Salvatore Doni
Salvatori Doni
Kana サルヴァトーレ·ドニ
Romaji Saruvatōre Doni
Age 24
Gender Male
Ethnicity Italian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Other Names King of Swords

Heretical Genius
Europe's Greatest Swordsman

Equipment Sword
Ripping Arm of Silver
Man of Steel
Return to Medieval Style
Curse of Rampage
Personal Status
Relatives Pandora (Adoptive Mother)
Affiliations Copper-Black Cross (Associate)
Bronze-Black Cross (Associate)
Rank Campione
Voice Actor

Salvatore Doni is the Sixth Campione of the new generation and the self-proclaim rival of Godou Kusanagi.


Doni is a carefree and irresponsible person that brings disaster toward his associates whenever he does something irresponsible, and believes that if there is a problem he can solve it with his sword.  He doesn't even realize how much trouble and how many problems he actually causes others. Stated to be the kind of person who can be fighting to the death against a person, and later sitting down to drink with them.

Even before becoming a campione, he was often (and justifiably) called an idiot, stupid, moron. And afterwards, people who know him still called him these behind his back, albeit with more reason to. And his butler and best friend, constantly scolds him because of said idiocy. If one were were to rate the Campione, out of all seven, he would be the first to be truly called Epimetheus' illegitimate child: A MORON!!!

Likes to pretend to be enraged to make the European magical societies do as he wishes. Such as when he forced a confrontation between himself and Godou.


Salvatore Doni was born without the ability to store magical energy in his body, rendering him unable to perform magic, which ultimately resulted in him failing to become a Knight Templar, since being a knight requires one to know an adequate amount of magic and swordsmanship. However he is a otherworldly genius in the terms of martial arts, especially swordsmanship. Saint Raffaello once stated that he was able to master all of her sword technique in a mere span of a month, while Luo Hao stated that his skill in terms of the sword is on par with hers.

Being a failed knight, he often took dirty jobs that a normal templar knight such as Erica or Liliana wouldn't take, one of these jobs required him to go to a museum in Turkey. There, he was possessed by the divine spirit of St. George.The spirit of St. George, hungering to hunt a god, made him travel to Ireland, where he spent the better part of a year hunting gods. Eventually he found the gates to the Fairy Realm, where Nuadha manifested to challenge him. The spirit of St. George was ultimately killed by Nuadha, after which Doni challenged Nuadha to a duel and managed to slay Nuadha, making him the sixth godslayer in the world.

As a godslayer, he's called “the strongest knight of Italy” and "Europe's strongest swordsman". His lack of magical knowledge and skill, yet still being able to fight well enough to slay a Heretic God makes some call him a 'heretical genius.'


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 1:Edit

Salvatore Doni mentions briefly that he believes he is away from Italy in healing time from his battle wound with Godou resulting in a draw.

Volume 2:Edit

Salvatore Doni called Godou to warn him about Voban. Salvatore Doni made his 1st official appearance near the end of the volume while Liliana was giving her report on what happened in Japan. He was thrilled to hear that Godou made Voban retreat and at the same time he openly stated that he anticipates that Godou will get stronger so they can have another fight. In between these conversations, Salvatore stated that he helped Liliana officially get dismissed from serving Voban.

Volume 3:Edit

During the flashback of how Godou became a Campione, Salvatore Doni was briefly mentioned and stated that he was already a Campione.

Volume 4:Edit

Salvatore Doni cuts open a Grimoire that releases a dragon that will guarantee to attract a Heretic God to that location. When the Grimoire was cut, Salvatore was blasted out into the sea. Sensing several Heretic Gods and Godou at the scene, he initially lets the responsibility fall to Godou while he decides to stop anyone who might help Godou out. Once Salvatore temporarily disables them, he went back to watch Godou fight the Heretic God.
By the time Salvatore appears on the scene, Godou had already lost consciousness. Salvatore then killed the already weakened Heretic God, Perseus. However, he did not gain any new Authorities and left the scene as quickly as he came.

Volume 6:Edit

Prince Alec and Princess Alice describe his unpredictable behavior like a ticking time bomb; and another time he was mentioned was when Luo Hao stated that she once fought with him before.

Volume 7:Edit

While Godou was fighting Sun Wukong, Godou mentioned that Salvatore has an authority similar to immortality, which was a body of steel.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashbacks, and slice of life events in different chapters.

Chapter 1: (This is a short story that takes place before Chapter 4 of Volume 6 of Campione!) Salvatore Doni was mentioned in this chapter.
Chapter 2: (This chapter takes place a week after Volume 7) Salvatore Doni was mentioned in this chapter.
Chapter 3: (This a short story that takes place 4 years before the main story of Campione!) Salvatore Doni was introduced into this short story as a young man who seemed to have just lost his memory as he was wondering around in the city of Florence. He later met Erica and Liliana. They later came along with him when they discovered his connection to Saint Raffaello. The young man led the two outside the city to a series of medieval castles and forts. He started cutting up the place because he thought it might work as a signal fire for people related to the buildings he was destroying. Moments later, a young lady riding a horse came to check who causing the destruction, only to find her so called unworthy disciple, doing something stupid. This young lady was Saint Raffaello, a very well known and powerful knight that had retired from the active scenes. The two young ladies that followed Salvatore Doni immediately introduced themselves to her as Erica Blandelli and Liliana Kranjcar. They tried to asset the situation by asking Saint Raffaello a question but they got interrupted by Salvatore Doni who wanted to fight Saint Raffaello. Saint Raffaello discovers that Salvatore Doni had become a Campione. Saint Raffaello finally hit Doni in the temple. Doni’s memory started coming back (and it was revealed by the novel in a short summary how Doni became a Campione). They then did a final strike and his master won by taking out Doni’s fake sword. Saint Raffaello give an advice to Salvatore Doni that will later cause a direct and indirect hardship and suffering to countless others as a result to his eccentric behavior. Later, the two young ladies came back to the surface that they fell in from the fight that was caused by the master and disciple. They greeted the newly born Campione and Saint Raffaello with courtesy. Before Doni left the scene, his master entrusted him to safeguard the grimoire “The Book in Praise of David's Great Works” because she didn’t want to anymore, but she also wanted him to find someone he trusted to safeguard it for him because she didn’t trust him to do the job right.

Volume 9:Edit

Salvatore Doni made a small appearance in Volume 9 while eating a Gelato (ice cream) while doing nothing.

Volume 10:Edit

Salvatore Doni was mention several times in Volume 10.

Volume 11:Edit

The whole Volume 11 is a flashback story, continuing off right after when Godou just defeated Verethragna and became a Campione.

Salvatore Doni made a brief appearance before Godou as he (Godou) was about leave for Japan at the airport. Doni came back from South America when he heard there was a Heretic God in Italy in hopes of fighting it only to find out that another Campione already finishes the job. Not damper by this fact when the Campione in question is right before him (Doni), Doni then decided right at the airport and challenge the newly born Campione to a duel. Believing Doni was joking, the newly born Campione known as Godou Kusanagi reply back like it was and hurries on to his plane.
(A few days have passed since the meeting with Godou at the airport, Doni pretended to be angry about being turned down for his duel; he then requests the Copper Black Cross association to get Godou to him while he himself loiterer around Milan) Doni probably heard Godou arrived in Milan, so he headed out to meet him; just as he (Doni) arrived at where Godou was, Godou already destroy the majority of his surrounding environment. Doni was very pleased that Godou is here and he happily explains to Godou that he pretended to be angry so he get thing done his way. After he happily explains his idiotic scheme to Godou, Doni then forced Godou into fighting him. After several engagements, Godou retreated while leaving Doni unofficially winning the first round; Doni then ordered the Copper Black Cross members to track down Godou. Sometime after Godou retreated; Doni received a letter of challenge by magic from Godou with a time and places, so Doni waited until then. The day before the duel, and after his first round with Godou, Doni’s chaperone/butler/assistant, Andrea Rivera, arrived angrily at where Doni was and started yelling at him for his idiotic action he's being doing up until now including using people to kidnap him (Rivera) so he (Doni) can fool around. Rivera then settles down after he finishes his yelling lecture at Doni and gets on with the business of taking care of the mess and the aftermath of Doni's duel tomorrow. Then next day, Doni arrived at the place of the duel happily ready for the rematch while his opponent, Godou, was in foul mood. After each have their small chat with each other, they then engage in combat with their rematch. After several engagements with each other, Doni was sent to the bottom of the lake while being burned by the inexperienced Godou who was already at his limit. The next day, Doni greeted Godou and Erica with a happy face at a nearby restaurant, telling them that yesterday's duel was a draw. Being the fact they all hungry, they waited until food that they ordered arrived and when it did arrive, somehow it turn into a contest of who could eat the most between Godou and Doni; Doni left after he ate.

Volume 12:Edit

Salvatore Doni was mentioned in Volume 12.

Short Story 5:Edit

During the “Short Story 5”, Salvatore was mentioned very briefly as an idiot.

Volume 14:Edit

Volume 15:Edit

When Doni arrived at ancient Gaul, he then encountered Uldin. After he left Uldin's castle, he then wandered north, joined a caravan, and serve as a bodyguard.  Soon after, he encountered Artio as she was about to punish a tribe of Franks to avenge their chasing away the Celts.  In their first encounter, he was able to chase her off after dealing her a serious injury.

Volume 17:Edit

Doni makes a minor appearance at the end, stating his intention to kill all other Campiones so he can face the King of the End.


Salvatore appears in the fifth episode of the anime on a link to Godou he says is his best friend. Goudou however does not understand how he got his phone number. In the conversation, he says they are Campiones, and therefore, need to be friends. Salvatore then informs Godou that a very old Campione is in Japan, Marquis Voban.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Salvatore Doni is one of the greatest swordsmen alive, capable of slaying Heretic Gods without the benefit of magic weapons or spells. Due to this handicap as well as the fact most of his skill are related to swords, his theme is obviously Swordsmanship.

Salvatore has a total of four Authorities usurped from Heretic Gods he has slain.

Ripping Silver Arm - His favorite Authority is that of the Tuatha de Danann Heretic God Nuadha, which grants him a silver arm that can make any object from a sword to a toothpick into an invincible sword that can cut through anything: spells, ectoplasm, or even entire stone forts. He is also able to increase the size and length of the sword, and even make it release explosions on impact. He can even make it so that any wounds created by these blades will not easily heal, even for Campione or Heretic Gods.  He can also coat his blade in the silver from his arm, increasing its size enormously. This power can even turn the ground into a powerful sword, though Doni considers this troublesome, even though it allows him to strike down even armies easily.

This power lasts as long as Doni is touching the object, but can be reawoken even long after contact has ended, though this requires some concentration. Doni has done this to a number of asteroids floating in space, and with some effort, can use them to strike down his enemies with blows from space.


  • "I hereby swear, I forbid the existence of things I cannot cut!"
  • "O Sword that pierces enemies with but a single swing. For the sake of plundering all life from creation, shine with brilliance!"
  • "Skill must carry power--no matter how godly a skill, without matching "power," one would simply fail and be slaughtered in the end."
  • "O Sword, shining bright, release flames!"
  • " A long armed strike!"
  • "O silver arm, upon my oath, turn into the invincible blade!"
  • "O arm of Nuada, grant me the sword of victory!"

Man of Steel - For defense, he has the Authority from the Norse Heretic God Siegfried, which gives him a body as hard and as heavy as steel, and the greater he raises his defense, the heavier he becomes to the point where he could weigh as much as a bulldozer, proving strong enough to survive Godou's "White Stallion" Authority, without sacrificing his agility. It also allows him to survive without needing food or oxygen, allowing him to survive underwater or in vacuum conditions for multiple years. Salvatore has also shown the ability to go into suspended animation when needed, although he is quite vulnerable in this state. He was also shown to have the ability to increase the protection runes and extend them from his body, creating a defensive wall of runes that can protect nearby people.


  • "Even if the body is crushed and scattered, the sword never dies! The broken blade shall be melted down in the furnace, forged once more to be reborn as a new sword! This level of flames cannot destroy me!"
  • "O blood of the evil dragon Fafnir, bestow upon me the fate of invulnerability."
  • "O mark of divine protection, become a wall of black steel!"

Return to Medieval Style - He also has the Authority from the Heretic God Vulcan. It negates all modern devices and conveniences by casting a barrier of 'Restriction,' which degrades the level of civilization within the area he's in, to the point where technology more advanced than middle age level is unusable within a few kilometers for half a day. However, the more power he uses upon activation, the larger the area it covers and the greater its duration to the point where it is possible to cover a metropolis the size of Milan for multiple days. It is an Authority with the potential to threaten the world. When he uses it a revolving circular board appears beneath his feet with the Latin words 'nudus ara' (plow nude) and 'sere nudus' (sow nude), words of the poet Hesiod, and when he cancels the Authority he shatters the board.

Divine Confusion or Curse of Rampage - Doni's final Authority is from the Heretic God Dionysus, which causes Authorities and other magics to go berserk and out of their users' control. It is so powerful that even Doni himself cannot completely control it, but can serve as a powerful trump card if used correctly. However, it needs a fair amount of time to prepare, but he can partially activate it to affect specific targets.


  • "O priestesses of Bacchus—Summon the divine child. Rendered drunk by the violent god's wine, home abandoned, wandering in the mountains. Worship and serve us gods!"
  • "O priestesses of Bacchus, be drunk with the wine of gods!"


  • Doni is one of the three Campione that could actually soil Luo Hao’s clothing with dust. [Novel: Volume 6]
  • Doni is one of four Campione born in the modern age, called the New Generation.
  • Doni is the only Campione who does not possess a giant sized avatar.
  • It's suggested that, the reason Godou doesn't get along with Doni is because Doni reminds him of his father too much.

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