Paolo Blandelli
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Age 40
Gender Male
Ethnicity Italian
Other Names Diavolo Rosso (Former)
Personal Status
Relatives Erica Blandelli (Niece)
Unnamed Campione Ancestor (Deceased)
Unnamed Brother (Deceased)
Affiliations Copper-Black Cross (Leader)
Rank Commander-in-Chief
Voice Actor


Paolo has been described as having a figure resembling that of the Statue of David.


Paolo is a well respected man who is known by many as the embodiment of chivalry. He is also the only man whom his prideful niece, Erica Blandelli, looks up to.


Paolo is a native of Milan, and part of the magic society "Copper-Black Cross," descended from the Knights Templar. and originally held the title of Diavo Rosso, Crimson Devil, the title given to the Great Knight of that society, before he became the leader of the organization. He gained that title, Crimson Devil, sometime in his younger age when he allied himself with Princess Alice to jointly oppose Black Prince Alec. Paolo has stated that in his younger years, he had several run-ins with Black Prince Alec, which have soured him to both Alec, and Alice.  Also, his paternal niece is the new holder of the title "Crimson Devil."

It is stated that Erica Blandelli, Paolo's paternal niece, is his only living relative.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 3, 11

Menton: Volume 6, 8-10


  • Paolo, as a member of the Blandelli family, is a direct descendent of an unnamed Campione, whose illegitimate son founded Copper-Black Cross.

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