Liliana KranjcarEdit

Liliana is nothing but a servant to Voban, one that he is perfectly willing to kill and make her one of his undead servants if she proves too willful and disobedient, or if she fails him.

Yuri MariyaEdit

Voban thinks of Yuri as his property, having claimed her four years earlier. That is the only reason he cares for her at all, that and the strength of her Spirit Vision which allows her to aide him in summoning Heretic Gods to fight.

Godou KusanagiEdit

Voban hates Godou for taking away what he considered his property (Yuri) from him, and fighting him to a draw. In his eyes, the two are enemies to the end.

Lord Salvatore DoniEdit

Voban detests Salvatore for killing a Heretic God which he purposedly summoned.

Madame AishaEdit

Voban appears to have a long history with Aisha.  He treats her calliously, but is willing to interact with her.