The Saga Begins
1 - The Saga Begin
Season 1, Episode 1
Kana はじまりの物語
Romaji Hajimari no Monogatari
English Title The Saga Begins
Air Date July 6, 2012 (Pre-airing on June 29, 2012)
Chapter(s) 1
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The Saga Begins (はじまりの物語, Hajimari no Monogatari) is the first episode of the Campione! anime series, released on July 6, 2012, but had a pre-airing on June 29, 2012.


In Italy, Godou is looking for someone to deliver the tabua stone. He asked several people about someone. Until a young blonde, threatened Godou, in Italian, that he hand over the grimoire. When she realizes that the boy will not understand, she asks him in Japanese. He did not understand the question the young man, nor his desire that he delivered the library. She says the Amazon is the Copper-Black Cross. At the same time, a roar echoes in the city where they are. She claims to be a Heretic God. Godou begins to narrate what is was the beginning of how he became the king 7. Arianna, a young woman who drove a red car appears, and the young blonde, call Erica, jumps to the roof of the car. They run in the Heretic God, which has the appearance of a giant boar. Erica makes an incantation and summons a sword, said to Cuore di Leone. It fires a blast of energy towards the big boar, but she learns that it takes more than that to kill him. Meanwhile, Godou runs, searching and chasing the young blonde, Erica. But young purple haired boy appears to him. Take the grimoire for himself and says he tried to revive a king of the ancient gods among other things. Godou explains that he is trying to deliver the artifact to a friend of his grandfather, and the purple haired boy laughed at his response. The boy thinks Godou fun and funny and return the library to it. Just when he is returned, a white horse appears to Godou and disappears while the grimoire shines.

In the battle with the giant boar, Erica not stand the pressure exerted against the God his power, but Godou rescues. The boar disappears, and Erica goes on to explain Heretic Gods to Godou in a train station. She says that normal humans do not see the Gods, but who see these events as a natural disaster. Godou Erica says that he must deliver the artifact to Lucretia Zola. Erica says Lucretia know. They will demand it, the figure of the mysterious woman. At the home of Lucretia, they find great witch who has a very youthful appearance. Lucretia Godou asks if he wants to try his own body, embarrassed, he says no. But she continues to provoke him. She informs that it was based on the book of Prometheus and asks Godou tell us what happened. Lucretia allows Godou keep the artifact as one that leads to the fate of a God. Moments later, Godou drunk Erica finds herself speaking with a mask, which she thinks is Godou.

In Erica's bedroom, he takes off Erica's clothes because Erica orders Arianna (Godou) to do it. He tries to escape, but Lucrezia has her cat steal the key. On the following day, Erica slaps Godou for his perverted acts. Then, a loud boom is heard. Outside, Erica and Godou find a god walking, Melqart. According to Erica, Melqart is going to battle an opponent. She and the others go out to stop Melqart. Godou tells them that the purple haired boy is Verethragna. Lucrezia explains about the ten incarnation in Godou's flashback. Before the gods are about to fight, Verethragna collects his avatars, the bird of prey and the ram. He states he has one more to go. Erica begs them to stop, but Verethragna strikes her with lightning. Godou rescues her, and he asks Malqart to form an alliance with him which Malqart agrees. Then, Verethragna attempts to strike Godou and Erica, but Malqart protects them with his divination. However, Verethragna uses his golden sword to cut through Malqart's Divine Interpretation barrier, and after Erica gives Godou a kiss on the cheek, Godou uses the Prometheus' Grimoire to fire at Verethragna. Godou explains he has stolen the golden sword, but he doesn't know what to do. Erica kisses Godou, and a golden light shines and radiates. Multiple golden swords appear, and one strikes Verethragna in the abdomen.

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