Madam Aisha.png
Kana アイーシャ
Age 150+ (Calender Age)
17? (Stated Actual Age)
Gender Female
Ethnicity Indian
Hair Color Black
Other Names Mysterious Queen of Caves
Holy Maiden
Equipment Authorities:
  • Live or Die to Winter's Might
  • Fairy's Corridor
  • Charm or Curse
  • Grand Luck
  • Jabberwock Slayer
Personal Status
Relatives Pandora (Adoptive Mother)
Rank Campione
Voice Actor

Madame Aisha is a Campione in the Campione! series.


Madame Aisha appears to be the least offensive of the known Campione, even more so than Godou. Preferring to go out and help people instead of enforcing her will upon them. She prefers to spend most of her time traveling because staying in one location for too long feels suffocating to her, so she actually doesn't mind her Authority Fairy's Corridor dropping her in random locations throughout time. She loves to help others, and even if she knows her actions in the past might cause turmoil throughout the timeline, she still goes through with them for the sake of helping those in front of her and worries about the consequences later. Due to an Authority she obtained from a Catholic saint, she passively makes it so that everyone in the vicinity likes her. However, because of the potential trouble she could cause from her Authorities and her personality that can't help but help others, it makes it so that everyone who does know her typically goes out of their way to avoid her, and what makes them mark her as easily being the most troublesome Campione. A fact proven by the lord of time.

Despite being the third oldest of the Campione, she desperately claims she's 17, even though she's actually in her 150's in the present time. Another fact would be that even though she speaks of virtue, she actually still naive and believes in gossip like many young girls. This is shown when she assumed Godou was a debauched ruler (although she's technically right), however this makes her interactions awkward. She's also prone to misunderstandings, in the case of thinking that Godou fell for her when it was the reverse, and when meeting Doni and hearing from him about his adventure called the idiot a noble soul. 

This apparently shows another part of her personality. The fact that she gets along better with Salvatore Doni is proof that her idiocy is on par with his. How she uses her powers is also dangerous, because she travels within time-space even with corrections, she still carelessly alters history, greatly infuriating the time immortal. And, while the two elder kings are tyrannical and haughty respectively, she is still obstinate when fighting for her warped sense of kindness to go so far as rouse up an army to die in battle with a god.

Battle-wise, she is a bit like Godou, as both seem to be lacking in battle/tyranny. However, while Godou puts on an unimpressive display then surprises his opponents, Aisha is genuine in peace but, like Godou, misunderstandings from foes leads to violent scuffles, and her abilities activate on reflex, looking like a negotiation trap. This forces her, while lacking in combat and offensive Authorities, to make use of supplementation and defense with deception. In the words of Doni, her fighting style is a sly one.


Aisha was born in northern India, during the British colonial era, to a family of low caste. At seven years old, she became the maid of an English gentleman who owned a diamond mine. She became very close to the gentleman's daughter, who convinced her to travel back to England with the family, when it came time for them to return. Unfortunately, Aisha was discriminated against for her ethnicity and low birth. After a time, when Aisha was seventeen, both the gentleman and his daughter passed away. The daughter left Aisha, her close friend, her entire inheritance. Using her new fortune, she traveled to Greece during the discovery of the ruins of Troy, where she first encountered the Heretic God Persephone, and became a Campione. The rumors of her being a recluse are mostly false, as she in fact is not often seen due to using her Authority "Fairy's Corridor" to spend most of her time in the past and hardly any in the present world. Although she is rumored to own a mansion in modern day Alexandria, it is unknown how much time she actually spends there.

She has traveled to many places and time periods with her Authority, although the exact number of places and time periods is unknown. An example is when she once arrived in nineteenth century London and took a steamboat for a return trip to India. Another would be when she ended up in ninth century Samarkand, she would cross the Pamir Mountains and the Tian Shan mountain ranges by camel to travel towards Chang'an via the Silk Road.

Because of her constant time traveling, Aisha is 'much' younger than most think, and is actually 17 years old. At least that's what she claims.


While her true age is unknown due to the fact she keeps traveling through time, she says she estimates herself to be both physically and mentally 17 years old. She has olive-brown skin with black hair, being of Indian ancestry, and has a large, well formed chest. She prefers to wear loose, white robes and an overcoat, giving her an appearance reminiscent of a nun.


Light Novel (Spoilers)Edit

Volume 1:Edit

Aisha was mentioned in Volume 1.

Volume 4:Edit

Aisha was mentioned in Volume 4.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapters.

Chapter 3: (This chapter is a short story that takes place 4 years before the main story of Campione!) Aisha was mentioned in this chapter in Volume 8.

Volume 14:Edit

Volume 17: Edit

Aisha visits Voban at his home, revealing the two have a history with each other.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Campione, Aisha has all of the abilities common to them. One of them is their longevity (it has been stated that she and her two seniors Sasha Dejanstahl Voban and Luo Hao are currently over 100 years old, making her one of the 'Old Generation' of Campione), their increased stamina, immense life force/Magic energy, ability to manipulate luck, etc. Doni and Godou describe her manner of fighting to be quite sly, because despite her intentions to not fight, her Authorities have aspects that are hard for her to control and end up unintentionally affecting others. So her usual behaviors and very existence becomes a sort of feint or diversion during battle. Not to mention she doesn't bother to control them, making them even more deadly. This actually connects to her theme which is Priest, as three of her authorities have domain around her and affect others in a frenzy of holy zeal. Also, all of them are used for the benefit of the masses, even relying on the conditions of the followers, despite leading to doom, like a corrupt pope declaring a genocide sacred.

Aisha also possesses Authorities drawn from the various Heretic Gods she has slain:

Live or Die - is the first Authority Aisha obtained from the Greek Goddess of Spring Persephone, and allows her to imbue life force into others and heal them of all injuries and maladies. Given half a day's preparation, she can also reverse the effect, and freeze all of existence in what is called Winter's Might or Winter's Authority. If over used, the effect of Winter's Might can last for days, if not for over half a year, and her healing powers are temporarily weakened after reversing the Authority. This time can be diminished during cold weather. While Winter's Might is in effect, Aisha can cause her targets to be dragged into the Underworld, instantly killing them, which is called Underworld Descent. However, gods of the underworld are highly resilient to this, and thus it will not easily kill them, but will temporarily incapacitate them for a while. Gods whose legend includes stories of dying but coming back to life are also able to escape from the one-hit-kill effect.

Fairy's Corridor - obtained from the Queen of Tir-na-nOg Niamh, it allows Aisha to open portals to the Netherworld and connect them to past ages. Tir-na-nOg (Land of the Young), while often mistaken as being an afterlife, was instead an island in Irish mythology which the faeries lived on that was a paradise on Earth where hunger, age, and death were unknown. The Witenagamot calls it Beyond the Timeless Horizon. However, Aisha apparently has little to no control over this Authority, as she can never willingly open up holes when she wants to, and whenever she forgets about it, random holes open up once every few years that always send her to random points in the past and never the future. They also do not always dump people into the same corresponding time as the present, so if two people were to enter one leading to a specific year mere minutes apart from each other, they could potentially end up being thrown into that location days or even years apart from one another, either before or after the other person regardless of who went first. However, by injecting a large amount of magical power into the corridor, it is possible for her to slightly adjust the passage of time on one side of the corridor from 'several decades' to 'several days.' This is likely the real reason why she is so young, as she skipped forward in time so she is actually younger than her records indicate she is.

These holes normally remain dormant and cannot be reopened via Aisha's will, but two ways they can be reopened are on nights of the full moon when the sky is clear, and gathering together various witches and magi who possess knowledge of faeries and using their magic to open it once more, but this method could take as long as half to a full month to prepare. She hypothesizes that even if her actions in the past should have altered the course of history, history has a certain script it must follow so the world will do its best to cover up any discrepancies (ex. if a historically famous king happens to die earlier then predicted, his aids will do their best to cover up his demise). In theory, this means that those who travel to the past can do little to actually change it. Aisha can use this "corrective force" effect defensively, by using the past time periods "force of attachment" to correct the results of phenomena and return them to nothingness, correcting all phenomena even if they have already happened. It renders her immune to attacks which end up passing through her body, even attacks from Divine Beasts and Authorities. It is suspected that the corrective force may be connected with Plutarch, as the time guardian was complaining about all the damage she has done to history.


  • "In order to carry us to far beyond――o blessed fairy children, please display the works of wonder here right now!"

Charm or Curse - is the third Authority she commands which she drew from a Catholic saint. It seems to make everyone Aisha encounters like her, allowing her to travel to any time period without people troubling her. She says it could also be used to form a cult of fanatics that would gladly lay down their lives for her, but she clearly dislikes the idea of this and has no intention of doing so. However, if she encourages them too much, they will turn into a bunch of fanatics regardless. Another, dangerous effect is that since it activates on its own, she can't control it and whatever shenanigans she is involved in, people will obey. Thus making it a lethal type of hypnosis, as Erica and Ena were helpless to disobey her until they were far from her range.

Grand Luck - is the fourth Authority she possesses, which she obtained in China by defeating a benevolent guardian god of the populace. It grants the blessings of fortune on a task she sets herself when she vows to do good. She gains great luck, and those who seek to inhibit her find themselves experiencing bad luck. Unfortunately, she can apparently be caught up in the other's bad luck if their paths cross. She can turn it off at will, but once an act of fortune or misfortune starts she cannot stop it until it has passed.


  • "When time is not ripe yet for good to result, even the benevolent shall encounter misfortune, when time is ripe for good to result, fortune shall come to pass... Until the goddess bringing calamity to the people is defeated, please grant protection!"
Jabberwock Slayer - is her final Authority that she obtained from a God of Steel. It summons a giant Archdemon, which is Aisha's Avatar. From the waist up, this Archdemon is a giant who is wearing heavy armor, from the waist down, it is made out of mist. In full body, the Archdemon has an enormous fat torso, with stubby little arms. This gives the giant an appearance of a an obese knight that was in Godou's thoughts almost comical if it wasn't for the fact that it was dangerous. This Authority could not be used without the populace's support. Conversely, given their support—the voices of those seeking protection—No matter how exhausted her body, this authority would still bestow Aisha with the "power to defend the populace.


  • "Awaken, soul of steel! Exhibit to the world the sword's lack of mercy!"


  • She is the last Campione in the series, who is alive in modern times, to be introduced.
  • She and John Pluto Smith are the only Campione Godou has yet to fight.
  • Aisha is the sixth woman, and the second female Campione that Godou has seen nude.

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