Prometheus' Grimoire
Prometheus' Grimoire
Godou Kusanagi holding Prometheus' Grimoire.
Type Grimoire
Forms Stone Tablet
Abilities Steal the Authorities of Gods.
Wielder(s) Godou Kusanagi (Only once)
Lucretia Zola (Owner)


A Grimoire that has the power of Theft, granting it the ability to steal the divine right or Authorities of any God, or their powers, their abilities, to then be used by the Grimoire's wielder. However, if the stolen Authority is used by a mortal, the effect would be devestating, likely killing them.

This power is based on the myth of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods to grant it to humans. It requires that the user knows enough about the god whom they are trying to steal the power from.


Prior to coming into Lucretia Zola's possession, Prometheus' Grimoire belonged to another user who attempted to use the divine power inside the Grimoire. Unfortunately, the power was too strong, which led to the boiling of the brain and blood in their entire body (i.e. an incredibly painful death).

Some time after acquiring it, Lucretia used it to absorb the curse of a local mountain god that was harassing people in Japan. After stealing its power, she left the grimoire at the scene to prevent the god from reviving.

The grimoire was later recovered by locals during renovations. While trying to find the original owner, they eventually reached Ichirou Kusanagi who was "acquainted" with Lucretia.

Due to the fact that Ichirou promised his late wife that he would never see Lucretia again, Godou Kusanagi volunteered to deliver it. After a series of "incidents" Godou finally managed to reach Lucretia. However, Lucretia decided to leave it with Godou because she thought something interesting might happen. This led to Godou stealing Verethragna's White Stallion incarnation and using it to defeat him, resulting in Godou becoming a Campione.

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