The Netherworld is a location in Campione!


Also known as the Boundary of Life and Immortality, Youmingjie, Menog, and the Idea Realm, the Netherworld is the area of the Astral Plane where souls go to after their lives have ended, and also the location where Heretic Gods go after they have tired of their time in the mortal world, or to hide. It is a dangerous place where those without magical protection find themselves drained of magical energy and strength until they die. Campione's, with their divine stamina, are among the few who can withstand the place without any preparation.

Within the Netherworld are the Memories of the Void, the collective knowledge of the entire world. Spirit Vision, such as that possessed by Yuri Mariya and other Hime-Miko, is the ability to access these Memories. A Campione, while in the Netherworld, can also access this knowledge because of their heightened awareness.  These memories and events are recorded within the Akashic Record, in the form of the Akashic Memories which are stored within Plutarch's Residence.

The Netherworld is connected to the Fairy Realm, the forest of fairies and the former base of Guinevere.  Beyond the Netherworld lies the Realm of Immortality, where the gods who have not rebelled against their myths dwell.

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  • While in the Netherworld, one can teleport from place to place instantly, just by visualizing their target location.