Age Millennia Old
Gender Male
Ethnicity Mediterranean
Hair Color White
Other Names King of Gods

Baal Hadad

Equipment Yagarish the Chaser (Magic Club)

Ayamari the Driver (Magic Club)

Personal Status
Affiliations God King of the Mediterranean
Rank God (Divine King-Class)
Voice Actor

Melqart is a Heretic God in Campione!


Melqart has a huge size, comparable to large buildings (in the Light Novels his height is described as being merely two meters) and a muscular appearance. He has a long white mustache and beard.  His attire seems to be some form of armor and a crown.


Melqart has a proud personality, like all Heretic Gods, and considers humans lower than himself. He was also angered when Verethragna revived him just for the sake of battle.

He is also concerned with the condition of the Mediterranean Sea, as the way the people of Sardinia and other locations treated it angered him to the point he was going to kill them all.


Some time in the past, Melqart fought against Verethragna and injured him. Verethragna wounds have still not healed completely. In the Light Novels, this battle had happened only a few days previous, and was witnessed by Lucretia Zola.

It is revealed in the Light Novels that Melqart was known by many names in the ancient world, including Baal. As Baal, Melqart was eventually corrupted into the Judeo-Christian demon Beelzebub, which gave him his authority over locusts and flying insects.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 3, 11

Mention: Volume 7, 10

Anime and Light Novel DifferencesEdit

Light Novel:Edit

  • Godou and Erica met Melqart in a cave.
  • Godou asked Melqart to help him fight Verethragna. Melqart responded by using Yagarish and Ayamari to attack Verethragna.


  • Godou and Erica met Melqart while he was going to fight Verethragna.
  • Melqart used his divine protection to protect Godou and Erica from being hit by Verethragna.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Melqart is stated to possess a large number of authorities and dominions including:

  • Twin clubs incantation: O Wind, O Rain, O Thunder!' 'By Melqart's true name of Baal Hadad, I summon! O Storm, listen to the calls of the cloud rider, make haste and come!"
    • Yagarish the Chaser- enveloped in gales.
    • Ayamari the Driver - shrouded in lightning.
  • Flying Insects
  • Herculean Strength
  • The Sea
  • Storms
  • Trees Manipulation
  • Army of the Dead summoned from the Underworld


  • Melqart is a Divine King-class Heretic God, but just what the class indicates is never established.
  • Melqart current status is unknown after the battle with Godou.
    • He vanished after Godou's final blow, and struck down Godou at the same time.
    • It's possible he survived, and has gone to sleep to recover, or he might have been slain, but when he struck down Godou, it was enough to prevent Godou from gaining an Authority.

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