Luo Cuilian
Luo Hao1
Novel Illustration (Volume 6)
Kana 羅 翠蓮
Romaji Ra Suiren (Luo Cuilian)
Ra Gou Kyoushu (High Priestess Luo Hao)
Age 200+
Gender Female
Ethnicity Chinese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Other Names Luo Hao
The Ruler of the Martial Realm
China's Freakishly Strong Girl
Advocate of Ultimate Brute Force
Her Eminence
Onee-sama (by Madame Aisha)
Personal Status
Relatives Godou Kusanagi (Sworn Younger Brother/ love interest)
Lu Yinghua (Servant/Disciple)
Pandora (Adoptive Mother)
Affiliations Holy Cult of the Five Mountains
Rank Campione
Voice Actor

Luo Hao is a Campione in the Campione! series.


As described by the Black Prince Alec: "Possessing the full set of the five Confucian virtues of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, knowledge and integrity, she was a great figure who carried herself with royal splendor. However, she believed her valor to be the greatest in the world, and compared to the lives of five billion humans, she placed greater value on herself than anyone else on the Earth. Simply put, she has delusions on the level of middle school students.”

She appears to be haughty, as she considers regular humans beneath her. And views Godou and Japan as a district rather than a separate country. Not to mention heading into another king's country without permission,(although the king in question is Godou), She is very strict with her disciples as she made hers experience near death experiences resulting in his misogyny.

In a shocker from Godou, it appears she has a muscle fetish, when she marveled at how Godou destroyed a wall. Being in seclusion meant she lacked common sense in male-female decency.

Luo Hao is very observant of formality and propriety, as well as the various rules of etiquette. She could also be said to be quite hypocritical, since she demands respect from others, but barged into another King's territory and unleashed a Heretic God while looking down on said king (Godou).

Luo Hao believes the decline of civilization began with the invention of the steam locomotive.


Little is known of Luo Hao's history prior to the series.  It was mentioned she was the child of a family of martial artists, and eventually battled and slew a Heretic God.  She eventually fought the Monkey King Sun Wukong, battling him over a hundred years before the start of the series, and since then appears to have held a grudge against him, waiting for the moment when she could fight him again. At some point, she became the leader of a martial arts cult in China. She later became the teacher of Lu Yinghua ten years before the start of the series.

There is some suggestion that she had been imprisoned at some time in the past, but fought her way out, completely destroying the prison in the process.


Luo Hao is described by Godou as a transcendent Chinese beauty, and the most beautiful young woman he'd ever met. She has pale skin, black hair, a slender body with a full bosom and bottom, appearing to be in her late teens. She prefers to wear traditional Chinese clothes from the Han dynasty.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 1:Edit

Luo Hao was briefly mentioned as one of the Campione, and a master martial artist.

Volume 2:Edit

Luo Hao was briefly mentioned in Volume 2, is stated as an enemy of Duke Voban.

Volume 4:Edit

Luo Hao was mentioned several times in Volume 4, one of those times was when Liliana was trying to stop Salvatore from cutting up a Grimoire, She mentioned that Luo Hao, who lived in China, was too far away to have any close relationship with any European magic associations. Another time she was mentioned was when Liliana stated that Salvatore and Luo Hao were both martial art experts.

Volume 6:Edit

Luo Hao set in motion a plot to free the Monkey King Sun Wukong from his prison in order to be able to fight him and take his Authorities. After revealing herself, she fought Godou and at first drove him away, but after a short time was defeated by him, just as the Monkey King got free from his binds, and possessed Hikari Mariya. She then used her Daoist Arts to send Godou back to the world of the living, stating she could survive without food or air for a time, as Sun Wukong had placed a magical seal that would imprison them in the Netherworld.

Volume 7:Edit

Luo Hao temporarily escapes the seal placed by the Monkey King and appears to Godou while he rests in a hot spring. Seeing his state of undress, Luo Hao removes her dress and slips into the spring with him. After which, she tells Godou that she will adopt him as a younger brother. Shortly after, she returns to the Netherworld in order to prepare for shattering her prison as she escapes.
Eventually, Luo Hao is able to do just that, destroying the temple that had served as the door for Keeper of the Horses in the process. She then made her way to where Godou and John Pluto Smith were fighting the Monkey King and his allies. When Luo Hao finally arrives at the scene, she completely ignores the American Campione and stated that she and her sworn brother will take care of Sun Wukong and his sworn siblings. Fortunately, Godou was able to persuade her into cooperating in a team battle with the other Campione. Once the battle started, Luo Hao faced off with Zhu Ganglie, the middle brother. The fight with Zhu Ganglie wasn’t that difficult for Luo Hao, and so she was winning the entire time they were fighting. Just when she was about to finish off Zhu Ganglie, Sun Wukong suddenly ordered both of his brothers to help him, which they did by giving all their power to him and combining with him. The combined Sun Wukong overwhelmed the Campiones, However, the Campiones prevailed, in the end, thanks to a brilliant plan formulated by Godou, but they didn’t gain any new authorities after they defeated the three Heretic Gods. After the battle, Luo Hao said her farewells to Godou just as his companions arrived at the scene and then left using one of her powers.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and a slice of life events in the different chapter.

Chapter 1-3 & 5: Luo Hao was mentioned in Volume 8 in these chapters.

Volume 9:Edit

Luo Hao was mentioned several times in Volume 9.

Volume 10:Edit

Luo Hao was mentioned several times in Volume 10.

Short Story 3:Edit

Luo Hao was mentioned in this Short Story.

Volume 12:Edit

Luo Hao made a short appearance in the Volume while inviting Godou over to her place in China, using magic to teleport him over. While Godou was there, Luo Hao personally made dinner. While they conversed and ate, Luo Hao finally told Godou why he was there; Luo Hao told Godou about a divine artifact that was acting up under her care so she told Godou that she needed him to defeat it for her. She also told the divine artifact the same thing that "it" must defeat Godou before "it" can fight her. After the dinner and the chat, Godou teleported back to Japan.

Volume 14:Edit

Luo Hao was mentioned saying that Madame Aisha is much more troublesome than Luo Hao.

Volume 15:Edit

Luo Hao was mentioned in Volume 15.

Volume 17:Edit

Luo Hao came across Godou fighting the King of the End.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Besides being a Campione with various Authorities and the powers common to Campione, Hao is a master of the Daoist Arts, the Asian form of spellcasting, and is a master martial artist. She has learned how to perform magic that are almost impossible to replicate for a non-Campione, because of the time needed to master them, and the degree of magical power needed to perform them. One such martial art technique is the Twelve Divine Palm Strikes of the Phoenix, which is a set of palm strikes that she claims is the most prided of her martial arts and one of the most sought after secrets of the martial realm. They proved effective enough that, even with the enhanced combat abilities and beast-like instincts of his "Camel" incarnation activated during their fight, Godou still suffered serious damage. With all her training in spells, martial arts, as well as her authority's forms, Luo Hao's theme is an Enlightened Brawler, because of the splendor each one creates as well as their ability to augment her power and already dangerous skills.  She also has the ability of Spirit Vision.

Known Authorities:Edit

Dragon Voice or Dragon's Roar and Tiger's Howl - The Authority she obtained from Gayatri, the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and education, who is often identified as Saraswati and is capable of raising fierce winds equivalent to hurricanes/typhoons and tornadoes that are capable of wiping everything off the surrounding area. Godou remarked that these winds were the #1 source of trouble for him in his fight against her, pinning him down and forcing him to stay on the defensive. It appears to involve channeling power through her voice to create the winds, typically in the form of singing or with regular words, and she has shown fine enough control that she can use it as an omnidirectional attack or focus it on one target, using it to either crush their bodies or push them to a far off location where she can make them land gently.

This power can also rob others of their voices, allowing only herself and the wind to speak.


  • "Last year we fought where the Sang-kan flows / This year it was Onion River Road. We’ve washed our swords in the Eastern Sea / Grazed our horses on Tian Shan's snowy side. A thousand miles are not enough for this war / Our armies grow old in their armor."
  • "Husbandmen of slaughter, the Huns / Have sown the yellow desert with our bones. Long ago the Qin built the Great Wall / Now it’s the Han who light the signal beacon. All night long the flames flicker / Year in year out, the war lingers."
  • "Bright swords flash, brave men fall and die / Riderless horses whinny at the sky. Kites and crows pluck out the guts / Hang them high on the withered trees."
  • "Soldiers' blood on the dry grass stained / While generals map the next campaign. Wise men know a war having won / Is no better than losing one."
  • "As if looking up at snowy Mount Taibai / Delighted to find Mount Wugong's sky."
  • "Government officials all in silent shadows / The seven generals lie awake."
  • "Welfare of the country this morn / Years of middle revival."
  • "When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing the profound prajna paramita, he illuminated the five skandhas and saw that they are all empty, and he crossed beyond all suffering and difficulty. Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness; emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is emptiness; emptiness itself is form!"
  • "So, too, are feeling, cognition, formation, and consciousness. Shariputra, all dharmas are empty of characteristics. They are not produced. Not destroyed, not defiled, not pure, and they neither increase nor diminish!"
  • "Quoted from the chapter of Carefree Roaming, the perfect man has no thought of self; the god-like man, none of merit; the sagely-minded man, none of fame!"

The Power or Divine Might of Vajrapani - This Authority was derived from the Indian god Vajrapani, the Benevolent King Buddha Guardians. When using this Authority, her fists can turn into diamond and she obtains incredible physical strength that she shows enough control over that even when throwing someone a great distance, she can make them land softly enough to prevent serious injury. She can also summon either one or two large guardian statues or a gigantic palm, which are Avatars of Vajrapani, capable of immense strength created for Luo Hao to use as her puppets. The two statues are golden in color and appear to be two almost completely nude muscular men, one open-mouthed and the other close-mouthed, reminiscent of the guardian statues from Buddhist religion called Om, who always came as a pair and were united as one deity. The palm she manifests has been shown to be as large as Zhu Ganglie in his giant form, which she used to grab and launch him into the atmosphere. It is unknown if she can manifest the palm and giants at the same time.


  • "A great force is exerted! Great force vanquishes small evil!"
  • "Massive timber splitting mountains, producing great force! Stacking multitudes of golden bells, producing impenetrable iron cloth!"
  • "The root of my power of Vajra, now is the time for great might that can tear apart heaven and earth!"


  • "Strength beyond numbers, strength beyond skill! A thousand tonnes in one leg, victory from a single kick!"
  • "The swimming dragon rushes to the heavens, attack from close quarters, close in rapidly from the eight directions, spinning double kick!"




Palm Avatars:
  • "Glowing sun, brilliance of scorching lightning! Spirit of the heavens, spirit of the earth, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, make haste as commanded!"
  • "Strength exerted from bones, force applied from tendons! Yes, a palm the precedes all creation!"

Terrible Metropolis or Empty Dream of Golden Millet - An Authority which grants any city she resides in great agricultural and economic prosperity, which she likely received from the Roman God of agriculture Saturnus, although a certain population level has to be reached before it can be used. Blessed by various degrees of good fortune, the inhabitants will gradually rise in class and quality, producing stability in the government, and public order will be stabilized. However, the decline will quickly set in after she leaves.

Hopeless Forest or Fragrant Hundred Grass, Thousand Flower Profuse Blooming - An Authority to create plant life in the surroundings, with the area varying from the size of a small meadow of flowers to turning all of Japan into a jungle, with time and magical power requirements. Were it to be invoked at full power, it is even possible to turn all of China into a Rotten Sea. The flowers can be of any kind (including poisonous or man-eating) on any surface she chooses.

Known AbilitiesEdit

Martial Arts:

The Twelve Divine Palm Strikes of the Phoenix - Originally called the Five Immortal Palm Strikes of the Flying Phoenix, Luo Hao has since added seven more, transforming them into their present state. The Twelve Palm Strikes are: Fengchudengmen, Fengyanchuanlian, Fengzhuataoxin, Feifengzhuiluo, Danfengchaoyang, Jinfengliangchi, Qunfenglianhuan, Xiongfengqianjin, Fengyitianxiang, Fenglongyinyang, Fenghuangshuangfei, and Dafengwutian.

  • "The sword unsheathed, grassland turns into forest! Sky earth wind clouds, the lion king seeks domination! Trodding tirelessly along the hero's endless path, approaching the supreme pinnacle of the martial way."

Soul-Stealing Palm of Astral Absorption - A technique from the unorthodox styles, this technique allows the user to steal energy from a target through the medium of the user's palm, empowering themselves, while draining their opponent.

Golden-Winged Peng - Luo Hao has also mentioned shapeshifting into a dragon and giant bird, but it is unknown if this was done with one spell or different spells.

  • "—A fish lives in the northern ocean, its name is the Kun! The Kun is so large, no one knows how many thousands of miles long it is. Transforming into a bird, its name is the Peng! The Peng's back is so vast, no one knows how many thousands of miles wide it is. Flying furiously, its wings are like clouds filling up the sky!"

Fist of the Tiger - Quelling Luohan - A straight punch by a muscular bronze arm. Shooting out from the ground, the arm included the fist up to the elbow. A mighty arm with the authority of Divine Might of Vajrapani.

Qinggong - The Chinese martial arts technique of movement. The art of lightness.

Neigong - A set of Chinese breathing, meditation and spiritual disciplines. Use for recovering lost energy.

Absolute Supremacy Peerless Across the Universe - A training technique that allows qi to recover with frightening speed. A form of neigong for fast recovery, but for the risk of regressing in the age in the form of a young girl. An emergency technique. However, the sum total was less than usual for physical stamina and arm strength was naturally going to be weakened.

Tianshan Tonglao Technique - rapidly obtain qi comparable to two month's worth of training. However, the price to pay was regressing in age for a period of time.

Daoist Arts:

  • Terrain Reduction (Shuukuchi) - allows moving across dozens of meters instead of meters within an instant.
  • Flight


  • O north wind, sweeping across the vast lands, flying over countless miles.

Luo Han is also able to survive for an extended period without air or sustenance.


  • Luo Hao is the fifth woman Godou has seen in the nude during the series.
    • The third to show on purpose, and not by accident.
  • Luo Hao claims that there are only three Campione so far, including Godou, that could actually so much as soil her clothing with dust. The other two Campione are Salvatore Doni and Black Prince Alec. [Novel: Volume 6]
  • Her favorite weapon is the Qiang (or Chinese spear).
  • Luo Hao is an expert in the kitchen, with her dishes being beautiful works of art as well as delicious.
    • The last time that she cooked anything (prior to volume 12) was 70 years before the start of the series.
  • She is the first Campione that Godou has kissed.
  • She is the only Campione known to have named all of her Authorities herself.
  • If she knew her information was on the net, she would order the complete destruction of every computer in the world.
  • Because of her preference for Han style clothing, it's possible Luo Hao is from the Han Dynasty, making her 500 years old.
    • It's also possible (and more likely) that she simply prefers Han dynasty cloths over more recent ones.
  • Luo Hao lives at Mount Lu in China's Jiangxi Province.
  • Luo Hao's ability of Spirit Vision suggests that it is either something that Campione can learn, or that Luo Hao has priestess ancestry.

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