John Pluto Smith aka Annie Charlton
Annie Charlton
Novel Illustration (Volume 7)
Kana アニー·チャールトン
Romaji Anī Chāruton
Age 27
Gender Female
Ethnicity American (Caucasian)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Other Names John Pluto Smith
Equipment Fairy Forged Revolver


  • Artemis Arrows x 6 (At Most)
  • Metamorphosis
  • Mastery of Faerie
  • Formless Spawn
Personal Status
Relatives Pandora (Adoptive Mother)
Affiliations Sorcerous Sacrilege Investigation (Associate)
Rank Campione
Fairy King
Voice Actor

John Pluto Smith (Annie Charlton) is a Campione and the masked superhero of Los Angeles.


A serious minded individual, although she tends to be a bit of a hopeless romantic, she only lets her feelings show when she's drinking. (as Annie Charlton)

When in the form of John Pluto Smith, she acts much more relaxed and flamboyant, but still highly observant as she deduces the weakness in power of the god she fights. Her demeanor in this state makes her extremely flashy, taking on a separate conscious that scold at her own immaturity when admiring and respecting Godou's supposed debauchery.

Smith also seems to get along with both Black Prince Alec and Kusanagi Godou, Two of the Campiones' intellectual superior opposites, really well. But she fought with Alec after a week due to his appalling social skills and her theatrics, while she got along with Godou due to them both having similar demeanors and not in a fight.


In her true form as Anne Charlton, John Pluto Smith is an attractive young woman of European ancestry, with short red hair who wears glasses and dresses in feminine business attire. When 'on duty' as John Pluto Smith, she takes the form of a slender man with a suit, cape, and metallic mask.


Roughly ten years ago, during her teens, through a convoluted series of events (as it was described by the novel), she defeated the Heretic God Tezcatlipoca and gained his Authorities.  She acquired the alias John Pluto Smith from the local populace not long afterward. She later defeated the goddess Artemis and the god Oberon (although time and order of defeat is unknown). Currently as Annie Charlton, she is a graduate student working as a research assistant at Samantha University, but as a Campione, she is known as John Pluto Smith the mysterious masked superhero of Los Angeles.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 1:Edit

John Pluto Smith was briefly mentioned in Volume 1 and was described as a person who cared about the civilians.

Volume 3:Edit

During the afterword of the novel, the author stated that John Pluto Smith was a female and John Pluto Smith was just an alias. Of course, during this time it was still in draft content.

Volume 4:Edit

While Liliana was trying to stop Salvatore from cutting up a Grimoire, She mentioned that John Pluto Smith lived too far to have any close relation with European magic associations.

Volume 6:Edit

John Pluto Smith made his 1st appearance in the volume with a bang, literally, as he disappeared in an explosion along with his enemy. His status at the time was presumed dead (after a week from that battle and no word from John Pluto Smith).  However, the enemy whom he was fighting reincarnated and was going do a ritual that night that was going cause harm to the city of Los Angeles.
A friend of John Pluto Smith, a mage named Jack, witnessed the disappearance of John Pluto Smith along with other civilians the week before; prepared himself in hopes of stopping the ritual by himself. Jack went to Samantha University that afternoon to discuss with some mage associate friend of his and to retrieve an item he would be using that night to stop the ritual. After he finished his business at Samantha University, before he left he was greeted by a student and research assistant named Annie Charlton.
That night, Jack successfully stopped the ritual with the sudden return of John Pluto Smith. John Pluto Smith then engaged the evil organization in combat, defeating them, and left the scene like some superhero. The next day, the mage associate of Jack, who was also a Professor at Samantha University, visited the home of Annie Charlton to check how she is doing, only to find her drunk in the afternoon. Annie Charlton was drunk and upset because Jack revealed that he had a girlfriend. At this point in time, it was revealed by the novel that the only people who knew that Annie Charlton is John Pluto Smith are the Professor and her butler. At the end of Volume 6, Annie Charlton coincidentally came to Japan.

Volume 7:Edit

Continuing from the last Volume, Annie Charlton (a.k.a. John Pluto Smith) came to Japan because she received news prior to her arrival that Asherah was alive. Her (Annie) original plan was to rest up a bit before she began her investigation. However, news of a Heretic God appearing near where she was made her change her plan. As she headed toward where the Heretic God was, she hopes to get in contact with the History Compilation Committee to gain some information about the Heretic God; coincidentally along the way (road), she happens to help someone who was from History Compilation Committee which happens to be Amakasu. Annie was then taken to a gathering where she was introduced as an assistant of John Pluto Smith; there she met the groups of individual that plans to stop the Heretic God. She then joins them as they headed out, however they were attacked along the way but was saved by a Hime-Miko with a sword who claims to be a lover to the [King] Godou.
They soon arrive at a hot spring hotel sometime afterward, where Annie witnesses Godou’s companions compete to see which one of them will use healing magic on him; not long afterward, when he woke up, he ran out from there. There Annie and Godou chat a little in which Annie reveal that Smith went through a similar adventure where he fought a Heretic God Artemis, who turned hundreds of people into various animals, but they became trapped in beast form. Godou is dismayed when he heard that the people may not be able to return to their original forms.
The next morning, Godou and his companions plan to use Hime-Miko Yuri’s power to obtain the necessary information for him to fight, while Annie waited in the getaway car when they finish gaining the information. However, when they finished their task and arrived back to the car, Annie disappear with bloodstain in the driver seat. Unbeknown to them that Annie was hiding nearby to gather information of her own on the Heretic God but decided to help the girls by transforming into John Pluto Smith so they can get away. While the girls and the weaken Godou retreated, J.P. Smith faces off with the Monkey king and his subordinate god only for a little while before he retreated himself using his gun and transforming into [Jaguar]. Along the way, he (J.P.S) rescues Erica and Liliana from a Divine Beasts made by the Monkey King’s power. Soon afterward he greeted Godou and teleported the injured girls to him; Godou then explains to John Pluto Smith that he plans to rescues a little girls from within the Monkey king’s stomach and wish they collaborate in doing so, which J.P.S agreed and then left the scene afterward.
(A Few Hours Pass) Once Godou rescued the little girl, they (the other girls) were moved away from the scene, John Pluto Smith then arrived and, not long afterward, so did Luo Hao. Thanks to Godou's persuasion, Lou Hao agreed to work together with John Pluto Smith. With their teamwork and a little help from their junior Campione’s (Godou) idea, they were able to finish off the Heretic Gods but they apparently did not gain any new Authorities. John Pluto Smith then left the scene after saying his good-bye; unbeknown to anyone expect Annie herself as she ponder about Godou in many ways as she fly back to Los Angeles.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 1: (This chapter is a short story that takes place sometimes before Chapter 4 of Volume 6 of Campione!) John Pluto Smith was mentioned in this chapter.

Volume 10:Edit

While Annie and Professor West were expecting a guest to arrive at the university; that guest turned out to be the Campione Alec under that fake name. Once he arrived and his cover had been blown, he simply states his purpose for the visit and he be on his way once he done. His purpose was that he wants to borrow Professor West’s Angel's Remains or Dragon bones as some people would call it, and experiment with it and return it once he done. Alec also added that if Professor West is not willing to let him borrow it, he (Alec) will just have take it unlawfully. Professor West did let him borrow it and Campione Alec started experimenting with an object he brought along. Once he done he returns it to Professor West, but before he left Annie gives a few complaints to Alec.
That night, on the same day, John Pluto Smith visits Alec's hotel room. His visit's purpose was to complain about Alec's treatment to his companions. Long story short, Alec somehow persuades John Pluto Smith and told him (JPS) that he (Alec) is planning and doing something that is beneficial for both of them, and wishes that he (JPS) stay out of his (Alec) way, which John Pluto Smith somehow or somewhat agree and left the scene.

Volume 11:Edit

John Pluto Smith was mentioned during the flashback story of Volume 11.

Volume 12:Edit

John Pluto Smith was mentioned in Volume 12.

Volume 15:Edit

John Pluto Smith requested Princess Alice to arrange a meeting with him, Yuri Mariya and Liliana Kranjcar in the netherworld.

John Pluto Smith accompanied by Yuri and Liliana went inside Plutarch's Residence. Inside, Plutarch requested John Pluto Smith to kill Godou Kusanagi, Madame Aisha, Lord Salvatore Doni.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Campione, John Pluto Smith has the common powers attributed to them; superior magic resistance, enhanced stamina, battle sense, and longevity. However, his/her primary weapon is the Authority of Metamorphosis, which grants them a wide variety of different forms, each with its own powers and abilities. However, many of the forms require some form of sacrifice before it can be used. Such as the form they call Archmage, which is said to be the most powerful, seeming to grant weather control, but requires the sacrifice of a large man-made structure before it can be used.

John Pluto Smith also has a magic gun forged by the fairies, which can only be used when in Smith's presence. For other people, it won't even allow them to press the trigger, but they can use it with Smith's permission. It acts as a channel for the Authority Artemis Arrows, as the gun is made to allow him to use the arrows in a human form, whereas in animal forms they are shot from his mouth. This gun can also fire powerful shockwaves without needing to use one of the Artemis Arrows.

Anne is a mage of upper average skill, though the amount of raw magical power she commands as a Campione often makes up for her average talents in spellcasting. According to the authorities Anne/Smith's theme, is of a Theatrical Superhero, This is due to possessing only three authorities so far, the first taking on many forms, the second being using like a cop gun, and third as a ruler of the district, combine with the flamboyant theatricality, is like a hero acting out an epic dynamic entry.

Annie has shown a total of four authorities:

Metamorphosis - The first Authority Annie obtained from Tezcatlipoca, an Aztec God associated with many concepts such as the Night Sky, Jaguars, Rulership, Sorcery, etc.  Each form may only be used once, before being unusable for a week. However, given that she switched forms during combat with the Great Sage, it is possible that there is a time limit involved when in a certain form before it becomes unusable.

Archmage - Transforms Smith into a 15 meter tall giant possessing a well proportioned body, with pitch black skin, and horizontal striped facial markings of black and yellow. The right foot alone appears to be made of obsidian rather than flesh. The giant body is covered by a brightly colored fabric in red, orange, and black with avian feathers. It carries a wooden cylinder on its back with a couple of spears. Weather manipulation (ex. Lightning). Requires sacrifice of a large man-made object.
Jaguar - Transforms Smith into a Jaguar. Grants superhuman speed (cover hundreds of miles in dozens of seconds). Requires sacrifice of light.
  • "By my name as the king of the underworld I hereby decree. Make offerings to the legs of the beast traversing the dark night. O Light, thou needst only to illuminate my path towards conquest!"
Flames of Annihilation - Incarnation of the sun that burns the enemy with black flames. Sacrifice required is rain (local rainfall halted in the short term) and himself, but will be incinerated by the flames himself unless he was in a resilient form beforehand. Can even be used as a method to avoid damage and destruction when Leviathan self-destructed.
  • "In order to destroy you, let me tell you about my greatness-- as the omnipotent one, all citizens exist for my use. The people are my slaves, I am the wind of the night, I rule the earth and the sky, I am the most noble mage! I am the axe of the night that calls forth termination! The god of creation and destruction!"
  • "For annihilation I count the number of my great works — I am the axe of the night that summons termination, lowering the final curtain for the world's destruction, the messenger from hell!"
Pitch - Black Demonic Bird - Transform Smith into a giant black feathered bird. The sacrifice of this form is earth (it causes an earthquake of 3 to 4 on the Richter scale in the area). Can release smoke that if inhaled causes a paralysis effect on magic.
  • "The ruler of the underworld commands, offer to me the black wings that penetrate the heavens! O Sky, thou existest only for me to display the breadth of my magnanimity!"
  • "Smoking mirror, symbol of Tezcatlipoca!"
Snake Charmer - Abilities unknown, but requires a sacrifice of a corpse of a living creature that someone else killed.

The Freeshooter or Artemis Arrows - Authority obtained from Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. It can only be used with the large caliber revolver gun forged by a dark elven metalworker living in the Astral Realm. It is specifically made only for Smith to use, no one else can use it. But it is revealed the gun is a tool existing only to shoot the arrows, if Smith is not present it is a useless piece of metal. However, as long as Smith is near and activate his authority others can use it. It is said to even be capable of sniping a target from across the planet such as in Europe from North America.

  • Can only fire six arrows over the coarse of a lunar cycle
  • Replenishes themselves after the New Moon

Lord of the Elves or Mastery of Faerie - Authority obtained from Oberon, European King of the Faeries. It grants him/her the ability to travel to and from the Netherworld with a great deal of concentration, along with control over the Astral Plane and its inhabitants apart from Gods. Can even summon living being from the Astral Plane for short periods of time, but the location must be land suitable for the Astral beings. He/she also inherited a kings duties and obligations, giving him/her rule over a section of the Netherworld.

Formless Spawn - Authority obtained from Count Bifrons, the 46th in King Solomon's 72 devil servants and controller of corpse and illusions. It grants him/her and other targets he/she chose to go vague, or lose their form. With this, objects and attacks can pass through. Smith mainly uses this on buildings' walls and doors to allow him to pass through. It can even target a whole city and turn it into a mirage city. However, it can only be used on the same object after four, fifteen minutes had passed, thus not allowing successive usage on the same object.


  • "You who possess no fixed shape……take a look at the shadow of Count Bifrons."


  • Smith is the second Campione to be revealed as having conditions to using their Authorities.
  • It is rumored that if all six Artemis Arrows were fired at once, it could destroy California and would burn for seven days and seven nights.
  • If Smith uses Artemis Arrows in an animal form, it is fired from the animal's mouth.
  • Annie is attracted to Godou.

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