Godou KusanagiEdit

From the very beginning, Lu Yinghua greeted Godou with respect because he has been taught that way and also because he was a Campione. After the situation with Sun Wukong being resolve and finding out that his master had made Godou her sworn brother; Yu Yinghua started calling Godou “Honored Uncle”. In later Volumes it appears that his respect to Godou is very high because he stated that he (Godou) has the ability to handle his Master very smoothly.

Luo HaoEdit

Luo and Lu have a master-disciple type of relationship, but in paper, they have a more closer to servant and master. While Lu does respect Luo for her power and leadership, Lu is completely scared of her as Luo tend to harshly punish him whenever he does something stupid or wrong. This lead to Lu negative view on females. While Lu does respect Luo, he does, however, was okay when Luo was transported to another world for two years and enjoyed the peace and quiet.