Flying Phoenix of Divine Mountain is the sixth novel of the Campione! series.


The Empress of Main Land vs. The Young King of Wa.


  • Chapter 1 - Goodbye John Pluto Smith
    • With the continued assault from the King of Flies organization, John Pluto Smith attempts to disrupt their plans at turning Asherah their divine ancestor into the Heretic Serpent the Leviathan! During the first encounter Asherah decides to self-destruct in order to attempt to gain victory. John Pluto Smith using his authorities manages to escape to the underworld; however, is put into a coma for a week and unable to return to Los Angeles. Upon his return, the second encounter with Asherah commences resulting in Asherah and all high ranking King of Flies Mages either being severally injured or dead respectively.
  • Chapter 2 - Restless Demonesses
    • Asherahs' body is then retrieved by Luo Hao said to be the best martial artist upon the Earth & Guinevere a witch transcending human knowledge who intends to use Asherah to awaken her fated rival Godou Kusanagi.
    • Princess Alice from the Witenagemot has a meeting with the Black Prince Alec the Campione in London to discuss the events which have transpired in Los Angeles. Upon the Campiones arrival it is discovered that Princess Alice use's ectoplasm in order to produce an image of herself which can readily move around, as her actual body is very weak and frail. They decide it is within their best interests to work together in order to determine what Lua Hoa's plans are.
    • Godou receives a message from Mariya Yuri stating that she would like the meet up the next day which initially surprises Godou as Mariya has never texted before. Upon Godous arrival at the destination told to him by Mariya he encounters both Erica Blandelli & Liliana Kranjcar who decide to accompany him to his meeting. Once at the meeting location Godou is meet by a young 12-year old female name Mariya Hikari who is the younger sister of Mariya Yuri.
  • Chapter 3 - Converging on the Holy Sanctum
  • Chapter 4 - Palace of the Divine Monarch's Throne
  • Chapter 5 - Ruler of the Martial Realm, Commands the World
  • Chapter 6 - Outcome of the Chaotic Battle
  • Chapter 7 - Giant Killing
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword