Lu Yinghua
Lu Yinghua
Novel Illustration (Volume 6)
Age 18
Gender Male
Ethnicity Chinese
Other Names Little Eagle
Personal Status
Relatives Luo Hao (Master/Teacher)

Godou Kusanagi (Honored Uncle)

Affiliations Mount Lu Shrine
Voice Actor

Lu Yinghua is a servant of Luo Hao in Campione!


Lu Yinghua appears to be a misogynist, a hater of women, due to the only woman outside his family that he's close to being Luo Hao.


Lu Yinghau has been a servant of Luo Hao for 10 years and became acquainted with Erica during her stay in Hong Kong.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 6-9, 12, Short Story 3

Mention: Volume 10

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Lu Yinghua is stated to be very skilled at martial arts, and a true genius of the Daoist Arts, and a master of Qinggong, Daoist Arts spells of movement, including the Leap spell. It is said that in time he will become as legendary a figure as King Arthur or the like.

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