Rogue Athena
4 - Rogue Athena
Season 1, Episode 4
Kana まつろわぬアテナ
Romaji Matsurowanu Atena
English Title Rogue Athena
Air Date July 27, 2012
From Afar, An Enemy Comes Unpleasant Days

Rogue Athena (まつろわぬアテナ, Matsurowanu Atena) is the fourth episode of the Campione! anime series, released on July 27, 2012.


In the Tokyo region, the city is suffering a major blackout. Yuri notices the storm clouds covering the night sky. Amakasu explains about the effects of Athena's true form. He tells Yuri to leave the car. Elsewhere, Athena utters a spell and summons a flock of owls to seek her snake. On the road, Erica guides Arianna while a flock of owls fly besides Arianna's car. When Godou asks more about Athena, Erica grabs Godou's cheek and offers to kiss him in order to give him more information. Godou tries to decline Erica's offer and tells Arianna to focus on the road. Then, Yuri calls Godou and informs about the progress on sealing the Gorgoneion. Godou instructs Yuri to think of him which might activates his Authorities. He assures her that he will be there.

Running on foot, Erica chats with Godou about Yuri, and she allows Godou to add Yuri if he makes Erica his number one wife. Over at the shrine, Yuri protects herself with a barrier. However, Athena shatters the barrier. Liliana attempts to protect Athena but fails. Athena grabs the Gorgonion and prepares to revert to her true form. She notices that she cannot wield most of her powers. Yuri continues to believe in Godou and shouts Godou's name out loud. Then, Godou arrives to Yuri's side. Athena explains that Yuri has been cursed by her Wind of Death technique. Godou summons his golden sword to lift the curse off Yuri, and he demands Athena to stop. When Athena starts her attacks, Godou asks Erica to protect Yuri. Erica gives Godou a kiss, and her kiss provides Godou with all of the knowledge on Athena. In Godou's world, Godou waits for Athena to summon her two snakes. He starts explaining the true origin behind Athena. With his explanations, the golden swords pierces Athena's serpents and shatters them. As he points out Athena's trinity, Athena attempts to petrify Godou. Though, Godou frees himself and engages Athena in close combat while reciting the knowledge on Athena's origin. Godou's Words of Power cuts through Athena's Divinity.

In the city's park, Godou has used up his Golden Sword. Athena unleashes a flurry of attacks with her scythe. Godou taps in his Horse Avatar and blasts Athena. While Athena protects herself with her shield, Godou catches Erica's lance and throws it at Athena. When the lance pierces through Athena, the horse's flames finishes off Athena. Among the smoke, Athena asks Godou to finish her off. Godou tells Athena to leave the country. After Athena is gone, Erica states that she wanted Godou to take Athena's Authorities, but she is glad that Godou has defeated her. Then, Yuri points to the destruction to the park. Meanwhile, Amakasu makes a report to his superior.

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