Seal Witch

The Seal of the Witches

Witches are one of the various groups of spellcasters in the Campione series.


Witches are the descendants of former Miko of the earth goddesses, who were endowed by the goddesses with special magical knowledge and the ability to cast spells. They are described as mages with the disposition of Miko.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Witches are spellcasters who follow a unique form of magic, distinct from Daoist Arts and Hermetic Magic. This allows them to cast spells unavailable to mages (such as flight) and possess the magical talents of Miko, though in most cases not as powerful as those possessed by Hime-Miko.

Witch SpellsEdit

  • Liliana summoning a spell to fly
Allows the user to fly under their own power.  A magic unique to Witches, as normal mages require special equipment to be capable of flight.
Magic Investigation
Allows the user to find nearby traces of magic and examine them.
Retain Youth
Allows the caster to remain young and extend their lifespan by centuries. Works best for women for unknown reasons.
Witch's Eye - Most powerful Clairvoyance spell known.
Mystical Indoctrination - Teaching magic similar to Instruction, but can teach magical skills.

Known WitchesEdit


  • Witches are at present the only group of mages besides Campione to have the ability to fly under their own power.
  • When in the presence of an Earth Mother goddess, a Witch's power increases. Dragons and Snake Heretic Gods also increase their power as well.
  • Witches are talented in movement type spells.
  • Witches tend towards slender body types, this could be related to their flight ability.
  • Witches could be considered to be a combination of Miko's and Mages.
  • Experienced Witches, as with other mages, have the abilities to change their appearances to look younger or older than they actually are.
    • This ability to control their apparent age is stronger in female spellcasters than male for unknown reasons.
      • Which explains why all the female Campione still look young, while Voban appears much older.
  • According to Liliana, medical treatments are the province of Witches.