Lucretia Zola
Lucretia Zola
Kana ルクレチア・ゾラ
Romaji Rukurechia Zora
Age Over 60
Gender Female
Ethnicity Italian
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Other Names Witch of Sardinia
Scholar of the Gods
Equipment Prometheus' Grimoire
Personal Status
Relatives Godou (Boyfriend/"husband")
Rank Highest rank Witch on the Earth
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Atsuko Tanaka
English Voice Maggie Flecknoe

Lucretia Zola is a female character in Campione. She is known as the "Witch of Sardinia."


Lucretia appears to be a playful sort, given to pranks of various kinds, though she appears willing to help people out when needed. She calls herself Godou's 'foreign wife,' but that appears more to be a joke than any actual romantic interest in Godou.


Lucretia is a Witch of unknown age, as she knows the secret of extending her life and keeping her youthful beauty. However, she was stated to have known Godou's grandfather when he was a young man, and helping save the life of him and one of his friends with the aid of Prometheus' Grimoire to defeat the curse of an unnamed mountain god. The relationship between the grandfather and Lucretia is never stated, but it was enough for Godou's grandmother to force him to make a promise never to see her again.

When she is first introduced, she is recovering from expending all her magic to survive a battle between two Heretic Gods, Verethragna and Melqart.


Lucretia is an extremely beautiful woman, with a body described as putting models to shame. Slender with a large bosom. Usually wears sexy dresses or lingerie.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 3-4, 8, 11

Volume 3 Edit

In order to avoid a perverted summer with Erica, Godou reached out to Zola for help. She readily agreed to help him by having him take a trip to Sardinia. Unfortunately, the witch had played Godou, bring him and Yuri to Erica's and her lap for both their enjoyments.

Mention: Volume 5-6, 10, 12

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Lucretia is a Witch of the highest order, stated to be the highest ranked witch of "earth" witchcraft system while Princess Alice is the highest ranked witch of heaven's one. She wields magic to fly and control her own age to the point of looking like an extremely beautiful woman in her late twenties.  She possesses Spirit Vision, though it is inferior in ability to Yuri's.

She also possesses an unknown number of Grimoire, such as Prometheus' Grimoire which allows her to steal a divine power and seal it if she so desires, and magical items.

by the end of series, she acquired spirit vision that same as Princess Alice and Mariya Yuri.


  • Lucretia claims to be one of Godou's mistresses (his local mistress to be precise).

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