Sayanomiya Kaoru
Sayanomiya Kaoru
Novel Illustration (Volume 5)
Age 18
Gender Female
Ethnicity Japanese
Hair Color Red
Other Names Cross-Dressing Hime-Miko
Personal Status
Affiliations History Compilation Committee (Tokyo Branch Chief)
Sayanomiya (Next Heir)
Rank Hime-Miko
Tokyo Branch Chief
Sayanomiya Clan Heir
Voice Actor


Kaoru seems to rather enjoy playing pranks, as she has no problem dressing as a young man and causing other girls to fall for her, but also appears to be willing to be serious when needed. Though she still has a trace of the joker to her. Whether her tendency to make girls think she is male is a sign of something else, or just a prank, is unknown.

Kaoru appears to enjoy playing CCG.


Kaoru is a beautiful red headed young woman, but is always cross-dressing as a man to the point where several of her classmates have come to believe that she is a very cute guy.  Even during formal events, where her real gender and identity are known, she will dress in male garb if at all possible.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 5-10, 12

Mention: Short Story 3

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Kaoru is a Hime-Miko, stated to be a polymath (expert in multiple fields) and possibly one of the greatest, though her power is stated to be second to Ena's. Kaoru possesses the ability to use Spirit Vision, though hers is stated to be less developed than Yuri's.

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