Gender Male
Ethnicity Chinese
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Other Names Lil' Bro
Sha Wujing
God of the Deep Sands
General of the Deep Sands
Equipment Water and Ice Magic
Daoist Arts
Personal Status
Relatives Sun Wukong (Sworn Older Brother)
Zhu Ganglie (Sworn Middle Brother)
Rank Heretic God
Voice Actor

Vaisravana is one of the Heretic God of Campione! During his appearance in the series, he was a subordinate god to Sun Wukong, which he calls “Big Bro.”


Vaisravana is a tall with a demon-like appearance. He has grey-blue skin, red hair, and blacks eyes with red pupils. He was dressed in a monk's robe with three small skulls hanging on a necklace around his neck.


Despite his appearance, Vaisravana has the mind set of a well trained monk. He is surprisingly level-headed compared to his "brothers." And has been known to look after them (despite being the youngest).


Light NovelEdit

Volume 7:Edit

Vaisravana was summoned by Sun Wukong who had just escaped the Keeper of the Horses spell and possessed Hikari Mariya. After encountering his "middle brother" Zhu Ganglie, he was forced to rendezvous with Sun Wukong on his own after Zhu Ganglie went off to enjoy himself before both of them were turned to stone. Upon encountering Godou Kusanagi, Luo Hao, and John Pluto Smith, he proceeded to fight with Smith, eventually being defeated when two of Smith's Artemis' arrows he had deflected returned and pierced him in the chest. Just as he was about to be defeated, Sun Wukong called for the three of them to unite into a 3-in-1 god with Vaisravana taking the form of a dragon. The fight then resumed until the three Campione combined their powers to finish the battle by melting all three of the gods in a makeshift forge.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being summoned as a subordinate god, his power ratio is shared with his summoner god, Sun Wukong. His full power was never demonstrated before his death.

Vaisravana is able to use high-level Daoist Arts, as well as having a high-level of magic ability to manipulate water and ice at will. His usual tactic is to form nine water/ice dragons and have them attack his opponent.

When he surrendered all his power to Sun Wukong, he transformed into a giant asian dragon and perched himself on Sun Wukong's back, attacking when needed.

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