Alice Louise
WhiteAlice v8
Novel Illustration (Volume 8)
Age 24
Gender Female
Ethnicity British
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Other Names Princess Alice
White Hime-Miko
Sage Princess
Personal Status
Relatives Duke Goddodin (Father)
Affiliations Witenagemot (Speaker)
Rank Hime-Miko
Highest rank Witch in the heavens
Lady of the British Empire
Speaker of the Witengamot
Voice Actor

Princess Alice is a Hime-Miko in Campione!


Princess Alice is a powerful Hime-Miko and Witch, as well as a member of a European magical society known as the Witenagamot, rival of the Black Prince Alec. She has a very weak body, rarely rising from her bed.


Very bright and bubbly.


Alice is described as a beautiful young woman of European ancestry with long platinum blonde hair and green eyes.


Prior to Volume 1, Princess Alice gives a prophecy that is believed to involve the events surrounding Athena's reclamation of her Grimoire, the Gorgoneion. (Anime Only)


Light NovelEdit

Volume 6:Edit

Princess Alice made her 1st appearance in Volume 6, when Black Prince strolled uninvited into her residence to inform her that one of the enemies of both of their organizations had left Britain and made contact with Luo Hao. After informing Princess Alice with this information, the Black Prince left her place using one of his Authorities.
Later during the stories of this volume, Princess Alice appeared in Japan in her spirit body to assist Erica and the others. Using her power she helped Godou and the Mariya sisters escape from the Netherworld and even gave a little helping hand as Godou was fighting Luo Hao. However, she was forced to return her spirit body back home to recuperate her power.

Volume 7:Edit

While Yuri was under the protection from Godou’s [Youth] power, she gains and surpasses Princess Alice’s power of Psychic sensing. (Princess Alice name mention only)

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashbacks, and a slice of life events in a different chapter.

Chapter 4: (This chapter is a short story that takes place 8 years before the main story of Campione!) The young sixteen year old Alice was having a study session, when she receives a magic letter telling her that Prince Alec just killed a [Heretic God] in Crete (a Greek Island), making this the third one he's slain. Using this as an excuse, Princess Alice told her tutor it has something to do with a world crisis and flew out in her spirit body power to see Prince Alec.
Princess Alice reappears in front of Alec as he is traveling on a train towards Lucretia Zola's home. They greeted each other in their own ill-mannered way and soon they are having an intelligent discussion and debate about things that are related to the Holy Grail myth. Once they got to Lucretia Zola’s place, Princess Alice greeted her senior witch as Alex greeted her as well in his first meeting. Soon after they greeted each other, they started having a deep dissuasion more about things related to the Holy Grail myth but they were soon interrupted with Alex’s phone call from his subordinate telling him that a new [Heretic God] just appear near his location. Black Prince Alec soon set out and confronts this new [Heretic God] and defeated not long after. When Alex came back from the hole where he defeated the [Heretic God] in, he and Princess Alice (who happened to be there) got greeted by Guinevere (for the first time for Alice). There Guinevere explained that she was the one who created the fake [Heretic God] using the Holy Grail and that she once worked with Lucretia Zola in past but due to their disagreement with the certain point of view they split; then she asked Alex to join her and she gives him the Holy Grail. Princess Alice, knowing his personality, he responded by stating that he can just take the thing as long as he knows where it is. When he about to attack, the [Heretic God] Lancelot came to defend Guinevere and they hastily retreated.
Once Lancelot and Guinevere were gone, Alice and Alec gathered back to Lucretia Zola’s place and ask her some questions about Guinevere. Lucretia explains that Guinevere wanted to awaken something called “King who manifests at the end of eras” and with something that sounded like the beginning of an apocalypse, she ended her (Lucretia Zola) own research about it. There they ponder on about “King of the End’s identity” as they continue discussing it.

Volume 9:Edit

Princess Alice was mentioned in Volume 9.

Volume 10:Edit

Alice received a call from Erica Blandelli to asks permission to meet with her with their [King], Godou, which she approved. However, the day they arrive the next from Japan, Alice’s assistant, Miss Ericson, put a magic barrier around the house to prevent Alice from randomly flying out when she felt like it. Though she called Godou’s group about her situation and they headed toward their hotel to rest and figure out what to do next. The next day, Godou’s group, along with Alice, uses a plan to trick Miss Ericson to lower her magic barrier; which sort work as Miss Ericson did lower the barrier and left after meeting Godou’s group. Moments later, after Miss Ericson left Alice arrives magically and greets everyone, not long afterward Godou and Alice gets down to business about the origin of Lancelot. Alice explains to everyone that even she doesn’t know the origin of Lancelot due to the change in its myths over the centuries making those sources unreliable. During the discussion, Alice suggests that they visit places where it might be related to the myth of Lancelot and uses Yuri’s power along the way to gain some clue about him (Lancelot). With vehicle provided by Alice, the groups headed toward their first location suggested by Alice. Once they got there and Yuri starting to get the feel of the place with her power picking up clues about the origin of Lancelot, they got an unexpected visit by Sir Iceman. Sir Iceman bearing a message from his commander, Black Prince Alec, to Godou telling him to take a vacation and not interfere with his plan; after Godou read the letter, he received a call from back home telling him about a situation. Sir Iceman then gives his honest opinion after Godou received his report, stating that it probably his commander doing suggest to Godou’s group that they either stay and do nothing or go back home. Godou, Erica, and Liliana decided to head back to Japan while Yuri stayed in England a little longer in order to solve the mystery of Lancelot.
(Some time past) It is not stated when Alice arrived in Japan, but she assisted with Godou’s group in uncursing Godou. Alice hid until Godou’s group finally uncursed Godou and revealed herself with many red faces on everyone, including Alice. After Godou was back to normal, his group decides to pursue Lancelot while Alice wants to see how Alec deals with Guinevere. By the time Alice arrived where Alec was, he already finish dealing with Guinevere and had enough time to give Alice verbal greeting and then headed to see Lancelot. Sometime after Alec left, Alec sensed Guinevere restore herself, knowing the importance of this, Alice flew toward both the Campione and reported this. After hearing this, both Campione plus Alice immediately headed where Guinevere was. Once they arrive there, they watch the last of Guinevere's final moment before she dies. Once everything was over and Erica, Yuri, and Liliana finally regroup with Godou again, they then assess their damage which was Godou who forgot he uses [Boar] in destroying part of Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Volume 11:Edit

Princess Alice was mentioned during the flashback story of Volume 11.

Volume 12:Edit

Princess Alice was mentioned in Volume 12.

Short Story 5:Edit

During the “Short Story 5”, Godou’s Companions recalled when they were in London that Princess Alice mentioned that the Black Prince was a person who was good at gambling.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alice is a powerful Hime-Miko with the ability to foretell the future. She can also generate an ectoplasmic double so as to interact with people without having to leave her bed, using telekinesis in order to make it look like she's actually there. She is also a powerful clairvoyant.  She is also one of the few Hime-Miko who is also a Witch, with all their magical abilities.  In fact, she stands at the pinnacle of the heaven-oriented system of witchcraft, which seems to be separate from the earth-oriented system of witchcraft as practiced by Lucretia Zola.


  • Because of her high power, Alice tends to be in a constant state of poor health.
    • Yuri also shares a similarity in great power, but poor constitution (both to a lesser degree, however).

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