Magic is a power/phenomenon in the Campione series.


While a specific definition of magic has yet to be given in the Campione series, various pieces of information have been revealed. All spells shown so far require the use of some form of [Spell Words] whether written or spoken, Magic items, or potions. Also, both Magic and Magic-like superhuman martial arts and techniques such as qigong, draw their power from the energy commonly known as ki/chi/qi. How Magic is different from these techniques is unknown. One thing that 'is' known, is that mages of all sorts can be considered to be imitations of Campione.

There are presently five known types of spellcasters; Hime-Miko who wield gifts they have inherited by being descendants of Divine Ancestors, Witches who inherited magical talents from priestly ancestors, Mages, who utilize Hermetic Magic, Daoist Artists, who practice the traditional magics of Japan and Asia, and Sorcerers who are malevolent spellcasters.

History of MagicEdit

Magic originates from Europe.

This is correct from a geopolitical standpoint, but not quite accurate in terms of cultural anthropology.

The strange techniques of magic and wizardry have existed in the cultures of every country around the world. The majority of powerful magic associations did start in Europe, but that does not mean that their local magic is the most proper or mainstream.

In fact, even in recent times, many western magi have devoted their efforts to researching eastern philosophy and civilization.

For example yoga, the Indian mystic arts which relied mostly on incantations. Chinese wizardry included Taoism, Feng Shui, or the doctrine of the Five Elements.

Japan, the land of the warrior, was also a suitable research subject that enamored many western magi, and the eight million kami unique to Japanese spiritual faith was also a popular topic of research. [Novel: Volume 2]

Types of MagicEdit

  • Hermetic Magic
    • Leap - Magic to allow the user to jump higher and further than they normally can under their own power.
      • Wings of Hermes
  • Witchcraft
    • Flight - Allows the user to fly under their own power.
    • Magic Investigation - Allows the user to find nearby traces of magic and examine them.
    • Retain Youth - Allows the caster to remain young and extend their lifespan by centuries. Works best for women for unknown reasons.
    • Concealment
    • Witch's Eye - Most powerful Clairvoyance spell known.
    • Mystical Indoctrination - Teaching magic similar to Instruction, but can teach magical skills.
  • Sorcery - Malevolent magics
  • Authorities - Power of the gods
  • Daoist Arts - Chinese magic system
    • Qimen-Dunjia
  • Hime-Miko Gifts
    • Spirit Vision - Grants the knowledge of the Memories of the Void, that lay within the Netherworld.
    • Divine Possession aka Advent Magic - Allows the user to channel divine power through their body.
    • Disaster Purification - Allows the user to cancel and negate magical effects and powers.
    • Spirit Sensing - Allows one to perceive things without the limitations of physical eyes and ears.
      • Also allows communication at distance.
    • Ectoplasm -
    • Spirit Body - The ability to project ones spirit outside of their body, to perceive things or use powers at a distance.  Aka Astral Projection.
    • Name Concealment - Erases memories

Known SpellsEdit

  • Erica using Boots of Hermes
Lightens the body of the user and allows them to run/leap over long distances very quickly.
  • Sandles of Hermes - A variant of Leap magic used by Erica Blandelli.
  • Qinggong - A type of Leap magic used by Chinese martial artists.
A rare type of spell which allows a mortal to injure a god. Originates from King David's Psalms in the Bible. Suggesting that they may be variants of the same spell, with different manifestations.
  • Song of the Bow - Invokes the feelings from King David's Psalms.
  • Golgatha - Invokes Christ's lament on the hill of Golgatha at the Crucifixion.
Brain Destruction
Spell to torture a target by boiling their brains.
Temporarily copies a person's knowledge into another, though the information fades over time.
Causes the target to gradually break apart and eventually disintegrate.
  • Yuri using Healing
Allows the user to heal the injuries of both themselves and others.
Keeper of the Horses

Creates a prison located in a sealed off section of the Netherworld.  The prisoner will be mostly turned to stone, except for their head, and most of their power will be bound, except under special conditions.  Even then, it requires the spirit power of Disaster Purification to completely free them.

Capable of containing even a Heretic God.

Fire Resistance
Weakens or nullifies fire-based attacks.
Sacred Privilege of Extermination

Extremely powerful offensive magic.  Also known as the Spell of Smiting, it increases the power of the caster, making them the equal of a Hime-Miko using the power of Divine Possession. Once used to crush the city of Lancaster by Paolo Blandelli.

The spell is connected to the spell-words of David.


Spells to see at a distance

  • Witch's Eye - The most powerful Clairvoyance spell. Only usable by Witches.

Spell to allow one to fly through the air. Only usable by Witches.

Magic ItemsEdit

Magic Items are objects that have been enchanted or otherwise infused with magic, granting them powers and abilities beyond those physically possible for such an item.

Divine ItemsEdit

Divine Items are magical items that have been infused with divine levels of power. They are often the personal equipment of a Heretic God, and are part of their legend. In some cases, said item will become a Subordinate God to their wielder.


  • Campione are naturally resistant to magic, to the point that they are immune to all mortal magics delivered externally, and can diminish the power of magics delivered internally.
    • Only Authorities can penetrate this magic resistance, and even then, they loose some of their power.
  • Someone used a spell to turn all the images of Santa grey one year.