The History Compilation Committee is a Mage Association in Campione!


The History Compilation Committee is an organization devoted to controlling all supernatural events in Japan, and hiding their existence from the normal people through manipulation of the media (hence the name). The Committee uses Shuto Ancient Style as their primary martial arts.


The History Compilation Committee was founded during the Meiji period by one of the Four Families, Sayanomiya.

The "Four Families" ExplanationEdit

"Seishuuin, Kuhoutsuka, Renjou, Sayanomiya -- these are the four ancient families that have been using their magical powers to serve the emperors over the ages. Amongst them, the Seishuuin were distinguished by battle strength and political power, while the Sayanomiya has formed the core think tank of the History Compilation Committee as explained by Yuri Mariya [Novel: Volume 5].

In other words, if the History Compilation Committee were a company, the Four Families are like the CEO of their own department in that company, each with their own manner of conducting business.  All members have enormous political authority within the magical culture of Japan.

Known MembersEdit

  • Kusanagi Godou (Former Honorary Leader)