Hikari Mariya
Hikari Mariya
Age 17 (Series End)
Gender Female
Ethnicity Japanese
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Yuri Mariya (Older Sister)
Princess with Crystal Eyes
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Rank Hime-Miko
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Ai Kakuma
English Voice Meg McDonald

Hikari Mariya is the younger sister of Yuri Mariya, and a Hime-Miko (apprentice level).


Hikari looks like a younger version of her sister Yuri, though with short brown hair and brown eyes.


While she the younger sister of Yuri, Hikari is a much less serious person, with a great deal of playfulness nature as she like to tease people, including her older sister. While Hikari is train in the same style of Hime-Miko AS Yuri, Hikari still understand how the modern world work much better than her older sister and Ena. Despite her child-like nature, Hikari hides a very cunning mind who is not above manipulating events to get what she wants, something similar to that of Erica. After being saved by Godou, Hikari showed strong feelings towards him, even standing up against the four girls when he was being scolded and show a desire to be a concubine.



Light Novel (Spoilers)Edit

Volume 6:Edit

Hikari Mariya used her sister Yuri's cellphone to call Godou in order to put off a young man from one of the Four Families who was relentlessly trying to recruit her to being the Hime-Miko of the temple under his guardianship, so she could not simply tell him no and needed the aid of someone whom even he could not ignore or override; a Campione. They are convinced to take a look and see what Hikari would be getting into and go to visit the Monkey King who was sealed within the temple.
After meeting the Monkey King, they were attacked by the Campione Luo Hao, who wished to fight and defeat the Monkey King, and forced Hikari to start unsealing the Monkey King using the sword Zanryuuto. After a short battle, Hikari, Yuri, and Godou, escaped into another part of the Netherworld and eventually returned to the surface with the help of Godou's Wind Authority.
Godou once again fought Luo Hao, in order to prevent the Monkey King's seal from being broken. Luo Hao overwhelmed him with her skill in Daoist Arts and martial arts of the highest order, until Godou tricked her and was able to strike a stunning blow, turning a loss into a draw.
However, the Monkey King's seal had been sufficiently diminished that he was able to escape and possess Hikari, revealing himself to be the Heretic God Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Journey to the West.

Volume 7:Edit

Hikari’s body is possessed by Sun Wukong for the majority of Volume 7 and she was not conscious during most of that time.

Hikari was awakened within Sun Wukong’s stomach as Sun Wukong and Godou battled it out, unknown to her that Godou and the Onee-sans were planning to save her. Only when her sister communicated with her through her new power gained from [Youth]’s [Protection] and told her that they were there to save her. Knowing this and watching them trying to save her from within Sun Wukong; she tried to help them, Godou and the Onee-sans, by stopping Sun Wukong's movement for just a moment so Godou could hit him, which he did when Hikari stopped Sun Wukong at that moment. When Godou finally saved Hikari, he orders her to help the others move to a safer location so he can battle it out with the Heretic God, to which she complied.
When the battle was over, the girls returned to where Godou was just as Luo Hao says her good-byes to him as her sworn brother. This surprises the Onee-sans and causes them to start (verbally) attacking Godou. Hikari defends him, at the same time showing she was interested in Godou to the other Onee-sans, unknown to Godou of course.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 2: (This chapter takes place a week after Volume 7; present day, current timeline of Campione!) Hikari and her sister, Yuri, made a short appearance in this chapter as they led Godou to their shrine. As one of the female acquaintance claim to be one of the Four Families, she rudely demanded that the Mariya sisters call out the devil king of Japan so she could meet him. Being confused as to why they should demand such thing when they are standing next to him, the Mariya sisters glanced at the Campione in question, who was looking troubled  while shaking his head. Hikari instantly replied with her quick wit stating that they were forbidden to tell them. Hikari then stated that the family that the young lady claimed to be part of had not selected their heir yet. Upon hearing this, that young lady started getting angry but at the same time her confidence in her words and actions started to become a mess. Soon, however, the elder sister Yuri silenced everyone with just a look and started lecturing and scolding the young lady from one of the Four Families, claiming and stating that her manner and behavior is unbefitting to her family and that they should leave their shrine immediately. Unable to talk back (the young lady from one of the four families), Godou used this opportunity to help his female acquaintance leave the shrine without much trouble.
Chapter 5: (Present day, current timeline of Campione!) In this Chapter, Hikari made a brief appearance while trying to convince her sister to working alongside Godou at his part-time job.

Volume 9:Edit

Hikari made a brief appearance in Volume 9 while visiting her sister at the school festival.

Volume 10:Edit

Hikari was mentioned in Volume 10 for using her Disaster Purification to help counter Lancelot's Insane Rush.

Volume 12:Edit

Hikari made a brief appearance in Volume 12 while helping out Godou and her sister and their companions defeat a Divine Artifacts known as “The Crown of Saturnalia” to prevent the revive of the [Heretic God] Saturnus. After the battle, Hikari along with Godou’s other acquaintances was invited over to his house for the Christmas Party.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Hikari is a Hime-Miko with the rare power of Disaster Purification, which allows her to cancel and negate magical effects and powers. This ability will not work to the full extent on the Authorities of Campione or Heretic Gods, though it can diminish their power slightly.


  • Hikari's mother is not a Hime-Miko and has no magical powers.
  • Hikari (like her sister) is stated to be a descendant of a Divine Ancestor, a former Mother Goddess defeated and cast down from her divinity.

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