Yuri Mariya
Yuri Mariya Wallpaper
Kana 万里谷 祐理
Romaji Mariya Yuri
Age 18
Gender Female
Ethnicity Japanese
Hair Color Black with brown tint (Chestnut in anime)
Eye Color Brown
Other Names Top/Number One Hime-Miko (same as Ena Seishuuin) in Volume 13
Personal Status
Relatives Hikari Mariya (Younger Sister)

Princess with Crystal Eyes
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Grandfather
Godou Kusanagi (Boyfriend)

Affiliations Jounan Academy (Former High-School Division Student)

History Compilation Committee (Associate)
Round Table Alliance (In Training Member)

Rank Hime-Miko
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Kana Hanazawa
English Voice Hilary Haag

Yuri Mariya is one of the main female characters in Campione. She is a Hime-Miko.


Yuri is described by many in school to be very beautiful for her gentle deamanor and her Yamato Nadeshiko appearance which goes with her brown hair and somewhat fragile yet embrown figure.


Yuri is very shy and normally speaks very politely. When she gets angry, its difficult to distinguish if she's angry or trying to be polite (as described by Godou). She is big believer in propriety, so will not hesitate to confront those she believes are acting outside moral bounds.

At school, before Erica transferred in, she was described as the number #1 beauty in school and a Yamato Nadeshiko (unbeknownst to her of course). She also has the mind set of a refined “ojou-sama,” which means she is sometimes naïve enough to believe a bending of the truth and may even cause a misunderstanding, mostly when Godou is involved. It is impossible for her to lie or rather, for her to lie convincingly. She has little understanding of modern technology, and has trouble just figuring out how to work her cellphone.

Yuri is very strong-willed, able to ignore discomfort when needed. The downside is that she's stubborn with order, and lectures other but can't handle being lectured. As the story progresses, she gradually gets used to being in provocative situations with Godou, even admitting that she loves him and that she will be willing to give her chastity to him in the near future. Despite being strict on Godou moral code, Yuri would find ways to twist her own code and have ways to be with Godou without coming off as a lewd person.


Yuri was born the eldest daughter of the Mariya family, inheriting the powers of a Hime-Miko. Her mother lacked any magical abilities, but cared for her daughter. Yuri became good friends with fellow Hime-Miko Ena Seishuuin, to the point that Ena became almost another daughter to the family, who would come into the house without warning. As a Hime-Miko, Yuri left home to take her place at a shrine at a young age. Her life from then until the start of the series is mostly unknown, except that she and several other Witches and Hime-Miko were gathered by the Campione Marquis Voban in order to facilitate the summons of a Heretic God for him to fight and slay. Yuri was one of the few who retained their mind after the ritual.


Light Novel (Spoiler)Edit

Volume 1:Edit

When Yuri Mariya made her first appearance in Volume 1, she was requested by the History Compilation Committee to meet and investigate a boy they believed to be a Campione. The reason Yuri Mariya was chosen for this job is because she previously, involuntarily, got involved with a Campione before and she also went to the same school as this boy. Her first and only experience involving Campione was quite unpleasant so she prepared herself expecting the same thing. Yuri Mariya’s opinion about Campione at this point in time was that they were all tyrants.
She contacted the household of the boy, which happened to have a member from her tea ceremony club at school, who answered the phone and told her, the sister of the boy, Shizuka Kusanagi, to pass the message to her brother, Godou Kusanagi, to meet her tomorrow at a certain location and bring with him the item he brought back from Rome. When they finally met the next day, due to Yuri's misunderstanding of Campiones because of Voban, the one she somehow was involved with; Godou was forced to explain some of the misunderstandings about Campiones and himself. After the misunderstanding was resolved, Yuri explained to Godou that the item he brought back from Rome was very dangerous because it could attract a Heretic God, and started lecturing Godou for being irresponsible for bringing it to Japan. Then a foreign girl named Erica Blandelli popped out of nowhere and warned them that a Heretic God had just arrived in Japan, and came to take back the item Godou took from Rome. Yuri used her power, with Erica's suggestion, to find out what kind of Heretic God had just arrived in Japan. They found out that the Heretic God's name was Athena.
While Godou and Erica went off to engage Athena, Yuri and a member of the History Compilation Committee, Amakasu Touma, were going somewhere (not clearly stated in the Novel what they were doing beside going somewhere), when Yuri decided to call Godou because her instincts told her that something bad was happening. Godou answered her call and told her that he almost died but he was fine now, and he wanted to ask (request) Yuri if she could go near Athena and call out his name to activate one of his powers to summon him. She accepted the request, and when the time came she summoned Godou. By the time Godou and Erica arrive by summoning, Athena had already powered up by taking back the magical item Godou took from Rome. Yuri watches as Godou with Erica’s support fought against Athena. One way or another Godou won but destroy a lot things and places along the way. Then Godou let the weaken Athena go while under the objection of both Erica and Yuri. Then the next day (which was Sunday) Yuri scold Godou for several hours before letting him go, and the next day afterward (which was Monday, school day) Yuri went to school only to found Godou and Erica in front of the school doing "inappropriate behavior" and start scolding both of them which lead her into an argument with Erica while Godou was praying to God.

Volume 2:Edit

In Volume 2, it was basically the calm before the storm as Godou, Erica, and Yuri went about with their daily school life and routines.
Yuri was requested by the History Compilation Committee to confirm a book that they believed to be a Grimoire. Once Yuri got to the hidden library where the book was and gave a positive confirmation that it was a Grimoire, she started having a vision of Voban and then fainted. By the time she woke up, Amakasu had taken her back home and got scolded by the mikos there for not watching Yuri properly. Due to her vision, Yuri requested to go back to the library to have another look at the Grimoire. Amakasu agreed, however, someone else from the Committee would take her there. When Yuri arrived there again, she felt something strange was going on and prepared to leave when Voban appeared and told her that she was now his property. Yuri did not resist or call for help because she believed they (Godou and Erica) were no match against Voban. Godou found out anyway from the History Compilation Committee when Amakasu told Godou that Yuri got kidnapped by Voban.
Godou and Erica arrived to where Yuri and Voban were, and they first started off by having a peaceful chat with each other which was going nowhere. Erica then stepped into the conversation and she soon provoked the old Campione into doing something. The provoked Voban then stated that he would play a little game in which he was the hunter and they the prey and he let them have a head start. While using this opportunity Godou and the rest retreated; while Godou was taking Yuri to a safer place, Erica was fighting off many undead servants created by Voban and Liliana, an old friend of Erica's, at the same time. Fortunately, Erica somehow recruited Liliana to their side. With a little help and support from Yuri and Erica, Godou returned to the scene and confronted Voban and they battle it out. The battle ended with Voban with the advantage if the battle continued, however Voban claimed it was his loss because he didn’t want to break his own rules for the game. Before he left, he stated that he was now Godou’s enemy.
Sometime after the battle between Godou and Voban, Yuri and Godou's relationship improves a little (as friends).

Short Story 1:Edit

While Godou was being interrogated by the Three Idiots of his class, they threw statements of evidence that they saw Godou’s wrong doing (Hogging all the Beautiful Girls) by him spending time having lunch with Erica and Yuri on the rooftop, and when they were about to give him his punishment, Yuri came to his rescue and started saying things that made the Three Idiots cry.

Volume 3:Edit

At the start of the Volume 3, Godou planned to go to Italy to hide from Erica during the summer, however Yuri wanted to tag along. One way or another Godou agreed with Yuri to come along with him, and was forced to explain whom this friend that he (Godou) mentioned, that would help him hide from Erica for the summer. This led him to explaining the story on how he became a Campione during the plane ride. Godou finished his story by the time they arrive in Italy, and was surprised to see Erica, her maid Arianna, and Godou’s friend Lucretia Zola there to greet them. Yuri’s emotion and attitude toward Godou fluctuate the entire time after they were greeted by the other girls at the airport and when they at the beach house where they were staying.

Volume 4:Edit

Continuing from the last Volume, Godou, Yuri, Erica, and two other girls go about with their summer vocation in Italy in their own unique fashion.
On the fourth day of their vacation, Godou disappeared into the night and the next morning Erica believed that Godou was just blowing off some steam and dismissed any notion of worry until she received a call from a fellow “Great Knight” telling her that a Heretic God appeared in Naples and that Godou engaged it combat but was defeated. The call ended prematurely when the “great knight” got attacked by someone. Soon afterward all electronic items and modern hardware on the island where Godou’s companions were staying at stopped functioning. To find out what was going on before they can help Godou, Erica and Yuri went into town to investigate and they happened to bump into Salvatore. They followed him and found a tied up “great knight” that Erica was talking to not long ago on the phone. Erica and Yuri then confronted Salvatore, where he just irresponsibly stated that everything that happens is his doing with a carefree smile. Since he wanted Godou to get stronger by fighting a Heretic God, his purpose on this island was to stop anyone that gets in his way (Salvatore’s plan to make Godou stronger). Yuri then watched as Erica and Salvatore engaged in combat which lasted for only a few seconds with Erica being knocked out, and afterward tied Yuri up as well. When Erica could finally move again, Salvatore already left the scene leaving Erica to release the tied up great knight and Yuri and afterward they finally headed toward Naples.
By the time they arrived to Naples, the battle with the Heretic God was over and Godou was in the hospital. Erica and Yuri were both worried and they believed Godou needed to be punished for making them worry.

Volume 5:Edit

In Volume 5, Yuri was still more wary of Erica than Liliana as she recently became part of the group. However, the return of an old friend and a fellow Hime-Miko, Ena Seishuuin; who's purpose was to become close with Godou aggravated Yuri, because Ena’s personality threw Yuri into a loop. Fortunately, Erica prevented Ena from getting close with Godou (relationship wise) and even got a Date with Godou while doing so.
Yuri received a phone call from Amakasu telling her that Godou, Erica, and Ena disappeared. With help from the History Compilation Committee, they found out that they were in the Netherworld. Yuri and Liliana then, with the support of the History Compilation Committee, brought back Godou and Erica from the Netherworld. (Ena got out on her own). By the time they came back from the Netherworld, Ena’s sword, Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, took over her body and went on a rampage. Godou was forced to save her and destroy Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi. When everything ended, Ena was saved and Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi was being happily destroyed by Godou’s [Boar].
(Unknown time past after the incident with Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi). While Yuri was having lunch with Godou and the other girls on the school’s rooftop; Ena suddenly appeared and told them that she was being forced to temporarily return home to be re-educated, but before she left, she stated that she wanted to be one of Godou’s women; shocking and causing displeasure to the other girls when they heard that.

Volume 6:Edit

In Volume 6, Godou received a text message from Yuri on his cell phone, asking him to meet her. (Next day) Coincidentally, he met up with Erica and Liliana along the way to meet up with Yuri but discovered it was her sister, Hikari, who sent the message while followed by Yuri apologizing for her sister's misbehavior. Hikari's reason for sending the message was because she wishes to request the help from the Campione Godou to deal with an overly persistent member of one of the Four Families. Erica decided that they should help, and makes a plan to deal with the problem. After the group spoke with the young man, he agreed to stop persuading Hikari in working at his shrine.
Since Godou still had some questions about what a Hime-Miko does, he went to Yuri’s shrine to ask some questions only to discover that he was follow by Liliana. After being exposed and discovered by the Mariya sisters, Liliana claims she was only doing her duty as his bodyguard and there nothing wrong with that. While Godou and Liliana were chatting away, somehow their conversation led to a question to see if it possibly for Hikari to check out the shrine that the young man from the one of the Four Families were offering.
With a bit of help from the History Compilation Committee and the usage of the Godou Campione name, the young agreed. Once they got to the shrine, Godou and the Mariya sisters went into the inner shrine while Liliana and Erica visit another nearby shrine. Once they got into the inner shrine, they met the Monkey King where Hikari suppose to watch (play) over him if she agree to serve on this shrine in the future. Luo Hao then suddenly appears before them and states her purpose is to free this god and fight him. Due to Godou and Luo Hao disagreement right from the starts, they engage each other in combat where Luo Hao clearly has the advantage. When Godou was finally cornered, he somehow along with the Mariya sisters escapes to the Netherworld. They later escaped from there with a little help from Princess Alice and the summoning from Erica. When they return to the living world again, Godou requested Erica to stand back and Princess Alice to take care of the Mariya sisters while he engage with Luo Hao in combat again. Sometime during the battle, the Monkey king escape from his cage and seek Yuri’s sister out. Once he found her, he then went straight to where she was and took over her body as Yuri and Princess Alice were watching helplessly to stop him.

Volume 7:Edit

Yuri, along with Godou, Erica, and Liliana, run from Sun Wukong in order to prepare for battle. Along the way they are attacked by monkey Divine Beasts belonging to Sun Wukong. At that time, Ena returns to aide the quartet, and Anne Charlton (John Pluto Smith's secret identity) appears as well.
The group hides out at a local hot springs, with Ena, Liliana, Yuri, and Erica taking an unconscious Godou into one of the springs to help speed recovery. When Godou awakens, he is confronted by Ena, who apologizes for her earlier actions (in Volume 5) and pledges herself to Godou, taking off the towel she had been wearing at the time to show her complete submission to Godou. Erica follows suit, deciding that she would not loose out to Ena, who tries to take off Yuri's towel, and in the process causes Liliana's towel to fall off; Godou, facing such a predicament, ran away in embarrassment.
The next morning, the group gathers to confront the Monkey King so Yuri can uses her Spirit Vision in order to gather enough information for Godou to uses [Sword]; while Godou fights the Monkey King, Liliana and Erica planned to uses their Magic to cast a powerful spell to cover Godou's escape when the time was right. Once Yuri finishes her task, she was weakened from overusing her Spirit Vision, having attempted a method of last resort to amplify it, she fells unconsciously. Godou, after recovering from his ordeal fighting Sun Wukong and retreating, he uses [Youth] on her and the other girls, blessing her with the power of [Protection] from his [Youth] Authority. This not only allows Yuri to recover, but also allows her to temporarily awaken new spiritual powers, which she uses to aide Godou in his battle.
(A Few Hours Pass) Godou and the rest of the girls went to where Sun Wukong was and re-engaged him in combat to finally save Hikari. With each girls under [Youth]’s [Protection] and gaining new abilities, they supported Godou and finally he was able to cut Sun Wukong’s stomach up and rescued Hikari from within. When Hikari was finally rescued, the rest of the girls exhausted all their strength; so Godou ordered her (Hikari) to help him move them to a safer places so he can fight the Heretic Gods, which she did.
When the battle was over, the girls returned just as Luo Hao says farewell to her sworn brother known as Godou. This surprise shocked them as they heard this, however they were a little bit more shock when Hikari openly showed that she had a crush on Godou, unbeknownst to him. When Erica went over and pinches Godou and stated that he at least deserve to be punish, the others girls plus Amakasu with the exemption of Hikari nodded in agreement.

Volume 8:Edit

In Volume 8, there are short stories, flashback, and slice of life events in different chapter.

Chapter 2: (This chapter takes place a week after Volume 7; present day, current timeline of Campione!) Yuri and her younger sister, Hikari, made a short time appearance in this chapter as Godou was led by two female acquaintances to their shrine. As one of the female acquaintances claim to be one of the four families, she rudely demands the Mariya sisters to call out the devil king of Japan so she can meet him. Being confuse as to why they should demand such thing when they are standing next to one, the Mariya sisters glance at the Campione in question whom was showing a trouble face while shaking his head. Hikari instantly reply with her quick wit stating that they are forbidden to tell them. Hikari then stated that the families where the young lady claims to be part of have not selected their heir yet. Upon hearing this, that young lady started getting angry but at the same her confident in her words and actions started to become a mess. Soon, however Yuri silent everyone with just a look and started lecturing and scolding the young lady from one of the four families, claiming and stating that her manner and behavior is unbefitting to her family's and that they should leave their shrine immediately. Unable to talk back (the young lady from one of the four families), Godou use this opportunity to help his female acquaintance leave the shrine without much trouble.
Chapter 5 - Omake: (Present day, current timeline of Campione!) Early in the chapter, Yuri made a short appearance as she was doing her Miko duty, her sister, Hikari, try to persuade and recommend her into working alongside with Godou in his part-time job, however Godou claims that the part-time job he doing right now is not really suited for female.
(Later, some-times past as Godou agree to help the “three idiot” out with school festival preparation) While waking up during the night in his classroom, tire out from preparing for the school festival and thirsty. Godou found some liquid in the dark classroom and drank it, not knowing it will force him back to sleep and have weird dream.
(During the Dream) Ena came uninvited in the morning to wake Godou up while wearing a maid uniform (in an unknown Japanese style room). Ena explains that she want show off this maid uniform because she heard that Godou recently have a taste for them. That when Yuri came in and was surprise that Ena was there, Yuri then question Godou if he have anything to do with Ena being here. Godou explains that Ena come on her own accord and Ena respond by confirming it. Ena then explain about Godou new hobby to Yuri and why she dress like a maid; which lead Yuri to lecture Godou about this new taste of his. The lecture somehow ended up in reverse in which Yuri shyly states she wouldn’t mind wearing a maid uniform if she known. When Yuri said that; Ena states that she have some spare at hand and started taking Yuri's clothes off and forcing Godou to cover his face with a futon out of embarrassment. (Dream End).

Volume 9:Edit

The volume started off as Guinevere and Lancelot clashed with Athena somewhere in the Southern East Europe Area before Guinevere uses an underhanded trick in using the Holy Grail on Athena body where it slowly sucking her power that will eventually kill her (Athena). Athena retreated from the battlefield immediately because she feels the Holy Grail was eating her power away; after Athena retreated Guinevere decided to head to Japan where she believe her [King] of the strongest steel sleep unbeknown to her that Athena is also heading that way.
Back in Japan, Godou, Yuri, and Liliana as well as the rest of Jounan Academy students kick start the school festival. During the school festival, Erica was back in Italy due to some business she needs to take care of. After several days of school festival, when it was finally over, Godou receives a call from Ena requesting his help as a Campione stating that this request is similar to the one he receive from Erica in the past. Godou agree to help out and soon the next day, Sayanomiya Kaoru pick him up along with Yuri and Liliana to where Ena and Amakasu. When they arrive Yuri and Liliana went to help Amakasu to investigate what kind of grimoire it was while Godou and Ena stay where they were at. When everyone gathers back to nearby hotel where they were staying, Godou and Ena report in the appearance of Athena to the rest of the group. As they were getting down with their discussions, Guinevere suddenly appear before their group and announce to Godou that she know that he is going fight Athena soon and she (Guinevere) is here to help with a plan but with a price that she get the grimoire that they just dug up. Going red alert as everyone prepare a fighting stance, Guinevere simply bypass them and assault (kiss) Godou with magic that contain the information about the Holy Grail. Guinevere left after that leaving Godou to be harassed by Yuri and Liliana for having too many openings against enemy (female). The harassment ended when Amakasu told the group that Athena finally reappears.
As Athena was altering the landscape and its residents into stone, Godou was preparing to engage her in combat with Liliana, Yuri, and Ena help. As soon as Godou engage in combat with Athena, she unleashed her power to turn things into stone in the surrounding area which include the area where Liliana, Yuri, and Ena standing nearby. With the exception of Godou and Ena, Liliana, Yuri, and any person or things nearby were turn into stone.
(Time past, next day) Godou made/requested Athena to release her petrification power after he helped her with her Holy Grail problem which she did after some persuasion from Godou. When Liliana and Yuri returned to the scene (of the volume), Erica and Ena were already fighting with Guinevere’s divine beasts in which Liliana and Yuri uses their power to support Erica and Ena while they do so.
(Godou scene of the battlefield) When Godou and Lancelot was about to do a last go, Erica told Lancelot that Guinevere already fled the scene. Upon hearing this Lancelot also retreated leaving Godou and Athena on their own. When Lancelot left, Godou told his female companion that he wants do this alone (as in fight with Athena alone) which they agree. When they return, the battle was over with Athena gone; they then give comfort word to Godou to make him feel better. However, they were suddenly interrupted by Amakasu where he told them that the grimoire he was holding on to was stolen.

Volume 10:Edit

A week has passed since the battle with Athena, Godou and company were notified by a magic note stating that the Campione Alec has “borrowed” the grimoire, Heavenly Reverse Halberd, from them. Godou decided that since Guinevere wanted that grimoire, she might go after him (Alec), leaving Godou with the Lancelot issue to resolve. Erica then suggested that they ask Princess Alice more about Lancelot, which Godou agreed to it and they start planning to head toward England. Godou along with Erica, Yuri, and Liliana went and arrived in England during the weekend. They spent the night at a nearby hotel that Liliana booked. Due to Princess Alice being restricted by her assistant, Erica formed a plan and enacted the plan the next day after they rest up at the hotel. The plan was to meet Princess Alice’s assistant, Miss Ericson, and trick her into releasing her magic barrier which was restricting Princess Alice from coming out using her magic. The plan sort of works as Miss Ericson reluctantly releases the barrier after their meeting. Moment later after Miss Ericson left Alice arrives magically and greets everyone, not long afterward Godou and Alice get down to business about the origin of Lancelot. Alice explains to everyone that even she doesn’t know the origin of Lancelot due to the change in its myths over the centuries making those sources unreliable. During the discussion, Alice suggests that they visit places where it might be relate to the myth of Lancelot and uses Yuri’s power along the way to gain some clue about him (Lancelot). With vehicle provided by Alice, the groups headed toward their first location suggested by Alice. Once they got there and Yuri starting to get the feel of the place with her power picking up clues about the origin of Lancelot, they got an unexpected visit by Sir Iceman. Sir Iceman bearing a message from his commander, Black Prince Alec, to Godou telling him to take a vocation and not interfere with his plan; after Godou read the letter he received a call from Amakasu back home telling him that there a strange structure suddenly appear in the Tokyo Bay. Sir Iceman then gives his honest opinion after Godou receive his report, stating that it probably his commander doing suggest to Godou’s group that they either stay and doing nothing or go back home. Godou, Erica, and Liliana headed back to Japan while Yuri stay back in England a little longer in order to solve the mystery of Lancelot.
The day Yuri came back from Europe, Erica and Liliana interrupt Godou and Yuri private moment at very last moment. Afterward, Godou receive a lecture from Liliana that somehow lead them to an off topic subject discussion with all three of the girls. Luckily, Godou was save by the phone where Liliana, Erica, and Yuri ended their discussion soon afterward and Godou headed out to meet his childhood friend to buy something for his sister birthday. That night the girls receive a report from Amakasu that Godou is missing after meeting a mysterious woman. He also reported that that woman uses some sort of hypnosis on a Godou and all the member from the History Compilation Committee that usually keep track on Godou have be found knock out. Feeling and knowing that this maybe related with Guinevere and Lancelot, the girls and the History Compilation Committee member who are present started planning out how to lift Godou’s curse.
(Next Night) Knowing where Godou was heading to and where he is at, the girls arrived just as Godou was about to go a second round with Alec. Seeing Godou acting and speaking strangely when they arrive, they told Campione Alec that they will deal with their master and he can leave. Not completely upset by their action in interfering with his fight, Godou under the curse of Lancelot however still give off statement such as like him wanting to fight Lancelot very badly or he want do whatever he feel like. However Erica reminded him that he still needed information for his [Sword]; with that being say Godou being curse was very forceful with all the girls for next few minutes or moments while he gain the knowledge for his [Sword]. After Godou obtain the information for the [Sword], Erica tricked Godou into one last kiss which she made him swallow an enchanted stone that will eliminate the curse. After he came back to normal, he apologized to the girls and as well as to Princess Alice who was hiding but show up when be mention her name. After he's done apologizing, he decides to head where Lancelot was since he was reported by Alice that they were separated maybe due to Alec’s master plan.
Once they got to where Lancelot was, Godou and Lancelot engaged in combat while Erica, Yuri, and Liliana supported him. Campione Alec arrives on to the scene just around the time when Godou was finishing up with Lancelot; once he (Godou) was done they started having their verbal attack after Godou apologize to him. Alice report to both of them that Guinevere uses a revival spell on herself and she is at the floating rock that Alec created; both Campione and Alice immediately headed there. Erica, Yuri, and Liliana came later to meet up with Godou with everything over, there they assess their damage which was Godou forgot he uses [Boar] in destroying part of Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Short Story 3:Edit

Yuri and Liliana were chatting with Ena as she finally recovers enough come back down to the city. As they were chatting they somehow led to the discussion of Godou. The more Ena talked about him, the more Yuri and Liliana felt like they need to punish him because he was getting along with another female so they planned to invite him over for dinner along with their chosen chef, aka Arianna, Erica’s maid.

Volume 11:Edit

Yuri made a brief implied (since this a flashback story, Godou didn't know her) appearance during the flashback story of Volume 11.

Short Story 4:Edit

Exam is coming up and due to supernatural interference with Godou’s life; he didn’t have time to study. So in order to prevent from getting bad grade, Godou decided to do a last minute study. Upon hearing Godou’s plan Erica, Yuri, and Liliana decided to join in as well to study together. The study session ended peacefully.

Volume 12:Edit

Being cursed (unknown to her or to us reader until told by the novel much later that she was), Yuri had nothing to do with Godou unless ask to do so. During her cursed time, she was informed about a mysterious being that been causing abnormality to all the Santa Claus within certain area of Tokyo such as changing them to all grey color and such, and if discovered, it kills itself. Several days has pass with reports of the mysterious being showing up and killing itself, Godou arrives near the bay with his own finally curse-free mind ready to engage the mysterious being that cause the curse in the first places. Believing the other are still cursed he went in alone but he was soon join in by Ena and moment later so did the rest of the girls along with Hikari. It was thank to Hikari and Erica that the girls curse is gone. While the gang is catching up, the mysterious being is changing for the worse so Godou decides to take out its power source along with Liliana while the rest deal with the mysterious being’s tree. When Godou and Liliana return after they destroy the mysterious being source of power, Erica and Ena decided to tease them knowing full well about that they uses the [Sword]. Later on Christmas Eve, most of Godou’s acquaintances arrive at his house for the Christmas party.

Short Story 5:Edit

The day after the Christmas Eve party, Godou got into a discussion with his female companions about his family New Year gathering and party and how he wants to avoid it because he is often draged into gambling with his relatives and winning. Not believe his word for winning all the time, he proved it to them by play a simple game with his female acquaintances. After several round of losing for Godou’s companion and winning it all for Godou, they wonder if this is related to being a Campione. Godou denied all this and stating there no such thing and that he does occasionally lose; that when Erica came back in from her phone where he play with her to prove he normal and indeed he loss and happily did the winner biding by going out to buy stuff for her. After he left to buy the stuff, Erica told the rest of the girls that she uses magic to winning and she occasionally lose to make Godou happy.

Volume 13:Edit

Volume 14:Edit

Volume 15:Edit

Yuri, Liliana and Saint Raffaello was discussing about Aisha's Authority when Paolo Blandelli and Princess Alice arrive


She appears in episode two, it was pulled by Godou on his first day of school, he thought it was Erica. When they leave the school, Mariya and Godou go home together, and this is where Mariya says she knows he is a Demon King (Campione), and asked that he not destroy Japan, but her own. At the same time, Amakasu Touma appears. He tells Godou that Yuri is a Hime-Miko, and it was he himself who asked for her to approach him.
In the third episode, Amakasu talks with Mariya, and says asks her to help Godou as the greatest event in the world magic is about to happen, and he is involved. She meets Godou and asks him if he has the Gorgoneion. He says he has nothing. She is relieved, but at the same time it's her the Gorgoneion, and asks if it is. He says it was Erica who gave. Mariya angry with him, and says that all his actions affect not only him but everyone in the world. For Gorgoneion is a medal that belongs to a Goddess, and if she finds it, and take to herself, the Goddess will return to its' original form, and we know everything will be destroyed.
At the same time, Erica Blandelli appears, and says he trusts Godou, believes he will destroy God, and everything will be fine because they both know that the only one who can stop God is one Campione. Erica and Mariya understand why, asks Mariya use your sixth sense to know that God is related to Gorgoneion, and that is when they discover that God is Athena. And the only way to stop it is sealing the Gorgoneion because there will slow to turn in their original form.

Anime and Light Novel DifferencesEdit

Light Novel:

  • She first met Godou after she called Godou's home and telling Shizuka Kusanagi that she wanted to meet Godou.
  • The one who gave her a cellphone was Amakusa Touma.
  • Yuri went to the library where the grimoire is located after finding out that all the people in that building were turn to salt then encountered Sasha Dejanstahl Voban and was then captured.


  • She first met Godou when she entered Godou's classroom then Godou mistook her for Erica and then he brought her over outside of the classroom.
  • She asked Godou to help her buy a cellphone for her to use.
  • Liliana kidnaps Yuri when she was still bathing and then brought her over to where Marquis Voban is.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Yuri's eyes when she uses Spirit Vision
  • Yuri casting your healing spell
  • Healing Power of Yuri

Yuri has a powerful Sixth Sense called Spirit Vision which allows her to predict events, find places, and events that are unable to find artifacts related to magic. Yuri has stated this ability is very unreliable, activating less than 30% of the time, though when used in concert with several other Spirit Vision users, they can raise the reliability to 60% or more. It is revealed that Spirit Vision works by drawing upon the Memories of the Void, that lay within the Netherworld. Yuri may increase the probability of its activation and scope of its vision by a special ritual that brings her closer to the Netherworld. However, this is extremely stressful and draining on her, causing her to faint shortly after her first use of it.

Yuri has also demonstrated the ability to use healing magic.

While under the protection of Godou's Youth Authority, Yuri can awaken other spirit powers, including Spirit Sensing, which allows the wielder to see things without the limitation of the eyes, including things too fast to see.

Yuri has recently developed the ability of Spirit Body Separation, which appears similar to Astral Projection, allowing Yuri's spirit to step out of her body, and go to other locations without the limitations of a body.  Also the power of Spirit Pacification, which allows her to calm turbulent magical and supernatural forces, even Divine Beasts.  It is incredibly draining though.


  • Yuri's mother is not a Hime-Miko, and has no magical abilities.
  • Yuri was the third woman Godou saw completely nude in the Light Novels.
  • Yuri is the only one of Godou's girls to not carry a magic or divine sword of some kind.
    • This may be because she's the only one of them who is not a direct combatant.
  • Yuri is very intelligent, having the best grades of the group.
    • Actually, Yuri has some of the best grades in the entire 'school.'
  • Yuri is a Hime-Miko assigned to the area Musashino.
  • Yuri has to wear thin clothing or it hinders her spiritual senses.
  • Yuri is one of the premier Hime-Miko together with Ena.
  • In Volume 6, it was revealed that she was a descendant of one of the former Heretic Gods, the Divine Ancestors, specifically the one whom Godou describes as the Princess with Glass/Crystal Eyes, who lives in the Netherworld along with the Living Buddha and Susanoo.
  • According to the dream potion Godou took, Yuri and Ena might live together with Godou in a near future. However, it was not clear whether or not that Ena was just visiting.

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