Yuri sister 2
Hikari wielding Zanryuuto
Type Magic Sword
Abilities Magic Negation
Wielder(s) Hikari Mariya

Zanryuuto is a magic sword in Campione!


Zanryuuto is one of the keys to the spell Keeper of the Horses, which binds the Monkey King, and is the method by which people may enter and speak with the bound Heretic God.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zanryuuto has the power to cut and negate spells, allowing it to weaken and diminish the power of the spell Keeper of the Horses which sealed Sun Wukong within the Netherworld in order to keep him under control. This, in combination with the spirit power of Disaster Purification, such as possessed by Hikari Mariya, allows him to be sent out to fight enemies.

It can also be used to allow entry into the seal, in order to speak with the Monkey King.