Kana ウルスラグナ
Romaji Urusaraguna
Age Millennia
Gender Male
Ethnicity American/Japanese
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Other Names Invincible Warlord

The invincible Warrior(Melqart. Volume 3)

Equipment Authorities:
White Stallion
Personal Status
Affiliations Himself
Voice Actor


Verethragna had the appearance of a 15-year-old boy with blue hair and a small tattoo on his forehead. However, he could assume the form of any of his ten incarnations/Authorities, his normal form being that of the Youth incarnation.


Verethragna is a battle-loving god who is willing to do anything to find a worthy opponent. He even went as far as to revive Melqart just so he could fight him. He further gave one of his incarnations to Godou to test him and strengthen his opposition.

In the Light Novels, prior to regaining his memories, Verethragna was a kind and gentle figure who loved sports and competing against others of worthy skill.

After he regained his memories, he became very arrogant and contemptuous of others.


Sometime in the past, the god Mithras became separated into the aspects of Verethragna, who embodied his aspect as a war god, and Mithras, god of light and order.

In the modern era, Verethragna battled against Melqart. In the Light Novel, this was witnessed by Lucretia Zola early in the story. According to Verethragna, Melqart was injured during their last confrontation and his wounds had still not healed. Later, Verethragna was defeated by Godou Kusanagi.

In the light novel version, Verethragna lost his memory in the battle, with most of his Authorities being scattered around the island. He befriended Godou, and (at the request of him) used Prometheus' Grimoire to defeat one of his own avatars, restoring some of his power. Later, Godou Kusanagi stole the power of the White Stallion with the Prometheus' Grimoire. He was forgiven by Verethragna for entertaining him earlier in the story but warned that the next time he would be punished.


Light NovelEdit

Appearances: Volume 3

Anime and Light Novel DifferencesEdit

In the Light Novel, Godou Kusanagi defeated Verethragna using the power of the White Stallion, while in the anime, Godou used the White Stallion as a distraction so that he could use Prometheus's Grimoire to steal Verethragna's Golden Sword, and subsequently used it to kill him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Verethragna is a very powerful warlord and has 10 different incarnations, each with its own unique power, making him extremely versatile in battle. He can switch between them in order to wield the Authority needed at that time. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be capable of using multiple Authorities at once.

When Verethragna's incarnations were scattered, each of them took the form of what they represent.

2Gale (Wind)
Allowed him to wield the power of Wind. Also allowed him to hear and then teleport to a person who knows his face and is crying for help. With it he could travel anywhere in the world, even between the Netherworld and the world of the living. Verethragna was a god who had also dominated over kings, and under the widespread worship of Parthian and Sassanid Empires, he became a patron saint of the people. The symbol that best represented him was the wind, where he would transform into a gust of wind to protect people, and travelers would often recite prayers to or leave small figures of him in the street to pray for a safe journey.
Granted immense strength, rivaling that of Hercules due to Verethragna often being associated with him, with bulls symbolizing strength.
White Stallion
2White Stallion
Represents his relationship to the sun since Verethragna's master Mithras, like Apollo, was said to have carried the sun across the sky in a horse drawn chariot. Allowed him to summon a horse that carries the Sun's power. It is easily the strongest offensive Authority he has in his arsenal.
It improves the user's close-combat ability; grants him incredible leg strength, detains the sensation of pain and grants extraordinary endurance, likely due to camels being animals with great durability.
Represents his aspect as a war god that allows him to summon a giant boar Divine Beast that tramples everything in its path.
Represents his aspect as the 15 year old youth that was the hero and the saint that watches over and protects the people. Gives him the ability to grant divine protection to those who swears loyalty to the user. Also allows Verethragna to give anyone who sees him as a hero commands that cannot be disobeyed, however if they no longer view him as a hero then they can break free from his control.
Bird (Raptor)
Allows him to move at god-speed, possibly due to raptors being seen as the swiftest animals on the planet.
Allows the user to be resurrected from near death injuries, however an instant death would prove it useless. While Verethragna was a god of victory, he was also a defender of kingship, which the ram possesses the deepest relationship with. In ancient times when herding could be equated with wealth, the sheep, able to grow quickly and reproduce with abundance, was a symbol of vitality and prosperity. Thus, the power to represent vitality was a perfect representation of the sheep which exhibited these traits.

This incarnation grants him the power to control thunder. The reason for this is because since ancient times, the goat and other horned animals were considered to be sacred beasts that symbolized great magical power, as horns were the symbol of special magical power since ancient times. Kings and priests often wore hats or helmets with horns to show that the wearer possessed power. Nomadic Indo-European tribes were also thought to have made analogies comparing the goat to lightning. The Greek god of the heavens Zeus was also intimately linked to the Goat, and the connection between him and Verethragna is further strengthened when considering that Verethragna was often equated to Heracles, the son of Zeus. He also shares close ties to the thunder god Indra.

Also a representation of his aspect as a war god that subjugated foreign deities. Summons a golden sword which negates divinity, and the power of any Authorities they may possess. However, it requires knowledge of the target god to use. Dual wielding is also possible for two different gods but leaves him significantly drained as when he did against Melqart and the flames of Prometheus.

Besides his ten incarnations, Verethragna was also a god of the sun, and the dawning of a new day would restore his strength and energy to its peak.


  • Verethragna has the qualities of a God of Steel, as well as a God of the Sun, a God of Wind, and a God of War.

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