Hime-Miko speel

Hime-Miko are women descended from divine ancestors, inheriting many of their spiritual powers.


Hime-Miko (Princess Shrine Maiden) are those Miko of the greatest ability, and are descendents of Divine Ancestors, former earth mother goddesses.  They are accorded very high ranks among the magical societies that they are part of.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hime-Miko have a wide variety of innate powers, from the Spirit Vision possessed by Yuri Mariya which grants her a form of clairvoyance, to Divine Possession possessed by Ena Seishuuin which allows her to temporarily channel the power of a god. Unlike spells, which must be learned, Hime-Miko powers appear to be innate, and not abilities that can be learned by others.  They can also learn some magic, but focus more on their innate abilities.

Known Hime-Miko AbilitiesEdit

Spirit Vision
Grants the knowledge of the Memories of the Void, that lay within the Netherworld. This allows knowledge of the past, and possessors may use this knowledge to subconsciously make predictions of the future.
Divine Possession (aka Advent Magic)
Allows the user to channel power from a god through their body.
  • Ena in Divine Possession
  • If used in the Netherworld, the user may be taken over by the divine power within them.
Disaster Purification

Allows the user to cancel and negate magical effects and powers.

  • May even weaken Authorities, though cannot completely counter them.
Spirit Sensing
Allows one to perceive things without the limitations of physical eyes and ears.
  • Also allows communication at distance.(Telepathy)
Spirit Pacification
Spirit Body/ Ectoplasm
Future Telling(prophesy)
Name Concealment - Erases memories

Known Hime-MikoEdit


  • Hime-Miko in Japan use a style of martial arts called Shuto Ancient Style.
  • Hime-Miko have the potential to become Witches.
    • They don't in order to specialize in their innate abilities.
  • The differences between Witches and Hime-Miko seems to be what they focus on.
    • If they focus on their innate abilities, they are Hime-Miko.
    • If they focus on spellcasting, they are Witches.
  • It appears that, the more powerful the Hime-Miko is, the less physical stamina, and the worse their general health tends to be.
    • Ena (and Kaoru) seem to be exceptions to this.