Sasha Dejanstahl Voban is a Campione and currently the oldest of
Sasha Dejanstahl Voban

Duke Voban (4)

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Kana サーシャ·デヤンスタール·ウォバン
Romaji Sāsha Deyansutāru Voban
Age 300+
Gender Male
Ethnicity Hungarian
Other Names Duke Voban
Balkan's King
Marquis Voban
Equipment Phoebus Authorities: Wolf
Osiris Authorities: Undead Servant
Feng Bo Authorities: Wind
Yu Shi Authorities: Rain
Lei Gong Authorities: Thunder
Balor Authorities: Eyes of Sodom
Personal Status
Relatives Pandora (Adoptive Mother)
Affiliations Bronze-Black Cross (Associate)
Rank Campione
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Unshō Ishizuka
English Voice John Swasey

the seven.


Voban has the appearance of a man in his later years and in extremely good health, with silver hair. He has the air of a predator.


Voban is a very cold man who cares nothing for others, only desiring to battle worthy opponents (such as Heretic Gods) and gain more Authorities. He is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. This could be attributed to his life as a vagabond. Being an orphan left him with no loved ones, by adulthood he became a recluse. Since his life was that of a poor orphan, he continued to starve, looking for his next meal. This resulted in his habit of stuffing his face with quantities of food and drink, but never truly tasting them. And his time as a crook references that as a hunter with a pack of wolves, as seen with his Authority. As he has stated to others he prefers wolves to sheep, meaning he'd want his undead subordinates loyal, but silently barring their fangs at him, not mindless yes men. It is debatable, but the fact that he was a starved orphan, could be the reason for his solitude, as unlike the other six he doesn't rule groups, or interact normally, but demands through on whim. Also his reliance over his second authority is because he can't bond with others and figure serving dead is better as they will stay and hate him forever while he's alone. To others, he hides his bloodlust through a facade of his own intelligence, although this doesn't mean he's not cunning, as he quickly deduces the conditions needed for Godou's Authorities. Voban is also wise in that he let Godou go after seeing Yuri stubborn to the danger, and admits that he is old and enjoyed the game hunt with them. He also shows respect and honor when Godou and Yuri fought him, and amusement at the young, like how Liliana defected and Godou's actions reminded him of his own. But with respect is also contempt, as he told Godou to grow stronger so that the two can go all out and that Voban will be aiming for his jugular when he comes back to fight him.

Later on, it is revealed that like Aisha his seclusion also involves travel, meaning he stay from place to place at home using his campione right as he still has living servant attending him. As a hunter, it could be akin to marking territory as well as finding safe houses for undesirables like Madam Aisha.

He also seems to show great distaste for the third campione as even he knows she troublesome and apathetically allows in because she's trouble, she had information on prey, and she a pain.


Born in the first half of the eighteenth century in the area of modern Hungary, he probably didn't have a single relative since birth. He lived his life by moving from place to place for ten years, struggling daily just to survive, until one day he killed a Heretic God in his mid teens, becoming a Campione. A few years later, he attacked the castle of the marquis and usurped his status and dominion, but grew tired of it a few years later and abandoned it, though he is still even now referred to as Marquis. Knowing that the previous marquis kept a pet dog, he picked it as his own family name. Then he ordered the former marquis to serve his relative the former pet dog. 

In 1854, he used his authority Sturm und Drang to drive the Dalmatian port city Zadar to the brink of destruction. Some researchers believe that, over the course of many years, the memory of this tragedy had an influence on the folktale of "The Three Little Pigs."


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 1:Edit

Voban was mentioned in volume 1 as an unpleasant individual [King]. It was also briefly mentioned that Voban was the Campione Yuri encountered sometime in the past; where she then based her opinion of all Campione, believing all Campione to be like that when she was asked to meet Godou for the 1st time.

Volume 2:Edit

Voban made his 1st appearance in Volume 2, as well as Liliana who serves him, under Liliana’s Grandfather's order. At the start of volume 2, Voban recall the event 4 years ago in which he used many special magic-user to summon a Heretic God, but had it stolen by Salvatore Doni in the end. Voban wishes to redo the ritual to summon a Heretic God again but differently this time where he believes that quality is better than quantity. This come from the fact that last time he did this, 4 year ago, not all of the special magic-user survive after the summoning with their sanity intact. Basing on his own word that quality is better than quantity this time around, he recalled a very high quality Asian girl at the last summoning which turn out to be Yuri Mariya, though he went to Japan to get her along with Liliana.
Voban made it to Japan and more or less found Yuri Mariya not long afterward. He then forcefully with word alone made Yuri Mariya obey him. Yuri Mariya did not disobey or try to call for help because she believes Godou is no match for the old devil king. However Godou found out anyway from the History Compilation Committee that Yuri was kidnapped by Voban.
Godou then confronts Voban along with Erica, in trying to get him to release Yuri through peaceful means. Negotiation was going nowhere and Erica then stepped in and took over the negotiation which somehow leads into a fight which Voban calls a game. Godou retreat along with Yuri; while Erica defends their back during Voban so call game. During “the game” call the hunt Erica recruited Liliana to their just cause as well as using blackmail during the process. Godou finally confronted Voban where he somehow awakens one of his ten Authorities which he never uses before. The battle ended with Voban being in the advantageous position if the battle continues, however, he called his loss because he didn’t want break his own rule for the game. Before he left, he stated that that from now on he will become Godou’s enemy.

Volume 4:Edit

While Erica was theorizing the relationship between Campione’s personalities and their authorities, Voban's name was mentioned.

Volume 6:Edit

Marquis Voban was mentioned several times in volume 6 and one of those times was when Prince Alec and Princess Alice described his personality as a ticking time bomb; and another time he was mentioned was when Godou described Luo Hao as a more dangerous Campione than Voban in certain ways.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashbacks, and slice of life events in different chapters.

Chapter 1: (This chapter is a short story that takes place sometime before Chapter 4 of Volume 6 of Campione!) Voban was mentioned in this chapter.
Chapter 3: (This chapter is a short story that takes place 4 years before the main story of Campione!) Saint Raffaello mentioned Voban as one of the few Campiones she witnessed when she was an active knight, where they displayed their powers. Also, in the same chapter, it was mentioned that Voban was starting to gather Witches and Mikos (which we already know in volume 1 & 2, which are used for summoning a Heretic God).

Volume 9:Edit

Marquis Voban was mentioned in Volume 9.

Volume 10:Edit

Marquis Voban was mentioned several times in Volume 10. One of those times mentioned that he used to live in London during England's Victorian era.

Volume 11:Edit

Marquis Voban was mentioned during the flashback story of Volume 11.

Volume 12:Edit

Marquis Voban was mentioned in Volume 12.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Voban has all the benefits of the Campione, this coupled by the fact he's lived for so long grants him the highest amount of experience against his peers. He also uses his Authorities effectively as he has his wolf authority hunt, while his storm one block his preys escape and causes extra damage. His dead servant authority adds psychological terror to his foes, even knights are shaken at fighting their fellows as well as his evil eye authority to threaten Yuri to stay, thus making her foolish to not call Godou for help. To add further explanation, the fact that he feigns intellectual class actually used to shock people when he gets excited upon a hunt. He also uses his elderly appearance to belie any hint of savagery. All in all, as with the Campione, Voban's theme is a combination of Tyrant and Hunter, as his authorities are meant to incapacitate, outnumber, or alter the terrain of his foes. 

Voban has been shown to possess the following abilities:

Legion of Hungry WolvesEdit

  • Apollo Authorities
  • Duke Voban transforms into a werewolf.
The first Authority Voban gained when he slew Phoebus/Apollo, one of the Greco-Roman gods of the sun. With it, he can summon and command Divine Beast wolves, and transform into a werewolf-like form that can grow up to twenty meters in length. Can also turn other people into wolves. It also allows him to counter other solar authorities in his wolf form. (ex. Godou's White Stallion)

Eyes of SodomEdit

  • Duke Voban Eyes
  • Balor's Evil Eye
Turns living creatures into salt by looking at them. Originally believed to be from the god Balor of the Evil Eye, Yuri says it actually came from a one-eyed, armor clad European war god whose name is unknown, though Amakasu speculates it could be from the Roman god Horatio Cocles. He can transform anything he sees instantly or do it gradually. The people he does this to are not technically dead, but the effect will take months to weaken enough to be reversed, without the interference of a countering Authority. There is no limit to the number of targets, although it cannot affect inorganic matter. His vision is also extended by several kilometers and can see through objects without hindrance. Cannot turn gods or godslayers into salt, but it is possible to turn parts of the opponents body into salt for short periods.

Undead Servant Edit

  • God Osiris
  • Undead Knight
It is the Authority he obtained from Osiris, the Egyptian god of agriculture and the underworld. It turns those he has slain into undead servants forced to obey him. Invoked at locations such as graveyards or ancient battlefields, it can also reveal the number and facial appearances of the dead present. This authority allows communication with the souls of the dead an can even force them to answer questions. He has even turned several Divine Beasts into undead servants, which are currently sleeping underground in the Marquis' homeland of the Balkans. He cannot summon them by teleportation like his other servants due to their excessively powerful spiritual energy.

Sturm Und Drang (German: Storm and Drive)Edit

  • Lei Gong, The red warrior
  • Duke Voban using the Law Gong Authorities: The Thunder
  • Duke Voban using the Bo Feng, Yu Shi and Law Gong Authorities The Storm
The Authority he obtained from defeating the Chinese Weather Trio, Bo Feng the green warrior of wind, Yu Shi the blue warrior of rain, and Lei Gong the red warrior of thunder. Together, the three entities allow Duke Voban to completely control the weather and create large storms. If he depletes his entire stamina to invoke this authority, the climate can be controlled on the scale of a country.

Otherland's DragonEdit

The Authority obtained from slaying the Mesopotamian mother earth goddess Inanna. His physical body enters a state of suspended animation while the ectoplasm transforms into a jet-black dragon capable of physically harming opponents. During this time, the body is vulnerable but the dragonified spirit can travel to and from the Netherworld. This authority also grants Voban the ability to resurrect through expending a massive amount of magical power. However, recovering requires at least one or two months. It is possible this is how he survived Godou's Goat Authority. Even if the body destroyed and your soul is damaged he can still resurrect after accumulating spiritual energy for several years, that's how he was able to resuscitate with a younger body after having his body destroyed and his soul impaled by Lancelot du Lac.


  • "Open, gate of underworld. Queen of underworld, the elder sister of mother earth, descending to the territory of the fearsome Ereshkigal, now is the time I surpass death."

Red PunishmentEdit

Summoning fire from the sky that can even incinerate gods to nothing, it turns the entire area into a sea of flames. As a minimum, the flames will spread across an area large enough to devour an entire city. After that, Voban can stop the flames if he chooses to do so. Of course, letting them continue is fine as well. These flames can burn for at least seven days and seven nights. Not only can this authority be used for combat, but also for scorched earth tactics.


  • "All the living things in the world are the same: Saints and sinners, villains and heroes, innocent children and even their mothers are the source of my fire."

Singing Spellbook Edit

  • Singing Spellbook
  • Voban reincarnated and Singing Spellbook

summons a book, all the magic that exists on earth can be written and executed successfully by this spell book. Voban finds it annoying to read the spells and even turns the pages, so the book to please his master took the form of a 10-year-old girl who invokes feiticos according the will of his master. This article was originally an Authority of the god Baphomet, after receiving the "Undead Servant" Voban had no further use for him, for it was more convenient to kill the magician and turn him into a servant.


  • "Come to me, spell out the carved book with disinherited knowledge, for my desire is to incorporate the wonders of the occult. "


  • Voban is called a Marquis, (Duke in the anime) but has no legitimate claim to the title.
    • It's likely that "Marquis" is more of a nickname, developed over the course of Voban's many years of mischief as a Campoine.
  • It's possible that Voban's ability to turn into a wolf-man is him Manifesting an Avatar.

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