Zhu Ganglie
Zhu Bajie
Gender Male
Ethnicity Chinese
Hair Color Dark Brown
Other Names Middle' Bro
Zhu Bajie
Zhu Wuneng
Marshal of the Canopy
Equipment Daoist Arts
Bow and Arrows
Personal Status
Relatives Sun Wukong (Sworn Older Brother)
Vaisravana (Sworn Little Brother)
Rank Heretic God
Voice Actor

Zhu Ganglie is a subordinate god to Sun Wukong, which he calls “Big Bro.”


Basically a pig covered in dark fur with a body similar to a human's. He normally wears Chinese armor.


Zhu Ganglie is a pervert whose mind set is to only think about women, food, and how not do any thing at all, even going as far as to have perverted thoughts about the young girl's body which his older brother is possessing. However, he is very loyal to his "brothers" and fights very seriously when the situation requires it.


Light NovelEdit

Volume 7:Edit

Zhu Ganglie was summoned by Sun Wukong who had just escaped the Keeper of the Horses spell and possessed Hikari Mariya. After encountering his "little brother" Vaisravana, he went off to enjoy himself before both of them were turned to stone. Upon encountering Godou Kusanagi, Luo Hao, and John Pluto Smith, he proceeded to fight with Luo Hao, eventually being defeated when he angered Luo Hao into using her full strength. Just as he was about to be defeated, Sun Wukong called for the three of them to unite into a 3-in-1 god with Zhu Ganglie taking the form of a giant boar. The fight then resumed until the three Campoine combined their powers to finish the battle by melting all three of the gods in a makeshift forge.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being summoned as a Subordinate God, his power ratio is shared with his summoner god, Sun Wukong. His full power was never demonstrated before his death.

Some of Zhu Ganglie’s abilities include high level of Daoist Arts as well as the power of transformation; he has the power to increase his size and generate multiple body parts, such as arms and faces, to enhanced his melee ability. When he uses this ability, he takes on the form of a giant with six arms and three faces with the top pair wielding a sword and a halberd, the middle pair wielding an axe and a mace, and the bottom wielding a bow and arrows.

When he surrendered all his power to Sun Wukong, he transformed into a giant boar for Wukong to ride.

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