, thus it can overwhelm other authority that has broader control over weather, such as, Voban's [Strum und Drang]. Seizing control over Enemy's lighting or lighting clouds is possible.
  • He can transform lighting into a different shapes such as a giant dome as big as Tokyo dome by absorbing Marquis Voban's lighting.
  • To truly wield its power, Godou must act as a king towards those people (which backfired and he was seen as a Frightful Devil King).
  • It was mentioned that the Goat avatar not only drains energy from both the user and the companions but also drains them of their "life force," making it potentially lethal if used too much. It can also affect a large number of people depending on the power used.

Goat Incantations:

  • "O Guardian of the righteous, I invite you and offer sacrifice. O Guardian of the righteous, I praise you, and beseech you. One who supports the sky and Develops new land, the one who grants victory and grace, I will perform justice, please grant me the right path and light! "
  • "One who supports the heavens and the spreads throughout earth! Those who bestow grace and victory. Show me the proper path, for I am noble!"
  • "By the power of the spell words, I sing the hymn to victory!"
  • "By the art of spell words I vanquish adherents of injustice and evil! This is the heavenly mandate of victory!"
  • "O lightning! O lightning! I am the conqueror who vanquished a thousand with a hundred, vanquished ten thousand with a thousand, and vanquished tens of thousands with ten thousand. Now for the sake of I who stand on the side of justice, release bright and shining brilliance, and grant me divine power!" (Light Novel)

Warrior[edit | edit source]

Allows Godou to create countless Golden Swords that have the ability to remove the divinity of any God, making them a mortal, thus negating their divine Authorities.

  • Godou can only use it if he has sufficient knowledge of the enemy, or the divinity the enemy's Authority is drawn from.
  • The Golden Sword is made to fit the specific god (or the Authority of the god in the case of a Campione) he is facing, using the knowledge of that god.
  • If necessary, the Golden Sword can be adapted to affect a second god, though only if the two gods share enough characteristics such as both being earth gods or gods of steel. However, the sword will be less effective on the second god. Adapting it like this is difficult and draining for Godou.
  • If the Heretic God manifests different aspects of itself, the sword created will only be able to negate one aspect of the god, leaving the other untouched.
  • It is suggested that the sword can exorcise Heretic Gods from those they possess.
  • The Golden Sword can also be made into an organism such as a ferocious Golden Snake, the Golden Snake can also be use as a steed to use to fly.
  • Also grants him increased combat skills by allowing him to see through his enemies' attacks and magic, magnifying a Campione's natural's instincts.
  • The power of the Warrior can be combined with the Authority of the White Stallion to create a Blade of Light, infusing the blades with the power of the Sun, and increasing their speed to that of light-speed, surpassing even regular godspeed.
  • Combining his power with Mariya Yuri's spirit vision. Godou can change a target for his existing portion of his swords. It allows him to target many gods at once. After more than a decade of fighting, Godou is now capable of adding another target to the existing sword without any need to rely on Yuri.
  • He can lend his sword to other individual.

Warrior Incantations:

  • "Heed the power of my words, let justice reveal itself, under the strength and eloquence of this incantation, for strength is ever victorious, for strength is the answer to all things." (Light Novel)
  • "Manifesting justice in this world through these spell words of mine! Divine might indeed resides in my oratory incantation!"
  • "O Sword, shine with brilliance for the sake of my victory and justice!"
  • "I am the dragon of injustice, the strongest and the most wicked of butchers! The sword that protects the men and women of righteousness, obey me!"
  • "Both eloquent and powerful. I am the sword of wisdom, that which tears foes apart. I am the strongest, for I am the one holding all victory in my hands. I shall smash through all enemies in my way!"
  • "All evil things fear me! Unjust beings of power cannot defeat me!--for I am the strongest, able to break all barriers!"
  • "By the skills with which I wield spell words, may justice of the world manifest!"
  • "I am the strongest bearer of victory! Obstructions, be dismissed from my path!"
  • "Evildoers shall never triumph over me! Tremble before the greatness of my stength!"
  • "For Verethragna's glorious victory, O Sword, slay all evildoers!"
  • "I am the strongest, the one smashing through all enemies in my way!"
  • "I am the strongest, I shall smash through all enemies in my way. O blade belonging to the savior of the righteous, fragments of the glorious sun. Hereby serve the incarnation of victory!"
  • "Using words of power, I bring forth justice in this world! Powerful and eloquent are these enchanting words. For they are powerful and bring forth victory! For they are powerful and bring forth healing! " (Anime Only)

Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi[edit | edit source]

The sword of Susanoo and wielding Authority over Weather and Storm, Godou gained this Authority/Divine Artifact when the god went out of control from Ena's Divine Possession and destroyed the manifestation completely with the Boar.

Campione BR SS7 cover.jpg

Besides its Authority over weather, and embodying Steel, its full range of powers are unknown. However, Godou now has the ability to summon Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi at will, communicate with it telepathically, store it within his right arm, and lend it to Ena. Ena has used it to create a wall of swords.

As one of its Authorities, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi has the ability to copy Authorities used in its presence. This allows it to take the power of an Authority that touches Godou or one of Godou's own Authorities, and either redirect it, or create new abilities from it. In the case of the Goat Authority, with its power over lightning, it used it to create Magnetism powerful enough to hurl Sun Wukong into the uppermost reaches of the atmosphere. It can also copy Authorities used in its presence, such as when it summoned a Vimana for Godou to ride in.


  • "It was here at this place, that Susanoo led a thousand unruly deities in rebellion. A thousand swords standing upon the earth, used as city walls to defend against the enemies." (AMT) 'Here! Namely, the Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi! The steel that breaks a thousand blades!"

Authorities[edit | edit source]

  1. Weather and Storm Manipulation
  1. Authority of Steel (Steel body, swordsmanship, etc.)
  1. Authority of Conquest (Negate/Penetrate or Absorb Magical & spirit Powers/Spells & Lift        Curses/Vanquishes Evil and Transform/Fuse Authorities of Owner and Copy Enemy Authorities)

Transformed/Fusion Authorities[edit | edit source]

  • Boar (Avatar of destruction) - Causes the Boar to gain an armor of Steel and Sword Tusks that can be launched as projectiles.
  • Goat (Lightning) - Magnetism
  • Warrior (God-slaying sword) - Temporarily negate Divine Artifacts
  • Wind (Teleportation) - Transform the wielder into a warrior and sword made of living wind. Its also can make the user move like wind. This ability is called Sword of Wind.
  • White Stallion (Sun) - A fragment of the sun in the form of a sword.

Copied Authorities:[edit | edit source]

Campione v7 305.jpg

  • Body of Steel - Constricting Circlet (Magic ring of metal that can bind even gods, no matter their strength).
  • Dragon's Roar and Tiger's Howl (Wind Manipulation) - Shockwave used to increase power of blows.
  • Black Lightning : Grants him godspeed rivalling that of Raptor's. Can either be used on him or the sword.
  • Dragon Taming - Ability to summon and control dinosaur based Divine Beasts.
  • Summon Vimana - Summons Vimana, a flying chariot.
  • Sword of Salvation - Power to use the same level of power that the Sword of Salvation Rama.
  • Control Pushpaka Vimana - Exert partial control over Pushpaka Vimana.
  • Time Traveling - Opens a time portal to the past.
  • [Warrior] - Create an inferior version of Verethragna's 10th incarnation.

Storm Bringer (Black Blade) / Sword of The Beginning and The End[edit | edit source]

Campione v13 257-0.jpg

Combining gifts from goddesses Athena and Circe grants Godou the wisdom of goddess and witches that enable Godou to master the ritual of destruction and rebirth. Due to it being multiple Authorities combined, even Verethragna finds it hard to seal using his Authority.

  • Pseudo Blackhole: This authority imitates the events where the star reaches its end, resulting in a miniature black hole that consumes everything in existence. The suction force from this authority is immense, it can consume an entire island when it was still incomplete. Similar to the actual black hole, the dark sphere generate by this authority can bend the law of physics like the real thing but on a smaller scale. Normally, it takes a while until the authority reaches its peak, it is possible to hasten the process by pouring double amount of energy into it.
  • Gravity Manipulation (Limited): By stabbing Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi into the ground, Godou can increase the gravity around that area as he pleased. However, he can only increase the force of gravity not lightening it.


  • "Lend unto me the skills of the witch...goddess! Those that summon storms...A thousand dragons, a thousand snakes. Gather now to become a blade!"

Charge of White Knight (Lost)[edit | edit source]

Campione v17 BW09.PNG

Lancelot du Lac: After Lancelot pledged her loyalty to Godou, she became one of his Authorities, much like Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. It has a limit of 10 minutes to fight with all its power, usually is dissociated in the form of wind or clouds protecting Godou.

Godou released a contract between him and Lancelot, so that she can remain in the world where King of the end is Mithras. Lancelot bounded herself to Godou and Erica's children and remained as house Blandeli's guardian spirit.


"O wind, swiftly convey the king’s edict. I command as king. Come to fight as my spear, Lancelot du Lac!"

Sun stealer (Hanuman's Shadow)[edit | edit source]

The authority he obtained from slaying the white monkey god of wind and Rama's retainer Hanuman. This authority allows Godou to summon storms and a giant shadow in the shape of Hanuman.

  • Heat and light absorption: This power is derived from the story where Hanuman tried to eat the sun as a child. It allows Godou to consume every attacks that emits light and heat, not only that, but Godou also gains an ability to manipulate the stolen attack at his leisure. It can be used as prison to seal an enemy with fire or light attributes too. However, if the target are too powerful, they can overwhelm the shadow and destroy it.
  • Avatar generation: As a shadow of the wind gods, the shadowy figured of Hanuman can interact with physical object or provide an assistance to Godou during the fight.
  • Flight: As an authority of the wind, it can fly on the sky.


  • "The name of mine father is Vayu. Mine name, his child, is Hanuman. Oo, I seek for that far away light and heat, now I dash up the celestial path!"
  • "Riding the wind of my father Vayu, I Hanuman steal the sun!"
  • "──Once upon a time, there was a monkey named Hanuman in India. That guy is a son of a wind god and can fly freely in the sky. He can even fly to the sun to try eating it."
  • "So you can’t be talked with. Do it Hanuman!"

Anti-Fate warrior[edit | edit source]

The authority he obtained from slaying the bearer of fate. It grants him a partial authority over fate.

  • Anti-Destiny: The true essence of this authority, a power to oppose fate. Godou reset all the future events dictated by the fabric of fate via this authority. The range of power is immense, since it affects almost a limitless number of parallel universes. When he used this authority in the domain of the bearer of fate, the tales woven on the patterns are erased one by one, allowing the future to be uncertain.
  • Destiny manipulation (Limited): Using this authority, Godou has a power over the string of destiny. He can chose to remove or change the target's destiny. However, this is only a part of the whole power, thus Godou is incapable of weaving or creating the fate with this authority.
  • Destiny Perception: As the holder of a power over fate, Godou can see the destiny of every beings in existence including gods. If he allows it, he can grant this ability to someone else. It also increase Godou's understanding on the underlying principal of the world, giving him an ability to retain his memory of Pandora similar to JPS.
  • Dimensional Crossing (Limited): As an authority of fate, Godou is granted a direct access to an area where destiny are being woven within the netherworld.


  • "Come Apart"
  • "Snap"
  • "Come"
  • "Be destroyed, gate of destiny. I shall cut open my own path by myself."

Possession[edit | edit source]

Temple of Infinite Time: After the battle against Verethragna and Zurvan, Godou takes custody of the place after the Zurvan's demise. This place is a singularity exists outsides of time and space. A truly unique place that doesn't connect to any sort of parallel universes. It is a temple like structure placing on top of a floating asteroid. The sky of the Temple of Infinite Time here had the stars of the universe and the blue earth floating in it.

There's three known ways to reach this place.

  1. Through the pathway exists somewhere within the netherworld.
  1. Through a spatial distortion created by the master of this temple, Zurvan.
  1. Through the use of Verethragana's first avatar, [Gale].

Godou uses this temple as his own base of operation and a place of repose for those who traverse the multiverses. This is a place where Godou and Erica hope that they might encounter their own children once again.

Divine Sword of Salvation

In Campione! Lord of Realms, Godou now has a Divine Sword of Salvation and is planning to use his authority of Anti-Fate to use the Covenant Law that allows his power to multiply and allows him to use the sword of Devil King Extermination even though he is a Campione.

Important battles[edit | edit source]

Godou Kusanagi and Erica Blandelli vs Verethragna = Victory

Godou Kusanagi vs Melqart (first time) = Defeat

Godou Kusanagi and Erica Blandelli vs Melqart (second time) = Draw

Godou Kusanagi vs Lord Salvatore Doni = Defeat

Godou Kusanagi and Erica Blandelli vs Lord Salvatore Doni = Draw

Godou Kusanagi vs Erica Blandelli = Victory

Godou Kusanagi vs Athena = Defeat

Godou Kusanagi and Erica Blandelli vs Athena = Victory

Godou Kusanagi, Erica Blandelli, Liliana Kranjcar and Yuri Mariya vs Sasha Dejanstahl Voban = Draw

Godou Kusanagi vs Perseus / Mitra = Defeat

Godou Kusanagi and Liliana Kranjcar vs Perseus / Mitra = Victory

Godou Kusanagi and Yuri Mariya vs Luo Hao = Defeat

Godou Kusanagi and Yuri Mariya vs Luo Hao (second time) = Draw

Godou Kusanagi, Luo Hao and John Pluto Smith vs Son Goku Brothers = Victory

Godou Kusanagi vs Uldin = Draw

Devil King Civil War (Battle Royal)

Godou Kusanagi vs Luo Hao = Anti Climax

Godou Kusanagi and Madame Aisha vs John Pluto Smit and Black Prince Alec = Anti Climax

Godou Kusanagi and Madame Aisha vs John Pluto Smit and Black Prince Alec vs Perseus / Mitra, Hanuman, and Son Goku= Madame Aisha Defeat, John Pluto Smit, Perseus / Mitra, Hanuman, and Son Guko Sent to 12000 years ago by Fairy's Corridor Madame Aisha, Black Prince Alec hide inside his "Labyrinth" and Godou Kusanagi win

Godou Kusanagi vs Luo Hao (second time)= Anti Climax

Godou KusanagiMadame Aisha, John Pluto Smith and Black Prince Alec vs Luo Hao (Third time)= Anti Climax

Godou Kusanagi and Madame Aisha vs Sasha Dejanstahl Voban = Victory

War Outcome:

Final War (Last Devil-King Vs King of End)

Godou Kusanagi vs Hanuman  = Anti Climax

Godou Kusanagi vs Hanuman and Lakshmana = Win (Laksmana Retreat and Hanuman Slayed)

Godou Kusanagi vs Prince Rama (king of end)  = Anti Climax

Godou Kusanagi vs Verethragna  = Anti Climax

Godou Kusanagi and Rama vs Bearer of Fate = Win


Godou Kusanagi vs Verethragna = Anti Climax (First round) (Escaped to 19th century)

Godou Kusanagi vs Verethragna and Zurvan = Lose (Spare by Veretharagna) (Zurvan killed by Veretharagna)

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Godou means "safeguard, protect" (護) (go) and "hall" (堂) (dou).
  • Godou's surname Kusanagi means "grass, herb, weed" (草) (kusa) and "mow" (薙) (nagi).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Godou claims to not be related to the famous Kusanagi clan from the legend of Susanoo and Yamato Orochi, though they share the same name.
    • While this may be true, Godou still became master of the legendary Kusanagi Sword, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi.
  • Godou is the only Campione known to have gained so many different Authorities from a single Heretic God.
    • Originally, it was established that Godou's ten abilities were each a different Authority, but later volumes suggest that it may be a single Authority with ten manifestations. There is, as yet, no clear cut answer.
      • The author has finally given official lists of the Campione's Authorities, and has stated it is a single Authority.
    • Because the power Godou got from Verethragna is spread out to so many different manifestations, it appears that each one is slightly weaker than those Authorities which have only one form.  In the case of Uldin's authority that he usurped from Rudra, it is equal to Kusanagi's third authority of the stallion, but Uldin isn't restricted by the number of uses per day. .
  • Godou is the only Campione shown to be able to combine his Authorities to allow him to gain new benefits from them.
  • The personality of the Boar is stated to be a manifestation of Godou's destructive side.
  • There is presently some uncertainty whether Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi is an Authority, a weapon, or an ally of Godou's.
    • It seems to be some combination of all three, it grants him abilities unique to it, can be used as a sword (or lent to others, such as when he lent to Ena to fight Guinevere), and has its own independent mind and personality.
    • It has also been considered to be a higher grade divine artifact.
  • On Athena's deathbed, she gave Godou something. A piece of Athena's divine wisdom.
    • This allowed him to, in conjunction with Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, to unleash the power of Excalibur. A power sufficient to destroy a tropical island.
    • It is unknown if this is the only use, or if it can reveal more secrets to Godou.
    • On her deathbed, Circe did something similar, giving Godou something special, the nature of which has yet to be revealed.
      • She did so because she was sufficiently injured by Black Prince Alec that she did not believe Godou would gain an Authority from her, and she wanted at least a piece of herself to remain with him.
      • It was revealed to be Dawn's Secret Archives.
  • Godou appears to be the only Campione who is concerned about others, and their thoughts and feelings.
    • Though being a teenager he "does" make mistakes when he's concerned.
    • Aisha also appears to care for others.
  • Both of Godou's sword Authorities seem to be focused on countering Authorities in some way.
    • [Warrior] can severe Authorities while Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi can absorb Authorities.
  • The reason Godou didn't get Authorities from defeating Sun Wukong or Lancelot is because it has been revealed that Guinevere stole their power for her own purposes.
  • The White Stallion can be negated by other Authorities drawn from Solar dieties.
  • On her deathbed, Circe prophecied that Godou would gain another divine sword, a white one to balance out the black sword of Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi.
  • Godou is one of four Campione called the 'New Generation.'
  • Godou is the only Campione known to have been gifted with powers 'without' having to kill a Heretic God at full power.
    • Twice at that.
  • It is currently speculated that his servant Lancelot du Lac is the "white blade" that the goddess Circe prophesied because of the words said during the battle of Godou and Rama ,the war god Lancelot du Lac turned into "white lightning".
  • Godou is shown to be mostly left handed (anime).
  • He used to be a pitcher until he suffered a very bad injury.
  • According to the potion dream, in the near future, Godou would still be in a relationship with the girls (whether married or not is rather unknown.)
    • Godou also seemingly became bolder, getting all the girls to wear maid outfit without much problems and was not the first time he made them wear just outfit.
    • It also appear that all four of the girls (beside Ena and Yuri) seem to live in different houses.
    • Godou seem to have strong connection with a Saint due to having a meeting with him in a hotel.

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