Sun Wukong
Campione v17 BW07
Age Millennia Old
Gender Male
Ethnicity Chinese
Hair Color Gold
Eye Color Red
Other Names Monkey King
Son Goku
Great Sage Equaling Heaven
Big Bro
Equipment Ruyi Jingu Bang (Divine Staff)
Skin of Steel
God Speed
Personal Status
Relatives Zhu Ganglie (Sworn Middle Brother)
Vaisravana (Sworn Little Brother)
Rank Heretic God
Voice Actor

Sun Wukong is one of the Heretic Gods of Campione!


At some point in the past, a powerful priest, with the aide of Susanoo developed a spell known as Keeper of the Horses which would allow him to bind the Heretic God Sun Wukong within the Netherworld, and harness his powers as a guardian. This worked, transforming all of Sun Wukong (except his head) into a stone statue, except for those few times when it was necessary to release him.


Sun Wukong is a prankster and trickster of the first order. He loves causing problems and trouble, no matter what harm it may cause to people. He also loves a good fight.


Sun Wukong has the form of a monkey with golden fur and red eyes that walks upright and is the size of an adult human.

During part of his appearance in Volume 6 and volume 7, he possessed Hikari Mariya, so he had her appearance.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 6-7, Vol 16-17

Mention: Volume 9-10, 12

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Sun Wukong wields terrific strength and an ability to jump thousands of miles in an instant. He has also shown the power to turn large masses of people into monkeys, control monkeys, and he can also summon giant monkey Divine Beasts. Along with his powers as a Heretic God, Sun Wukong is an expert at the Daoist Arts, and a warrior powerful enough to have been able to defeat all the armies of the Jade Emperor before being sealed away. He also has a powerful magic staff which can be extended to taller than a mountain, or as small as a needle, and a golden cloud that can allow him to fly anywhere in the world.  While flying on the this cloud, he is able to gradually increase his speed, eventually reaching God Speed.

Sun Wukong's body, like with most Gods of Steel, seems to be made of living steel, giving it an extreme durability, and giving his blows even greater force. He has also shown the power to grow to immense size.

It has been noted that Sun Wukong's divine power fluctuates for unknown reasons. Most of the time, it appears he's only as strong as any other Heretic God, other times, his power grows to exceed that of any Heretic God Godou or John Pluto Smith have ever encountered. What triggers this temporary power growth appears to be when Sun Wukong is outnumbered. Perhaps derived from the aspect of his legend where he defeated an army by himself, but lost to a single opponent. It is apparently a power unique to certain Gods of Steel, and multiplies his power levels to equal the number of opponents he has.

As a God of Steel, Sun Wukong is comfortable in temperatures that would prove oppressive, if not fatal, for humans. However, he also fears temperatures sufficient to melt iron and steel.


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