Novel Illustration (Volume 6)
Age 10 (Physical)
Millennium (Actual)
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Red
Other Names Leviathan
Personal Status
Affiliations King of Flies (Leader)
Rank Demigod
Voice Actor

Leviathan is a former Heretic God, and a Divine Ancestor in Campione!


Leviathan is a Divine Ancestor, a former Earth Mother Goddess who was defeated and thrown down from her divine throne by a dragon slayer, and forced to assume the form of a human Witch. She later became the arch-nemesis of the American Campione John Pluto Smith.

She was consumed by the Heretic God Sun Wukong, so her present status is unknown, but presumed dead.


In her human form of Asherah, Leviathan appears to be a ten year old brunette girl with supernatural looks. In her form of Leviathan, she appears as a giant, silvery-white serpentine dragon.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 6-7

Mention: Volume 8-10

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Divine Ancestor, Leviathan has magical powers greater than any normal human, though less than that of a Heretic God. She also possesses eternal youth, and is nearly immortal, capable of surviving injuries that would instantly kill others. Along with these, Leviathan has the standard powers of a Witch.

In her dragon form, Leviathan has all of the powers common to a Heretic God, along with massive strength from her enormous size.


  • Leviathan's group, Lord of the Flies, shares its name with Melqart in one of his alternate aspects.

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