Wind, Rain, Wolf
7 - Vento, Chuva, Lobo
Season 1 Episode 7
Kana 風よ、雨よ、狼よ
Romaji Kaze yo, Ame yo, Ōkami yo
English Title Wind, Rain, Wolf
Air Date August 17, 2012
Chapter(s) 7
The Kings Converses A Hero Arrives

Wind, Rain, Wolf (風よ、雨よ、狼よ, Kaze yo, Ame yo, Ōkami yo) is the seventh episode of the Campione! anime series, released on August 17, 2012.


Erica and Liliana begin their duel on top of the building. Meanwhile, Yuri tends to Godou who is in pain. Since Campione cannot be affected by magic outside, Yuri realizes what Erica had been doing to inject magic inside Godou. Then, Yuri gets a premonition. Amakasu arrives to inform Godou that Erica is in trouble.

Godou and Yuri arrive to stop Liliana from fighting. Yuri states that Liliana is lying to herself and urges her to join Godou. Before Liliana could land an attack, Erica recites an entry from Liliana's novel. Later, the group arrive with Liliana declaring her defection with Duke Voban. With Erica's kiss and knowledge, Godou activates his powers, Warrior Authority, to negate Duke Voban's divine authority. While Erica and Liliana protect Godou, Yuri realizes something and tells Godou about Osiris. Erica winks to Yuri to get Godou knowledge. Yuri kisses Godou who can unleash his full power.

Without his wolves and dead servants, Duke Voban resorts to using his weather deities. Godou hears voices which allows him to tap into one of his Ten Avatars, the Goat, to control lightning. With everyone's power flowing into Godou including the voices of the dead servants who want Godou to avenge them, Godou counters Duke Voban with a massive lightning attack. When dawn breaks, Duke Voban concedes to Godou. Yuri collapses due to the Goat avatar draining her stamina. Erica pretends to collapse to sneak a kiss with Godou much to Yuri's frustrations.

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