A powerful spell in the Campione series.


The Golgatha spell is one of the most powerful spells available to humans.  It invokes the feelings of hatred and despair from Jesus Christ's lamentation when he died on the Cross at Golgatha. It, and Liliana's Song of the Bow, are the only spells available to humans shown to be able to harm Heretic Gods.

Both the Song of the Bow and Golgatha are sometimes called David, as they originate from King David's Psalms in the Bible. This suggests that they may be variants of the same spell, with different manifestations. Both were learned from the Grimoire The Book in Praise of David's Great Works.


When cast by Erica, the spell transforms her sword Cuore di Leone into a copy of the Lance of Longinus which pierced the side of Christ after his death, granting it the power to pierce even gods.

This spell words also provides the caster with a powerful magic of restraint/control/rule. As commanded by the caster, here for Erica, when she commanded for her opponent's sight & breathing, the opponent becomes blind and their heart stops