Unpleasant Days
5 - Unpleasant Days
Season 1 Episode 5
Kana 好日ならざる日々
Romaji Kōjitsu narazaru hibi
English Title Unpleasant Days
Air Date August 3, 2012
Rogue Athena The Kings Converses

Unpleasant Days (好日ならざる日々, Kōjitsu narazaru hibi) is the fifth episode of the Campione! anime series, released on August 3, 2012.


Early in the morning, Godou tries to wake up Erica who is sleeping in the nude. Erica teasingly asks Godou to help her dress. Meanwhile, Yuri wakes from her nightmare of Duke Voban. Her little sister, Hikari, eats some of Yuri's egg rolls. Hikari teases Yuri about her making Godou hers. In class, Yuri finds Erica sitting on Godou's lap and causing misunderstandings with her flirtatious words.

During baseball practice, Erica wows the crowd with her fast pitches. While Yuri speaks with Godou, Erica challenges Yuri to a match after rousing Yuri with insults of her being a backseat driver. Erica has Yuri cornered with her pitches. Godou attempts to help Yuri time her swings. However, Yuri misses and has her bat hit Godou's head. At the same time, Erica's pitch went right into Godou's groin.

Elsewhere, Liliana checks out the crater created by Godou and Athena's battle. During lunch, Erica samples Yuri's food and comments on it. Godou compliments Yuri's cooking. Erica remarks how Yuri is seducing Godou with food. Erica persuades Yuri to buy a cell phone. After Yuri is gone, Erica tells Godou to make Yuri his because of Yuri's usefulness. However, Erica tells Godou not to take any more girls in. Moments later, Godou takes Yuri shopping for cell phones. In the park, Godou and Yuri exchange contacts. Coming home, Godou receives a call from Salvatore who talks about their duel. Salvatore then talks about Duke Voban and his powers.

At the shrine, Liliana breaks into Yuri's bathroom and kidnaps her. Later, she presents Yuri to Duke Voban.

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