The Kings Converses
The Kings Converse
Season 1 Episode 6
Kana 王たちは話し合う
Romaji Ōtachi wa hanashiau
English Title The Kings Converses
Air Date August 10, 2012
Chapter(s) 6
Unpleasant Days Wind, Rain, Wolf

The Kings Converses (王たちは話し合う, Ōtachi wa hanashiau) is the sixth episode of the Campione! anime series, released on August 10, 2012.


A young Yuri thanks Liliana for tying the knot on her ragged dress. When Voban asks Yuri what will she do, Yuri says that she will take her own life. Sasha says that he can make Yuri his servant beyond death by summons his Dead Servants as a demonstration. After Yuri sees Duke Voban's god, Osiris, she admits defeat. Godou and Erica arrive at Voban's place where they confront the Dead Servants. Then, a golem named Emeth arrives to the scene. Erica destroys Emeth by erasing the E off the golem. Inside Sasha's lair, Yuri thanks Liliana, but Liliana states that she does not deserve Yuri's gratitude. Liliana comments that Campione enjoys the thrill of battle. When Liliana mentions Godou, Yuri states Godou is special. In Godou's battle, Erica summons her Lion of Steel to destroy an archer. She urges Godou to move on ahead while she takes on the servants. Godou heads up to the library where he asks Sasha where Yuri is. Sasha replies that Yuri is his property which causes Godou to feels enraged. When Erica tells Godou to follow Salvatore's suggestions Duke Voban asks Erica about Salvatore's relationship with Godou. Erica explains that Salvatore wants Godou to teach the elderly their place. Sasha calls for Yuri and Liliana, and he has Godou take Yuri, so he can start a game. Sasha explains the rules: Godou has to run with Yuri from Sasha until dawn. Sasha gives Godou a 30 minute head start.

As Godou and the group race, Godou asks Erica about Sasha. Erica comments about the ritual that Sasha had done which sacrificed 30 girls to summon a god. When Godou learns that Yuri was one of the participants in the ritual, Godou asks Yuri if she is going to sacrifice herself. Before Yuri can answer, a pack of wolves catch up to the car. Godou tells Yuri that she is his friend and hands her cell phone. Erica reminds Yuri about how Erica is Godou's number one wife. Once Arianna drops Erica and the others, Erica impales the wolves with multiple swords. Sasha arrives and summons his Dead Servants. Godou uses his Horse Avatar's powers to burn through the undead, and when he targets Sasha, Sasha transforms into a wolf-man to swallow Godou's powers. Godou tells Erica to retreat while he grabs Yuri.

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